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  1. 1000 m for 1 km. meters are easier to convert by 10. But feet is the way.
  2. Well I have ran into a issue that the game becomes Unplayable and the only fix was to completely delete the save.
  3. Looks right. what I experienced in on a Intel 6700k and gtx 960 4gb.
  4. Can't believe I don't have to pay for scatterer from Blackrack when his work will be stock KSP 2.
  5. Reported Version: v0.1.5 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: windows 10 | CPU: intel i7 6700k | GPU: rtx 4060ti | RAM: 32 gb jet engines can fire under water how to reproduce crash jet into water and cotinue firing the engine use stock aeris. Included Attachments:
  6. wow this update is great everyone should be proud of what they have done. the game is now ready for science and heat simulation to be added. cant wait to see what you do in the future past the .2 update
  7. Wow I love this update so many things are gone including the one that made it hard to do a simple orbital injection burn in the map view. Great update for performance as well.
  8. Wow that's awesome to see you are going to fix so many things.
  9. Now all we need is for the fairing creation tool to be connected to the fairing base for the fairings to be perfect. The update after that is perfect.
  10. Wow can't wait for the milestone update
  11. How long does it take to design a real world technology for Kerbal technology and still be realistic? I love all that you do the game looks amazing.
  12. Omg i can't wait to get it and see the performance of ksp and don't forget to get a pizza for that days lunch.
  13. only answering discords questions was a great disappointment to me I had looked at all the questions on the forum and got hyped for what would be answered and when none were answered i thought who was involved in picking the questions and whoever it was need to be talked to so nobody gets left out. When will the next ama be?
  14. How long do we have to wait for are first milestone update? I'm pretty sure it's because it is a multiplayer game in the end.
  15. The developers need a pizza party on release of patches like this.
  16. This is the best patch day ever. fixed 99% of bugs that effects my computer.
  17. Wow this looks complicated and difficult for you to deal with I hope it goes well
  18. Many bugs found from various systems always helps game development. If there weren't any they'll lern nothing.
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