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  1. banned cause of the elastic cause
  2. I just sent all the clones to missions around the sun, and I swiftly take this hill with little resistance My hill.
  3. My mission to the mun in career. Landing was fine ,but a good amount of fuel was used up causing a lot of fear of not having enough fuel to return to the mother ship. Then, lifing off the mun ,and reach orbit around the mun with only 1 unit left of fuel in my "PICKLE" lander. Now to pick that with the mothership ,and return home.
  4. My style is pretty much "If it does it's job ,then it fine." sort style so it can be "minimalist," "realistic," "futuristic" depending on the missions I decide to do.
  5. Correction Hype-coal totally different from coal ,but other than that someone should forge a cast iron version of jeb ,and send it to Squad HQ as a gift for reaching .90 when it comes comes out.
  6. Your First stages become emergency fuel stations as they are half full.
  7. 9.99/10 still lovely as usual ,and better than my drawing ability.
  8. I take your hill by force ,and plant it on a planet ,and a flag on it.While holding a Thanksgiving muffin sale ,and apple juice. This hill is now under my economic control!
  9. 5/10 the color scheme on the bottom words makes it pretty hard to read for some ,and a black outline would be recommended.
  10. banend because I was going to say "pan" ,and call you bread in spanish...Sorry.
  11. MGUARN

    GIF Wars!

    mere arrows with magic can not stop the motion of progress.
  12. what do you call a successful craft that can protect an egg? An Eggcelent craft.
  13. well then... Fun Fact: October 31 this year was 11 years since the Halloween solar flare event that affected electronics on the earth ,and in space.Also the carrington event cause telegraph poles to catch fire while also making the northern ,and southern lights visible all the way to the equator in the year of 1859.
  14. 9/10 that quote made me laugh a bit.
  15. I have done everything except for building a PC cause no funds to build one.Also programming as I don't think trying to code in a City state in Civ 5 counts.
  16. I still have the big box ,and with the CD still around.The first PC game I have ever played when I was only a mere 7 year old.
  17. I got a few I can never live with out with reasons: Mecjeb- For auto piloting my space craft when I am need else where in the house.(i'm capable to put things in orbit.) Tantares- Cause soyuz ,and TLK are awesome in my opinion. SCANsat- putting satellites in orbit so I can figure out a land zone is pretty useful.(hate landing on hills.)
  18. Floor 918: welcome to the quiet ,and peaceful land that is rule by two glorious leaders.
  19. Quickly I must.I use the momentum ray at the sun to induce extreme spin to cause a mega solar storm to wreck havoc on your gas planet ,and strip it of it lush thick atmosphere. your barren rock is no match for my glorious hills as muffin sales sky rock to preserver ,and fund my hill defense program.
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