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  1. Juno is the first probe even as far as Jupiter to use solar. I imagine as solar technology continues to improve that the usable distance from the sun will only increase.
  2. That looks like one of those old sci-fi movies from the 50's.
  3. I had 4 semesters of calculus. Now, I pay Sarbian to do my math for me.
  4. Honestly, fiddling with that thing is just not fun. I'll do it if I have to, but not willingly. Even in the Kerbin SOI. Pull on an arm, check the apoapsis. Too far. Pull the other arm. The only time I mess with it now is early career and when doing contracts that require a special orbit.
  5. Let's all hope that there won't be a need for a Solar-ResQ-ResQ-ResQ.
  6. Got a class c asteroid down to a million km orbit around Kerbin. This was my first asteroid capture ever. It took a really blasphemous amount of fuel to get it there. Probably more fuel than I can expect to get from it. Now I just have to figure out mining. That wasn't in the game when I last played it.
  7. Which is why I've been to Duna and Eve using the stock system, but I won't do it again unless MJ ceases to function. The stock maneuver node system is just so painful to use in an interplanetary scale.
  8. I aim for solar panels and batteries first, as they enable anything beyond LKO. After that it's science instruments and then heavier lifters with the Skipper. I tend to go slow, because once it's all unlocked, there's nothing to look forward to.
  9. Found this article and thought it might be of use to modders here. Magnetoshell Aerocapture. Need I say more? Here's the link to the article and the NASA site where the selections are all listed. I don't have the time or the skills to do any of this, I just thought there was some great mod ideas. http://www.techtimes.com/articles/158564/20160516/nasa-invests-in-futuristic-plans-such-as-cryogenic-sleep-chambers-magnetoshells-and-more.htm This NASA link is a goldmine of ideas: http://www.nasa.gov/feature/niac-2016-phase-i-and-phase-ii-selections
  10. Any KSP'er worth his salt will have a screenie very much like that one.
  11. I just got Jack Kerman stranded in his Mk1 on a steep hillside on Minmus. I assume he's Jack Swigert reincarnated.
  12. LOL There's no helping a masochist. And if you remember punch cards, you're an OLD masochist. The idea of kOS is really spectacularly cool, but it makes my brain hurt thinking about it. I have enough trouble getting paid to make SQL do what I want it to do.
  13. No, I get your point, which is why I didn't bring up the murder thing until someone else did. No big deal. But here's what I really wanted to add back then and let it slide: We're not talking about murder. We're talking about ALLEGED bad management. You CAN'T continue demonize Squad over past practice when evidence shows that they got better. Again, it's not murder. It's not even criminal. It's bad management. And alleged bad management at that. My whole deal with this is that people are making a whole lot of inferences and suppositions based on sketchy data. No one here has enough information to make some of the claims I've seen in this thread. "It seems that Squad like so many other companies out there has got a sniff of profits and is now involved in massive tax evasion, employment law abuses and unethical behaviour. Not cool, not cool at all. " Really? They got that from a four part 4Chan post and a post by Nova Silisko saying "yeah I can see that" gets someone to fraud? Really? The sound you hear now is me rolling my eyes at the above statement. (It's not your statement, I know. I think it's a quote of a Reddit post. Just supplying it for reference.) People need to stop indicting Squad for all the supposed "evils of captalism". I see people get all bent over the $2,400 per year thing. Bnd then someone posts how it's the equivalent of $42K in Mexico, which then gets promptly ignored by 50% of the rest of the thread. Is $42K great? Not really, but I don't have a list of the guy's duties, not to mention the fact that he signed the contract. I've seen facebook comments about my own company over things in the news from people who had no idea whatsoever as to what they were talking about. It happens constantly. Which is why I personally am taking this all with a very large grain of salt.
  14. Right. Eeloo is supposed to be a Pluto analog. New Horizons is a piano with an RTG. Cassini has no solar panels. Even the latest Jupiter mission was the first to have solar. I think. Sunlight behaves under the inverse square law. Twice as fire away equals a quarter of the light and three times is one ninth. It doesn't take long to get pretty dim out there.
  15. To be fair, using murder to make your point is a shade hyperbolic.
  16. Haven't been past Duna since I started playing again. I'm working on it.
  17. Here's one of mine from WAAAAAAY back. Before .22 for sure, but my current design is not much different. Uses i-beams instead of the cubic octagonal struts, and those lander legs don't exist anymore, but you get the idea. A four legged spider with the rover suspended from the hub. This one delivered solely by chutes. For no atmosphere landings, I'm using 4x twitch engines. One at the end of each beam. I can post a pic later of the current one. I'm at work and dredged up my old imgur account to find these. Let's see how you guys put a rover on the surface. Here's what it looked like in the VAB less the two Mk 16's I added later after the first attempt slammed into the surface of Duna. This was before heat shields but I'd do the same thing now just replace the flat adapter with a shield.
  18. On the internet? Something about tilting at windmills comes to mind.
  19. Greetings, fellow kerbal. I'd like to talk to you about the glories of the Harvester.
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