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  1. Kerbin is a peaceful planet. I can hardly see the runway from the sky if I add camouflage.
  2. I can hardly ensure that my large SSTO (KLO payload 40t) can land safely on an aircraft carrier
  3. Afterward, I bring the kerbal to Minmus monument and back to Kerbin with it.
  4. Rocket download here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V88bacJOnow65gsWFgV2mxYtl3Rm1bfe/view?usp=sharing
  5. I further optimized this rocket. The payload capacity remained the same. However, the height of the launcher stage was reduced from 28 meters to 21 meters, making the structure more compact and landing more stable. The fairing radius was increased from 13.5 meters to 15 meters, allowing for larger cargo. The structure was optimized, reducing the count of parts from 165 to 153. The grid fins can be used to control the flight attitude during the takeoff, making the flight more stable. Download here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mpg4ule9fcmekcDN0Lqz1s1fqho-_bY8/view?usp=drive_link
  6. This is not a meanful design. You can't even run it yourself.
  7. I set the record to 120t. Tu-256 “Weevil” with an XL cargobay. It should be my top-level spaceplane. My laptop can't drive more engines. 120t cargo 120t Cargo+7.25t fuel A crash landing in a hilly area.
  8. For an interstellar mission, a washing machine may be more suitable than a shuttle
  9. Why not choose to go to the Mun in a dishwasher?It is harder. XD
  10. So should developer provide a mission list of exploration mode when proposing challenge missions?
  11. I have built a cargo spaceplane of LKO payload>50t. "Ilyushin IL-236". It was shown in the Weekly Challenge #30 https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1qc411r7pQ/ 49.76t cargo + 4.55t rest fuel But I think reusable rockets are easier to operate than VTHL than Spaceplane.
  12. How do I know what to do if the tasks are not shown?
  13. Why can I only activate primary tasks and secondary tasks one by one? Therefore, I am not allowed to complete more than two tasks per launch.
  14. Instead of speed, I would rather compete on economic efficiency. After all, speed records can be infinitely set by extravagance of fuel and stage.
  15. The most powerful SSTO my laptop can handle smoothly. LKO payload of about 900t in v0.1.5 In v0.2.0 it depends on the air resistance of the cargo inside the fairing Part Count: 165 Weight: 4154t Sea level thrust: 7034t Action group [6] Arm/repack parachutes [7] Torrgle 6 engines [8] Torrgle another 10 engines [R] Torrgle grid pins Left 3 engines for landing Here you can see how I operate it. Download here https://drive.google.com/file/d/12QN-KcfluvXAwpBYuttB8DdaGpDxDSn-/view?usp=drive_link If it explodes after loading, try pressing T during loading.
  16. Temple of "Saint Valentina and the kraken"
  17. “Memorial Hall of Kerbin Space project” A base with guest rooms, revolving restaurant, fuel and lots of hydrogen reserve It is a replica of my KSP1 base “Monument to the Forth International/Prophet”
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