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  1. Try here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?board=27.0
  2. Welcome to the Forums! - You will be able to use every part in both buildings, so you can build rockets horizontaly and planes verticaly as well. The construction will be modular. Aircrafts will be able to fly in space, but you have to add rocket fuel tanks and engines to it to do that. The airplane parts\' fuel can only be used for atmospheric engines. Although this might change in future updates. - In orbit yes, as far as I know the actual method hasn\'t been decided yet, but it will be probably done by the means of docking or similar to that. You will be able to build bases on other planetes, but it\'s still a question whether spacecraft construction will be included or not.
  3. It works well for me. What kind of designs did you build? Edit: It is possible that the rocket is too heavy, or the weight isn\'t distributed well. Using multiple SAS and ASAS modules can also cause problems if there are too many of them, or if they aren\'t placed well.
  4. Here\'s mine: Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack OST Leaving Earth (High Quality Piano Clint Mansell)
  5. Az durva, nekem még szerencsére nem fordult el? egyszer sem, hogy átestem volna a talajon, de más is panaszkodott már emiatt. De legalább megvan a hiba oka. Van valahol egy magasságmér? mod, ami nem a tengerszintet figyeli, hanem a felszínt?l lév? távolságot, de már nem tudom, hogy melyik az.
  6. Hali! Gratula hozzá. Én most az ?rrandevúval kísérletezek már egy jó ideje, de sehogy se akar összejönni, mindig elvétem 1-2 km-mel.
  7. Nice work. I don\'t like the ASAS texture, but the fuel tanks are great, looking forward to the command module.
  8. Now this is what I call fuel efficiency, great tutorial. It made me realise some of my mistakes.
  9. I support this too. But no matter what you say, North Korea\'s space program is absolutely kerbal 8)
  10. Trying the new parts out, but it\'s almost impossible to connect them to the node (wich doesn\'t have an icon in the VAB for some reason).
  11. I agree on that, however, in the game\'s point of view it has to be done. Otherwise it\'d take a hell lot of time (probably tens of hours of gameplay) to get to another starsystem and the timeskip would screw up missions back home, especialy when life support is added. It\'d would be impossible to run different missions at the same time (Harv said that there\'d be a warning system which stops timeskip when something important happens in another mission, but this\'d make a stop at every second during an interstellar timeskip, which\'d be very annoying). If you think about it FTL is quite gamewise, although it\'d be nice to leave the option of slower than light interstellar travel for everyone\'s satisfaction.
  12. The Devs stated it many times that they won\'t use any kind of DRM because it is total useless. Pirates will pirate the game despite of it and only legal users will have a hard time because of it. And I fully agree with this. If you can\'t sleep well knowing that others play with the game for free while you paid for it, you should realise that having a DRM won\'t change that.
  13. Now this was unexpected. A pyramid in the dessert, with a no easter eggs here sign I think I am gonna go for a new egg hunt.
  14. 'Unusualy' shaped crater near the equator. I know that in this situation every crater starts to look unusual, but actualy there aren\'t many. You have to be very close, I have no idea how far I was, when I saw it, but I was probably within 4km. Don\'t try to spot it in orbit, use the rovers, or a landing module. The monolith is in a quite obvious place inside the crater, it\'s location is not hidden too much. It can be easily mistaken as a distant rock or as a graphical bug. Try to aim for very small black spots.
  15. Yes, it is in 14.3. Just like Silisko said, an unusualy shaped crater near the equator. You have to be very close to spot it, at first I thought it was a rock or a graphical glitch.
  16. I like the new icon too. Although I was a bit suprised when I saw it, I thought the new icon is gonna be similar to Harv\'s profile picture, a launching rocket.
  17. He is writing about a giant multiple starsystem, where there is a big star in the centre which is orbited by other stars with their own starsystems. Personaly, I am not fond of this idea. I never liked this concept in sci-fis either. Too unrealistic. Plus ruins the idea of the Solar system-Kerbol system similarity. Harv said they\'re planning to make an FTL drive to make interstellar travel faster. Although this method is unrealistic as well, I find it more plausible. I don\'t mind having binary or trinary systems in the game, but the Kerbol system should have only one star.
  18. Don\'t worry. The whole user interface will be overhauled in the future, a first person cockpit mode is on the 'to do' list as well. In 0.15 we\'ll get the docking feature which means we probably get some kind of guidence system, like a docking camera to make the navigation around other ships easier. As for the particle effects, it is planned too, just like animation.
  19. I totaly agree. The new engine is beautiful, the rocks are awsome, but the old munar texture was way better. This one is too grainy, and lost it\'s original moon-like look.
  20. This is going to be a hell of a ride. Good luck! (Don\'t forget to quicksave in every few km. Just in case.)
  21. Settings->Video I recommend playing around with the texture quality first, it solved the lag for me pretty much, although mine wasn\'t so bad in the first place.
  22. Great work! These parts will serve great for cargo ships after 0.15. When is it going to be released?
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