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  1. It's pretty easy to reach that altitude with xlr11, rocket engine plane. No need for massive wingspans, you can reach karman line with 1957 tech with either quad engined rocket plane or hybrid propulsion plane with 2 jets and rocket engines kicking in at 15k altitude. I can dig out mu old crafts for reference(approx 2-3 years old), if i recall correctly karman line mission with quad engined rocketplane lasted 15-20 minutes with 7-8 minutes powered stage.
  2. You could work around this by using multiple user accounts, but it sucks. All settings, saves, and what looks like logs land in c:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\
  3. Back then I had core2 duo e8400(now my CNC router brain) and low profile radeon hd7xxx and don't recall framerate issues. I have 3070(dell OEM crappy one) and ryzen 5600 and KSP2 runs smooth, but nothing seems to work as intended, from VAB trough staging to trajectory plotting.
  4. That's why I just landed on the mun in 0.18.3 smooth as a butter compared!!!
  5. Good, you saved bunch of money and lots of frustration with a "game" where nearly nothing works. Bought this lemon, played for 90 minutes trying to build and launch a moon landing capable vessel, closed the game after not succeeding. Maxed out graphics is pixelated and loks like anisotropic filtering and antialiasing are off(both on, toggled and re-checked) VAB is half funcional staging is broken bayond 1 engine per stage Part manager breaks when staging breaks so even manual engine activation is not possible EVA has 50% chance of sumoning kraken manoeuvre gizmo sucks Trajectory plotter has 50% chance of showing capture/escape nodes in revrerse. Trajectory plotter lacks ability to display selected node info(ap/pe altitude) when manoeuvre gizmo is active, making trajectory adjustment major PITA. We were promised feature cut version to ensure quality and we got ksp0.18.3 free demo feature list with ksp0.11 bug list. removed and do not plan reinstalling for next 12 months.
  6. Karibou wheels are messed up again. here is corrected config. copy the file above to GameData\UmbraSpaceIndustries\Karibou\Parts\KER_Wheel_01.cfg and enjoy working karibou wheels again.
  7. Try playing career, makes even less sense. Huge ISRU converters, tundra pioneer,PDU and storage modules are unlocked for 90sci in tier 1 research centre. First tiny drill is unlocked 2 research centre upgrades later for 550sci together with ranger "starter" ISRU converters and with WOLF cargo containers. Where is the logic here?
  8. I never liked stock aero, it's rubbish and defies logic. I never manage a successful aero flight with my own ship design. FAR or bust. If ksp aero will follow KSP logic(or rather lack of it) it won't fly for me. I'll pause purchase untill FAR2 comes out.
  9. I do hope you're right and it won't take ages to get ouf of sandbox. My hype deflated greatly by the end of 2021 and died completely now. Looking back at KSP roadmap(I bought it in 0.14 or 0.15) I really can't muster any optimism, one can hope new blood in dev team would help, but I'd rather expect total flop and be positively surprised.
  10. so... 3 years work went into pretty UI. And it sounds like RoveDsde's MKS/WOLF will become stock sometime down the road when we get colonies to work. Judging by progress so far colonies will become a thing in 2033 and mutiplayer in 2050. Removing KSP2 from my steam wishlist.
  11. I'm thinkig as i type so bear with me. Or, you could simplify it all. Calculate station keeping cost in dV/day. Put vessel on rails and deduct propellant based on time spent on rails, that's roughly how station keeping in OrbitalDecay mod worked. Sounds simple but putting vessel "on rails" would probably mean rewriting half of the integrator.(I know nothing about it) On the other hand thrusting in timewap would potentialy work better with limited ignitions engines like in realism overhaul, that's assuming ignition counter would be affected. I wish I had the skill to help more than just throw ideas around. edit Big prolem with atmospheric drag and solar pressure is that their influence strongly depends on vessel orientation, unless vessel is a sphere. I think every principia player would appreciate station keeping that "just" deals with orbital perturbations. Maybe starting point would be adding flight planner option to calculate burn to return to current orbit in user selectable number of days?
  12. Orbital decay was discussed/proposed before. Around 2016/2017 if my memory serves... TBH I as much as I enjoyed it(orbital decay mod) in non principia games I don't miss it one bit with Principia. Give it a go, when your comms network won't last a month due to orbit perturbation, only thing you'll miss will be your sanity First post mentions orbital decay as a thing "relatively easy" to add once the mod is playable ;), but at this stage I don't thing there is anything easy about this(amazing) mod. And there are always other things do improve, add or bugs to smash, so iguess it slipped to the bottom of the to-do list.
  13. Thank You, it works as intended now. How do I extend bodies trajectories integration cache past 86400000s(just over 3.5years)? I could work with short cache just adjusted to revelant time span, currently past 200000000s(just over 7 years). Don't think too much on my account, it wont be very useful for RSS since drag model kOS script works only for stock system(maybe upscaled too), and I doubt id would work for FAR either. Anyways, the LVD automation could be easier trough kOS rather than KSPTOT_connect plugin, but i have to admit my programming knowlege is very limited. For anyone looking for direct moon ascent solution HERE is kOS script collection by RCrockford. "Polar direct ascent.ks" is the one, it won't work with Atlas style 1/2 stage LV though, and won't work unless it's invoked manually.
