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  1. is it just me, or is the rocket in the second picture a different one? I thought you needed to do it with 1 rocket. but either way, nice! I haven't succeeded at the Eve mission, it's the only thing I have left to do
  2. I think this is indeed what @kfsone is looking for. I do still enjoy the cinematics of orbiting close to a planet or moon with the sun on the horizon when I do it in game though. The colonies update will eventually lead to the things you are looking for. You can set up automated routes to collect resources, and be able to lift off from your colonies, or start from the OAB. With the addition of the orbital assembly building, you'll probably have the ability to just build your vessel in space, and start from there, or load an already built one. This way you wouldn't have to start from the surface. You could already build some stuff that make you feel you've reached the next stage. I currently have an interplanetary transfer stage docked to my space station, waiting for an Eve lander that can carry 10 kerbals, but unfortunately, I'm not there yet. When I need to refuel it, I just send up one refueling rocket, and turn on infinite propellant while I refuel it, because I'm too lazy to do it several times even though I know I could.
  3. isn't that the point of the game? You build your rocket, and you account for the types of engine, fuel, the total weight, the different stages. You plan everything in advance, based on the kind of mission you want to do. if the game is just going to put you into an orbit, why bother adding the first 2 stages, and why bother caring about drag? being able to put a massive, fully fueled lander in orbit, docking it with an interplanetary stage that you also launch from the surface is part of what makes the mission fun for me. You can use the cheat menu if you want to cheat your vessel into an orbit I guess, but the last thing I would want is that the game plays itself for me...
  4. that is exactly what I said... It's not evidence, it's my experience with Unity. You saying you've never played a good driving sim made in Unity is also not evidence that it's impossible to make one.
  5. that you've tried. I've built small racing games in Unity before that did work fine. but the thing there is that the suspension and friction settings were configured specifically for a vehicle of which I knew the weight, and speed. It's a whole different thing to make it so it works perfectly in environments with different gravity, for vehicles that could vary in weight, on a terrain with different friction. tweaking the values is a simple as going on the runway and trying it out, you don't need to be an expert on it, it couldn't be any more straightforward. you also expect the player to know what type of engine to use for what stage, and that just requires some experience.
  6. That is just not true. Unity's wheel colliders and joints are notoriously difficult and annoying to work with, sure, but if you're able to configure them properly they work perfectly. They will not "always end up skating.". It's probably just that the rover mechanics aren't the biggest priority of the dev team at this moment.
  7. indeed, I just skipped to the end to see what was happening and the launch clamp is clipping into the radial tanks. So it makes sense that it's falling apart. Also, just by skipping through the video, I see he added the side boosters without any decouplers...
  8. Today, I finally managed to finish my vacation to Laythe. I started the mission earlier, to send Val and Tim to the beach in a space plane, but given the extreme reentry heating, I wasn't able to actually survive Laythe entry. Until now The last patch really made it easy. I basically built a space plane and a transfer stage, sent it into orbit separately, docked them together and went off to Laythe. I used gravity assists at Tylo to capture me, and lower my orbit to laythe, and then again to eject me from the Jool system, back to kerbin.
  9. it was the game bugging out, because when I made a maneuver node it said I only needed a bit over 2k, and that's also how Im used to doing it. But my fuel levels were going down faster than the maneuver timer. It's like there was a fuel leak or something.
  10. Just had the worst ksp experience ever It started out wanting to do a rescue mission for 2 kerbals, one stranded in Tylo orbit, and one on the Tylo surface, from a previous mission. Previously, I had estimated the amount of deltaV wrong, or ksp got it wrong. either way, it ended up in the above situation. So I build a new transfer vehicle, more than triple the amount of deltaV, launch it into orbit, perfect. I build my new lander, over also a little bit more deltaV than the original, but I added more stages than the original so I could make optimal use of my fuel. It all started going wrong when I started my burn to Jool, it took over 3x as much deltaV than the readout said, but no worries, I should still have plenty left for the return. it burned over 10k deltaV, while saying it only needed about 2.5k. The rendezvous with the stranded kerbal in orbit went pretty smooth. a few gravity assists and I got a nice Tylo orbit, without spending almost any fuel. The real trouble started on Tylo. Not only did it require almost 4k deltaV to land, even after shedding some stages. Bob, who was stranded on the surface, couldn't walk to the rocket when it had finally landed. it's like he ran into an invisible wall and started floating. when I switched back to the ship, or every time I loaded a save, it launched itself off it's landing legs and exploded. I eventually managed to retract the landing legs and land on some fuel tanks, and got Bob on board, ready to go back. Again, it took way more deltaV than it said, but when trying to rendezvous with the transfer stage, both just kept spinning out of control constantly. And when I finally did manage to dock with it (at this point there was only my command pod with some rcs thrusters left) it said I had no more fuel, even though I still should have about 7k deltaV in the tanks. The return trip should've only cost me 2.5k again, but ofcourse, it took everything I had and still couldn't even get a gravity assist. so I just settled and said screw it, I'm cheating my way home. I ran into so many bugs, there's just too much to even start making bug reports about. I just needed to vent somewhere I think I'm gonna lay off this game again for a while because this just took too much out of me, and that for only a measly 5k science points.
