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  1. Is there some way we can get around having to make a new save to see the surface features? I finally have a reason to start a career mode game because of this DLC, but as for sandbox I'd rather keep playing my save with years of progress and bland planets than start from scratch with beautiful planets. To be honest, I'm kinda upset I'll be getting it for free because I'd love to have more money going to make stuff like this. Keep up the good work, there's a reason I've been playing for 7+ years. Can't wait to see what one we'll be getting next.
  2. Had an engine break mid-burn and had to go repair it while the ship was still rotating (Image won't display for some reason) http://i.imgur.com/KyA9Z2q.jpg
  3. So I was driving the DRN up a mountain when i accidentally pressed the reset button on my power strip. So I turned my computer back on and was greeted with this error: Does this mean the save is broken? Can I fix it? Mod List:
  4. Today I went on an SSTO mission... ...But then parts of my wing broke off coming out of reentry... ...So I proceeded to land it... ...All during a solar eclipse at sunrise. Do I get a medal now?
  5. Got a new computer and can finally have KSP as it was meant to be.
  6. Just a short comedy video I did. Depending on how well this is received I'll probably make some more. Also sub while you're at it. Or not.
  7. During testing, Venus IV captures a wide-angle shot of its transport "Real" mission coming soon.
  8. My bad, feel free to delete this then
  9. Why is my pasteboard always a complete paragraph? Is an NKS Patreon account to help fund materials for future projects like new craft, Kerrabellum and similar products, and Captain Elliot Legends feasible? Let us know your thoughts and perhaps what you'd like to see as rewards.
  10. Not sure if this goes here, but I couldn't find anywhere else to put this. I've been looking into platforms to help expand NKS beyond just virtual aircraft. So here I've come to ask if, as quoted from our Facebook post on the subject "an NKS Patreon account to help fund materials for future projects like new craft, Kerrabellum and similar products, and Captain Elliot Legends [is] feasible" The patronage would go towards investments in hardware like stronger computers and software like Photoshop to bring projects like: •Kerrabellum, a KSP war play-by-play in similar style to Spiritwolf •Captain Elliot Legends, a science fiction book currently in development by me •Larger numbers of better content from my YouTube channel, including trailers and livestreams. Let me know what you think
  11. What do you think of an NKS Patreon? What would you like to see as rewards? Let us know over on our Facebook page.
  12. The outcome of band camp and forgetting I have a 2GB graphics card: I'm bored Please pick five of these for team A to use in a battle (i.e. 2 Zeus, 1 Ghost, 2 KF10) •Armored Assault Vehicle •AAV w/ Newt Carrier •Battle Station •Cruise missile launcher •Ghost 107 •KF10 •KF10 Advanced •KF2 •KF4 •KS51 Zeus Strategic Bomber •Nuclear Missile Launcher •Rocket Battery •Sam Launcher If you don't know what the capabilities of a vehicle is, ask me.
  13. I take the crater you left vacant My not very wise strategic move
  14. I fill in the crater to make a flat gravel ruin. My desolate plain.
  15. We're back with a KS51 trailer, a re-release of the KS2 and DRN, and the all new Armored Assault Vehicle. Go check them out.
  16. The new and improved Ghost 107 is back. Now with 101% more CreeprGod66L award.
  17. Hear the sound of the falling rain? It's coming down like an armageddon flame from the new KS51 Zeus
  18. Seeing how Take Two owns Rockstar (GTA) and 2K (Civilization: Beyond Earth), I'd like to see if they produce part skin packs as merchandise for other Take Two games. Kinda like what Minecraft did with Fallout and Magic: The Gathering Well that didn't take long. Someone actually wants this?
  19. We are now here for 1.3 with a new KF2, 4, 5, 6, and 10.
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