  14. fastest bugfix I've ever seen!!!! just thinking now... What if pulling vessel data was done through KSPTOT_connect plugin? load rocket to launchpad, then read launch vehicle stats in KSPTOT? Mammooth job i guess?
  15. bodies.ini is linked in my previous post above. and again in HERE BTW bodies_StockPrincipia.ini included in KSPTOT distribution zip won't load either.
  16. KSPTOT noob question alert!!! But first things first: Thank You @Arrowstarfor your amazing work. Not 100% noob tried 1.5.0 with RSS/RO-RP1/Principia with dissapointing results. I see very impressive changelog including n-body support. I'm reding trough LVD tutorial and my question is: How do I transfer that gloriously optimised flight path into KSP? kOS script export? I'm looking for a tool to plan and execute luna style direct ascent moon transfer. KSPTOT seems perfect for planing, execution however is where I'm lost at. I'm still playing RSS/RO-RP1/Principia - yes I'm a masochist Update: loading bodies.ini generated from my RSS+principia save fails logfile: Unrecognized function or variable 'p99'. Error in KSPTOT_BodyInfo/setBaseBodySurfaceTexture (line 470) Error in processINIBodyInfo (line 114) Error in mainGUI_App/loadBodiesFromFile_Callback (line 538) Error in appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService/executeCallback (line 138) Error in matlab.apps.AppBase>@(source,event)executeCallback(appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService.instance(),app,callback,requiresEventData,event) (line 63) Error using matlab.ui.internal.controller.WebMenuController/fireActionEvent Error while evaluating Menu Callback. there is no p99 in the bodies file - it loads after reducing bodies count to 30(there is 32) Am I right thinking that i should add "propType = numerical_integration" to each body to make them true principia compatible? if so it fails same way as supplied bodies_stockprincipia.ini file. loading it produces "integrating trajectories" dialog and then hangs logfile: Unable to resolve the name 'obj.getAngVelWrtOriginAndRotMatToInertial'. Error in GlobalBaseInertialFrame/getOffsetsWrtInertialOrigin (line 21) Error in AbstractElementSet/convertToFrame (line 67) Error in CelestialBodyIntegration/integrateCelestialBodies (line 72) Error in CelestialBodyData (line 58) Error in mainGUI_App/loadBodiesFromFile_Callback (line 539) Error in appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService/executeCallback (line 138) Error in matlab.apps.AppBase>@(source,event)executeCallback(appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService.instance(),app,callback,requiresEventData,event) (line 63) Error using matlab.ui.internal.controller.WebMenuController/fireActionEvent Error while evaluating Menu Callback.
  17. I found a bubu in latest ART configs, issue raised on github. In all bleeding edge releases parts were moved to "Parts" folder but their configs don't reflect that change resulting in parts not loading. MassDrivers and Separators are affected: fix for mass driver: MODEL { model = UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/Parts/MassDriver/MassDriver texture = Difuse, UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/Parts/MassDriver/Difuse scale = 2.5,2.5,2.5 }
  18. Nope, I'll try to reproduce this on vanilla +MKS Update: Tested with only expansions, deadly reentry(halves part max temp) Umbraspaceindustries bleeding edge 2 and hyperedit And problem is gone, NF electrical next ... I give up, reinstalled all mods one by one, testing same crafts every time with no explosions. Moved my save to new install, landed once without explosion, just to see it explode on second landing, like chasing a ghost.
  19. Not as silly as you may think, thermals are deployed, they are attached directly to PDU even though they don't have to - radiators are cooling only directly attached parts, thermal control systems cool ship wide. It happens only while approaching with another vessel, even with reactor shut down when core temp didn't drop below 800k before flying/switching away. Loading from tracking station or from another vessel in map view works fine.
  20. Duna PDU explodes due to overheating despite having sufficient cooling. I have aPDU with 2 medium thermal control systems attached and landed on the mun. Required cooling is 200kW, and 500kW available. When loading after approx 1h(landing another base part) PDU explodes seconds after being loaded with f3 log saying it exploded due skin temperature exceeding max temperature (850) . Wha am I doing wrong?
  21. Mod looks great, new features look promising too. I would like to bring attention to the fact that Kerfabricator allows fabrication of unresearched parts. That's for USI bleeding edge 2. one question about catchup mechanics: Lets assume i have drill extracting 100 ore a day, and converter processing 100ore a day into 100lqd fuel a day, plus storage for 1000 ore and for 10000lqd fuel If time warp while sitting there I will fill the fuel tank in 100days What happens when I time warp 100 days while watching KSC? will I get full fuel tank or will I get 1000 fuel as that's my ore tank capacity? - sadly this is the case, WOLF makes even more sense now.
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