  11. he's on vacation in the mohole until someone goes and rescues him
  12. just because it's behind you doesn't mean burning retrograde will decrease your relative velocity. It might increase if you target behind you is already going faster than you. like @The Aziz said, change the mode of the navball so it says Target, then burn retrograde relative to the target to match it's speed.
  13. Can confirm this is still an issue in 0.2. I ran into this yesterday when trying to send a crew to my space station in a starship-esque rocket with a cargo nosecone attached to a docking port. After opening the nosecone and docking to the space station everything was fine. As soon as I undocked, the nosecone got stuck to the space station (regardless of which docking port I undocked). This caused both vessels to spin out of control as the ship though the nosecone was still attached (I could still open and close it). Luckily, when I undocked the docking port of the ship itself, I managed to break free from it and return to kerbin, without nose cone that is. Don't worry, nobody was killed in the process and the "landing" was somewhat smooth. Not sure how to upload pictures here, but I did make some screenshots
  14. Ah, I was wondering why my plane was tipping over as soon as I reached 10km... this explains it. but it's also weird that it happens so fast though, usually I would gradually increase my speed between 10km and 20km and then switch mode, but now I burn up in the atmosphere before I even get to that point
  15. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Linux (Kubuntu 22.04) | CPU: Ryzen 7 | GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 | RAM: 64 Gb Either the eeloo mission does not complete when entering it's sphere of influence, or it's not mentioned that you need to have a kerbal on board. I tried sending a probe to get some science, but the mission didn't complete. I collected data high above Eeloo and in low Eeloo orbit
  16. 1) A flat landing spot in the mohole 2) Robotics 3) More science equipment 4) EVA construction 5) Refueling and mining equipment 6) multipoint docking/attachments 7) permanent docking (for in orbit assembly or larger ships) 8) being able to target a planet from the map view without zooming in on it because there's a ship there 9) scrolling in the VAB, because it's super glitchy and barely works 10) everything else is already listed I think.
  17. wow, nice work to all the devs! before this update, I played a total of about 4 hours. Since this update launched, I have played 6 and I don't want to stop xD
  18. I think the science tree in ksp1 was too easy to unlock. it only took me a few missions to unlock like half of it, and I finished it several times in new saves before I got bored of that save. There's no reason to keep doing science if you've already unlocked everything, so I think this will make it more challenging, and keep me busy on a single save file for a lot longer.
  19. nice there should be a challenge to put each flag on its matching planet
  20. I think the concept of a propeller itself should be considered, it's really nothing more than a wheel with wings attached. introducing specific propeller components is one possibility, but to me there's more freedom if you split this up into it's own seperate parts. A rotating component could be used for artificial gravity for example if you rotate it slower and attach habitation modules, but it could also be used to achieve lift if you attach wings. So perhaps a simpler solution would be to use different size, configurable rotators, combined with procedural wings. EDIT: combine this with the option to save crafts as individual components and you can easily make your own propellors that you can attach to your craft
  21. I'm not laughing, I'm amazed If you got that thing into space, just imagine what you could do after the next update, with less wobblyness and improved performance
  22. This is one of the first things I did in ksp2. my cover photo is Tim and Valentina strolling on the beach of laythe. They returned safely and landed at the KSC afterwards.
  23. oh, wow, I was expecting this on friday nice job dev team!
  24. well, if you are going to make a multi stage rocket, you'll probably need decouplers between stages xD
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