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  1. Lol hey man, how have you been?

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    2. Majorjim!


      Yeah it's been a while mate. I had nearly 40 followers hilariously! Ho hum, those that want to will re-follow as we have done! I only just saw the post about the deletion of followers. What do you mean my status?

    3. katateochi


      Your status: your the 2nd highest ranking user! which is pretty awesome (I'm like a lowly 50th) 
      yeah I only just saw it too, only noticed cos someone who I was sure was already following me re-followed, and then I saw I'd only a couple of followers :(


    4. Majorjim!


      I just had a look to see if something odd had happened and it says I'm number 4. I have never been bothered by rep numbers really I just want to make awesome craft and stuff. The virtual recognition is nice though I guess. :-)

       I need to just stop spamming replies and stop myself from posting negative or grumpy stuff..

       How's KSP for you these days?

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