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  1. Oh btw, if youre having trouble recreating the same conditions for plane testing, id suggest K2D2 mod. One of its features (autopilot) allows you to input a heading and precise angle of attack, which makes it considerably easier to reproduce flights :p
  2. That was a pretty interesting read. Glad to see its finally getting solved :p Will this also fix cargobays not shielding their contents from drag, or is that a separate issue?
  3. Very exciting update for sure. The wing joint strength fix is a very smart way of going about things. Question: will the save file size bug be fixed for existing saves, or will it only apply for new games?
  4. lets goooo, the drag is finally being fixed!
  5. Lets GOOOOO, drag is finally being looked at. Cant wait to start doing cargo ssto's...... and ''torpedo boats''
  6. New approach to science looks very exciting, i always found the old way a bit boring. The model looks awesome Tho i hope we also have much larger sciency stuff that is more of a hassle to transport xD
  7. Wait, so is science gonna be in the next update?
  8. cargo bay fix in 0.2 maybe? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Hopefully the default FOV will also be changed to ~240o to show us the kapybara perspective and increase emersion
  10. Oh yah, you are actually correct, very interesting spot. Lift they produce seems to be kinda low tho. Ran a little lest and it seems like the mk2 fueltank will produce about ~5x more lift then the mk1 sized tanks... however, thats still only around ~0.6kN at ~160m/s Maybe there needs to be a bit of a re-balancing in terms of how much lift they produce...? In practice, i feel like there still not worth using.
  11. i got a sort off question: Mk2 style fuel tanks hold the same fuel as mk1 sized tanks, but have more drag. This makes them literally useless from a practical stand point. Is this actually how you guys intend things to be or is this some sort of an oversight? It seems really weird that a fuel tank specifically designed for planes/ssto's would actually be worse for them.
  12. Im willing to become a martyr for the dark mode community if thats what it takes!
  13. hmmmm, very interesting, ill need to run some tests on this. I mostly just assumed that a thicker wing would create more lift.... since thats how it should be xD And increasing wing thickness for a couple of my (not very much worked on ) builds that i thickened up the wing a lot for looks did seem to experience abnormally high drag. Ill run some tests in the future and make a prompt on the vid if i can get the same results.
  14. Thats normal, if you look at any real plane, youll see that the elevator is going to be substancially larger then either roll or yaw controls. Out of these 3 axis, pitch takes by far the most energy to affect, which means that you need a much bigger control surface to affect it. Also, your center of mass/lift might be off, if you want really snappy pitch control, youll want your center of lift juuuuust behind the center of mass, the further it is, the harder it will be for your aircraft to pitch up or down. Aka, it wont be able to pull as much aoa
  15. Could probably just set there specific themes to light mode and, in secret, change default to dark mode. They would never know
  16. Very nice, addressing some big small pain points overall. Dark mode is also especially welcome! Idk why light mode is the standard default mode.... disgraceful If you can share this with us, would be curious to know if we can expect fixes for either the drag bugs, or asparagus bug in the next patch?
  17. Dam, it looks like people really stepped up there game from the first highlights
  18. Kinda forgot i made this after no one posted here for a while xD Thats a good question, yah, no staging.
  19. yah thats a fair point, could of explained how drag actually works a bit better instead of blaming it all on the nodes The area of the part you're attaching should match up as perfectly as possible with the part you're attaching to (same fuselage sizes, basically), to cancel out that face's drag. But, you'll be adding the drag of whatever part you attached instead, so it needs to be pointy enough to make it worthwhile. Even tho thats how it worked in ksp1, ksp2 seems to be different. I havent ran enough dedicated tests to really say, but from the limited testing ive done, it seems like the optimal aerodynamic cone size is more related to the node size now rather then its actual size. covering the back of the rapier with the more round nose cone used to give slightly less drag in ksp1 but it actually gives slightly more drag in ksp2. In addition, using the smallest cone possible to cover up the cargobay nodes also seems to be beneficial compared to an appropriately sized cone, tho this might just be a weird bug interaction. Ive also experimented breafly with covering the back of the poodle with a cone, and once again, the smallest nose cone seemed to be the best, tho i havent tested it enough to really say as i lowkey ditched the concept of adding dedicated vacuum engines to rapier craft. Would be very interesting to see a new ksp2 based series on aerodynamic effects once you figure out how to properly test them (probs mods).
  20. Ideally, you want to be traveling at ~1450m/s at atmospheric engine flameout (~20km) tho thats more of a rule of thumb then something you should go for with every single build. Really light ssto's will be traveling faster and really heavy ones will be traveling slower. The idea is that you want to gain as much velocity with the highly efficient atmospheric engines before switching over to less efficient vacuum ones.
  21. So i got nearly 200h in ksp2, most of which was spent ''researching'' ssto technologies. I feel like i have most mechanics pretty figured out, considering ive made 200t+ lift ssto's, laythe ssto that can get back to kerbin with out refueling (well fairing 36kerbals) and ssto's with over 10k lko d.v in ksp2. If you want to check out all the tricks i use, and figure out why youre ssto isnt working very well... or at all even, check out my vid:
  22. I dont think the game indicates wing drag, it basically adds it up to the ''lift'' part. But i can assure you that bigger wings will indeed increase your drag overall based on all the ssto's ive built
  23. First installment of the Mun hotel, where i set up Com-net and land the first hotel module, with tons of cinematic edits!
  24. Decided to make a couple of ssrt LKO reusable booster designs as they can look pretty sleek with the new cargobays. This is one of my intermediate designs, able to lift about ~25t's in to LKO with an efficient orbit burn along with a well executed suicide burn. Tho once the cargobay bugs are fixed, i imagine it should be capable of lifting more. Ive also considered adding dedicated vacuum engines, but i felt like it kinda ruined the ''sleek'' design. Specs: Mass: 246 / 48t Parts: 33 Engines: 4 vectors LKO Lift capacity: 25t Craft file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sl5gwxuexidzoj5/ssrt_v3_various_takeoff.json/file
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