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  1. Finaly tried the mod. I think it is needles to say, you guys made an awsome pack! There are a lot of design possibilities with these different parts.
  2. Thanks for the description, I\'ll surely try this when 0.14 is out.
  3. Your mod is starting to get into a realy nice shape. I like those extra details. I can\'t wait for the textures. Keep up the good work!
  4. This is awsome! I do hope that the devs will add female kerbals to the game soon. When that happens it\'d be great to see this picture as an alternate loading screen. It\'s almost like the guy in the right is trying to check her boobs
  5. This mod is getting better and better. I wanted to download the VA, but when I looked at this picture I deceided to wait for the complete pack. I wouldn\'t be able to play wholeheartedly knowing that the VA is only the tip of the iceberg.
  6. I\'ve tried the Surge. She flies well, she\'s very stable and easy to handle. Great work!
  7. I\'m starting to think that Skrym is actually part of a Bethesda conspiracy to make our KSP moders off the track :-X
  8. Very cool. I can imagine that a real life kerbal looks similar like this.
  9. This mod really looks good. Especialy the command pod with that telescope/cockpit window(?) on it. It gives it a unique look.
  10. The Kosmos pack is coming along very nicely, I really like those details. I think it looks better in grey.
  11. Thank you for the black heatshields and for involving my design as well. Your shuttle is great!
  12. That is Shuttle 2, which was a proposed successor of the Space Shuttle. Wing fuel tank is an interesting idea indeed.
  13. That\'s true especialy for early russian spacecrafts, however I suggest dirty white or light cream-coloured istead of green. That would be more accurate and it would fit better to other vanilia and mod parts.
  14. I hope you are aware, that by showing us these pictures you makes us more and more impatient This\'ll be an amazing pack. By the way, will the green parts remain green, or will they have a different color?
  15. That teaser was beautiful. I hope you\'ll manage to finish this pack before 0.14 is out. I want to use these parts for my first persistent space station
  16. Elég sok minden tervebe van véve a teljes verzióhoz: ?rséta, dokkolás, ?rállomás építés, egy teljes naprendszer bolygókkal és holdakkal (lehet, hogy lesznek más naprendszerek is), bázisok építése más bolygókon, az ?rprogram pénzügyi menedzselése, új technológiák kifejlesztése stb. A wiki-n van egy 'planned features' bejegyzés, ott megvan a teljes lista. A következ? verzióban, ami már fizet?s lesz, lesz mentési lehet?ség és több ?rhajód is lehet egyszerre.
  17. Nope, but probably they resemble to male kerbals at the basic caracteristics. We\'ll see when they will be introduced to the game.
  18. The drawing itself is pretty good, but it is 'not Kerbal'\'. Higher head, circle eyes and wider mouth should do the trick.
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