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  1. Awesome!!! I have 24 xeon cores, 128 Gb of RAM and latest radeon, it will run on 320X200?
  2. Best DLC and update ever, i think. Thank you, squad. But i think, rotor engines must be in "engines" section and LF rotors must have alternators Also i'm waiting for coaxial rotors for Tu-95 and Kamov style planes and helicopters
  3. Спасибо за информацию, чтож. ВПН так ВПН.
  4. А можно я на минутку оффтоп разведу? Чтой-то я на форум через российских провайдеров ("мегафон" и "цифра 1") попасть не могу, пришлось через VPN лезть. Это я один такой несчастный, или есть такая общая проблема? Мне так, для понимания, кого дальше бить по голове ногами.
  5. New FL-R25 looks like eggs in the box or basket, good. Be careful, don't crush them
  6. My work takes almost all my time, but this is my attempt - "Dunosaur" Orbital retranslator and lander. Landed at 84d and 3h after start On the launchpad Mission and maneur planning Departure from Kerbin orbit And after long and boring flight - Duna Carefull aero braking And after decoupling with orbital module - landing
  7. Yes, i confirm it. Also checked that static load of 1600 tons did not destroy VAB, and probably landing gear/struts is problem. I've use beams as landing gear for heavy vehicles, beams crushes VAB, wheels - not.
  8. EBOSHI, nice craft And my second attempt with same craft. 1600 tons total on the roof, so VAB is strong
  9. 808 tons on the roof. Stock parts only and destructable buildings. And no chutes - powered landing. is this count?
  10. looks like russian KV-2 https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/КВ-2 PS: sorry for russian link
  11. Just sell me pair of these engines (one with left and one with right rotation)
  12. This is my attempt. Unfortunately kerbals did not discover propellers and built jet triplane And my vote for flying rover
  13. "English" kerbal names somtimes weird for us, and slavic names may be weird to. I think "root+suffix" generator will avoid inproper letters in inproper places PS: i want Svyatopolk and Attila Kerman.
  14. I'm agree, also " Ьдара" impossible name because russian letter "Ь" can not be first. ("ъ", "ы" too ). @Squad, I think you may use dictionary instead random generator for "non-english" names
  15. [quote name='Scarecrow88']Not correct. Actually, that is true, but it's not how this boat works. If you dump ore you come back to the surface but are then unable to submerge again. The action group keys for diving are linked to the cargo bays, which become negatively buoyant when closed. No idea why. I did try using a greater number of the smaller cargo bays to give a more delicate control of the dive/surface process, but they don't seem to work.[/QUOTE] You must use [U]separated[/U] cargo bays. Like fueltank-cargobay-fueltank-cargobay-fueltank, not fuel-cargo-cargo-fuel. Linked small bays count as one large in this case.
  16. Yes, heat management important now. Аbout 12x... i think it possible with beautiful new engines and large wings and fuel tanks.
  17. Try to place ore tanks inside, and opened cargo bay will float and closed will sink This is magic! :), and probably it work with service bays too
  18. This is street magic. I've find, how to change buoyancy from positive to negative and back, I've used cargo bays for it :)
  19. Stock submarine and kind of street magic. Place it on the water with VesselMover or add wheels and move on it, drop first (protect/transport) stage. Balance it, moving ore between tanks. 1 - dive/go to surface 0 - reverse engines Up to 40 knots, about 300 km range (at 15 knots) craft if this link dead, tell me, i'll fix it video
  20. Andromeda, 1.0.5 stock (and no FAR), 0h, 56m, 14s and fuel for another flight
  21. Big engine - not always fast engine. It's powerful, but slow I think i have better idea and will fly around Kerbin today or tomorrow
  22. First? Big boat, and will explore Kerbin oceans, and another jet for Kerbin circumnavigation
  23. This is my attempt. I dont have map view screenshot, but during the flight, I took several pictures of the surface. Thunderbird Mk I, 1h 37m 34s, one time around Kerbin
  24. Nice, lets make circumnavigation challenge with it!!!
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