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  1. I believe he didn't lie, but he hasn't spoken the truth either. See? Reality is nuanced and complicated.
  2. Simple. I can't. If everything is true in SZ's video, the guy is innocent. I am all for pointing fingers, and I have my torch and pitchfork ready, but Nate ain't on my list.
  3. Uh... ain't that the truth for every salesman?
  4. There weren't old duffers present according to this video. In fact, they were deliberately kept away. If you give me money to build skyscraper, and I employ only engineers fresh from college, thus failing to complete the project... who's incompetent in that situation?
  5. Responsible how? You do what you are told to do. Also, apparently these are all juniors. Don't mix lack of experience with the lack of competence.
  6. Oof. If those features were shoved over KSP 1 reskined version codebase, this thing, even if continued, doesn't have a chance to become a good game...
  7. @ShadowZone I has a question. You mentioned colonies where supposed to be in EA launch, but the developer working on them was shuffled to different duties. This somehow implies they're nearly completed, yet, months have passed in developing them. Have I misunderstood something? Great work by the way. Really appreciated.
  8. I don't agree completely. Sure, I didn't put my time in development, but we're all here, discussing all possible topics endlessly. No one forces us to do so, but our hearts and minds are nevertheless here, almost every day. Probably more than many of us care to admit.
  9. Yes. Yes you are. Sorry... Games (and video games) should not be underestimated. Many movies and books never even came close to excite a feeling some (video) games did for me. We learn through games... In fact... I owe my career to one. It ain't KSP though, I'm far too dumb for that You've... KSP... put down ?!... wh... wh-how??? d... death... DEATH TO THE TRAITOR!!!!
  10. Well if the decision is to release whatever is in the works right now, it must be done before studio closes, thus perhaps we get something (vague and unsubstantial) this month.
  11. My guess is that there will be an update. The development is in progress until June. Whatever has been cooking thus far will probably be released with some very vague statements about future development. After that though....
  12. Take your pick. Specify exact date, if you want... for fun The person with closest date/time will get a reward... An encouragement from the forum members to pat themselves on the back
  13. I thought it runs on each engine "tick" and I didn't know it approximates. I assume it at least goes through every part on each iteration...?
  14. I'm pretty sure everyone here would be happy if game development is continued. If future updates fixed current mess, reviews would go up. As @Bej Kerman noted, I believe majority of reviews are from the people who played KSP 1. But even if this game gets good reviews, it doesn't guarantee it will sell outside of established player-base. Investing further would be a risk. I don't know if their hopes were to expand it.
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