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  1. The fact that it's misleading and might confuse people who are looking to download a plugin with rendezvous instrumentation. You wouldn't label MechJeb a rocketry parts pack in the title description. But by the "what difference does it make" logic, there's no reason not to.
  2. Problem is, it's not a rendezvous plugin. It doesn't support spacecraft rendezvous. The title of this thread should be changed accordingly.
  3. Downloading your addon now. Looks pretty amazing. I will let you know how this goes.
  4. I used hyperedit to lower the atmosphere so I could have more realistic orbital altitudes with respect to the planet. From that Apokee, you see Kerbin as you would see the earth at about 350km. Without lowering the atmosphere, the lowest you can orbit is like 69.1km, which is the equivalent of about 690km around Earth. Kerbin's atmosphere is too high, so I fixed it. Also, notice how small the Mun looks. I moved it three times further away from the planet for slightly more realism.
  5. Mission Parameters Gemini 7 Apokee: 35km Perikee: 33.5km Inclination: 4 degrees Planned time in space: 1 day. Semi-Major Axis: 634.25km Orbital Period: 28.15 minutes. Gemini 6 - Initial Parameters Apokee: 31km Perikee: 30.6km Inclination: 3.6 degrees (corrected to 4 degrees on orbit) Planned time in space: 6 hours. Semi-Major Axis: 630.8km Orbital Period: 27.92 minutes. Rendezvous Parameters Planned Orbits: 4 Terminal Phase Initiation on 4th orbit. Altitude at TPI: 30.8km TPI, 45 seconds after sunset. Phase Transfer: 178 degrees. Planned station keeping distance: 3 meters. Active Vessel: Gemini 6 Passive Vessel: Gemini 7 And here are the pictures from the mission: (some of them anyway...) Gemini 6 after inserting into its 31km orbit: Gemini 6 on orbit Gemini 6 and 7 Preparing for station keeping Gemini 6 and 7 Successfully rendezvoused. Gemini 7 viewed through Gemini 6's window
  6. He's taking advantage of the Oberth effect, which states that a burn like a one tangent burn for a transfer is more efficient at higher velocities. Apollo took advantage of this with the low 187km Earth Parking Orbit and the even lower orbits on the later missions.
  7. Are you planning to make it possible to edit the terrain height? It'd be pretty cool to be able to lower the height of terrain with hyperedit and be able to orbit very low.
  8. I am proposing we, the KSP community, send a series of manned missions to the Mun to determine the precise geology of multiple places across its surface. Using Munar maps, we would then make detailed pictures showing the composition of the Munar surface in as many areas as possible.
  9. Either that or he was trying to ice skate on the roof of the VAB. Poor Kerbal. RIP Jeb Kerman, the kerbal who thought he didn't need a rocket to fly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPDXvhmoMYo
  10. haha that is awesome. A diet of Mars probes. XD
  11. Shuttle couldn't load because I'm missing the "shuttle manipulator". I installed everything 100% properly.
  12. I remember this SSTV from when Duna first came out. We freaked out and immediately thought, "ALIENS HAVE BEEN HERE!" Couple that with the alien head on Duna and some weird stuff is going on.
  13. Why is your starless sky box image directory an executable file that gets blocked by my virus protection? Wanna explain that, please?
  14. What in the world does it mean to be "exited"? Are you trying to say I'm going to leave an indoor inclosure over .22? I'm confused.
  15. Does anyone know? I've been trying to figure out.
  16. I completely agree. The current sky box is so ugly that it actually detracts from the entire game. Luckily we can use universe replacer but it slows down FPS when you use it...
  17. hahaha dude. You know the answer to this right? Little green men in space and science is far more important than a wife... duuhhh. But in all seriousness, congratulations on your marriage. When you have children you shall breed the next generation of KSP players.
  18. Yeah you'd definitely be right. It'll be a while. Hoping we get weather, massive optimization and a new sun or something. The sun is in need of an update imho.
  19. absolutely beautiful to see that going by beneath the spacecraft. Cheers for that.
  20. Good idea. They should implement this in .22.1 or something, since .22 is already in EXP mode and they probably won't change anything other than to fix bugs, I imagine.
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