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  1. @CobaltWolf That scramjet is looking hella fine, I'm immensely happy with all the experiments you have included. Also, I have a little petition, hopefully, something not so difficult and in line with the current development of the X-15 . Can we get a single XLR-11 in the near future? or perhaps do you know about a package that looks in-line with BDB that has a single XLR-11 other than Taerobee?
  2. Hello and welcome, well, just install the mod and build your own. Here's the link to the wiki made by Friznit where you can find all the build guides for BDB's rockets which are made for planet packs with a 2.7x scale (like JNSQ or KSRSS). In the wiki you'll have the instructions for making the most iconic rockets used by NASA. Have fun.
  3. More like what if Saturn 1 used Thor cores instead of redstones and a Jupiter . All of the sins are forgiven if you reach orbit with your monstrosity my child .
  4. Well, At least we have CNAR for the bumper (needs waterfall configs) but of course I'd love to see the entire battalion of Nike missiles.
  5. What you see in his post is patch that does what he said (delete ModuleParachute and ModuleDragModifier).
  6. You're putting some hours on this Zorg, they're looking great. What else do you need to do to finish the Atlas revamp? I mean I can see that you made an issue a long time ago but it's been "kind off abandoned" -> https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/974
  7. So ... Bio experiment sounding rocket! time to redstone this post a bit. Now launching another redstone, Forerunner 6 ... A partial success, failed to reach orbit. And now ... Time to curse this post a bit more with Redstone-Ablestar! A low tech/money solution. After 3 failures/partial successes ... Forerunner 9 made it into orbit with an atmospheric density experiment, a beacon probe!
  8. Now that's amazing! Guess we won't have seasat for a while but feels good to know he's in his dream job.
  9. I read somewhere here that invaderchaos was developing it. Maybe he's been busy, anyways we need to wait for Zorg to finish his Atlas revamp as we need E/F to launch seasat "properly".
  10. Uhmmm . . . What's you hardware? I run BDB in a very very bad PC (I5 + 5GB ram + GeForce 710 1GB) and can launch a Saturn V without problems or significant lag using JNSQ + Kerbalism. --------------------------------- @CobaltWolf Any pictures of the "extras" (science experiments) you talked about earlier?, the X-15 sure looks fine!
  11. Indeed no new nodes in the tech tree. had some extra nodes in a previous version but decided to keep the SSS ones, just don't have enough time to make a full tech tree from scratch. Currently waiting for BDB upcoming 1.14 update featuring a revamp of the Atlas so I can finally add nodes for "balloon tanks". CKAN? not right now, I might make a dev post here sometime in the future. Right now I'm just testing/adding some stuff, it needs polishing and testing. For example, I made new patches for the Mercury, Gemini, Skylab & Apollo but only have tested Mercury and Gemini and a Skylab mission (including wetlab) with Apollo, haven't done a Mun mission with Apollo or used things like the Lunar Shelter or the S-IV wetlab for Venus (Eve) flyby. Also did some tests with the shuttle here and there . . . It needs lots of testing/balancing and I'm getting close to that point of posting in the dev section so I can get some help but I just feel this mod it's not competent enough yet. BTW I'm also working on a contract pack using RP-1's contracts as a base. -> https://github.com/Gupyzer0/Spacelines_Progression
  12. Sure. The Kerbalism config is here -> https://github.com/Gupyzer0/Spacelines-Kerbalism And the required tech tree here -> https://github.com/Gupyzer0/Spacelines_Tree Still in the work any bug/error you see (other than the SAS1 stuff that pops up in the loading screen) please tell me!
  13. Ok! I've been working on a new tech tree based on Skyhawk. My objective it's to merge that with my kerbalism config (made to work with BDB, SOCK and reDirect for now).
  14. I meant the kerbalism cockpit experiments RP-1 has not exactly experiments with samples Here's the link of them on my still in the works kerbalism config which are basically the same RP-1 has. So for now nope, nothing worth adding to BDB for the X-15, more like I'm waiting to see what you come up with so I can make the kerbalism config on my stuff What the ... Oh well, wasn't there a proposal for getting F-104s up quick using rockets?
  15. Well, don't know much about the payloads onboard the X-15 but more atmospheric experiments sounds good to me! Guess you can start with a classic/default Goo experiment . In my kerbalism config already adapted the RP-1 experiments to capsules so would be nice to also have some extra science defs. for experiments in hypersonic aircraft. Keep up the good work!
  16. Ah yes ... the science ... Perhaps strapping this into a Titan will give us some of that stuff.
  17. Been making my own tech tree for a while and with the new Atlas revamp coming I guess it's time for me to split my tankage line into balloon tanks and "normal" tanks just after Thor/Jupiter tanks. If you remain in the "normal" line you'll have to work with Titan if you go Balloon then you have the chance to unlock Atlas/Centaur.
  18. Maybe you should do a pull request for this feature. It's not hard to add experiments to the config files and the BDB guys might be willing to accept this small change
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