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  1. KSP Version: Operating System and version: Windows 10 Pro CPU and GPU models i7 10700k, geforce GTX 1070, 16GB Ram Description of the bug: The tutorial Video on how to start assembling your first rocket is stuck on the screen and nothing can be done to get rid of it. It is stuck even after you leave the VAB Steps to Replicate: Clicking through P.A.I.G.E too fast and/or entereting the VAB right after the game has loaded to KSC after the introduction video (possibly after skipping it) Fixes / Workarounds (if known..): Restarting the game A list of ALL mods. If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window: none Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..)
  2. It has been years since I've played KSP1... I played it excessively pre 1.0 Compared to that I barely touched it after Making History and Breaking Ground got released. But this has its advantages - now I can re-live all these glorious moments again! We will fail better next time! also damn those landing legs are bouncy
  3. Damn... this is the wrong Arch... or I travelled back in time! But this is the only one I still knew from the back of my head...
  4. I've got this rocket that very reliably loses Trajectories (at least the last 4 times I have launched that craft) my trajectory was gone the moment I staged twice to get rid of all the bosters - it was an asparagus setup. Tracking Station reports the Spacecraft as Landed and I can recover it. Interestingly I had it happen randomly to a different spacecraft after a Quick Load. Yet the trajectory reappeared after I touched down on Minmus and lifted off again.
  5. Interesting... In my test setup I used all small parts - capsule (with parachute), fuel tank (with landing legs), terrier, decupler, fuel tank (with launch clamps), swivel The bug occurred only on medium landing legs with launch clamps But several events can cause the same bug. So we have at least two ways to break a rocket!
  6. It seems like some of the Kerbals are still shown in the Tracking Station as Crew of the KSC (I found Bob and Bill there) but as of now it looks like every Kerbalnaut is one use only Jeb, Val and Tim are AWOL
  7. Alright I can confirm - it only happens if you are using Medium Landing Legs (MD) AND Launch Clamps. Any other combination is just fine. However Medium Landing Legs (MD) and Launch Clamps will cause your upper stage to be empty when its her time to shine. So only use one or the other until it's fixed.
  8. So this Setup worked. Labradoodle Engines and Large Landing Legs However I also did not use Launch Clamps - will investigate after landing (or crashing) on the Mun.
  9. I was going to file a bug report concering the draining of the upper stage... but I will re-investigate since I have also used medium struts on that upper stage. Will test with bigger and smaller gear.
  10. I've noticed that one too - but once you turn on RCS you can fly around just fine.
  11. Alright - with all the "runs okay" and "runs like s***" I have heard in the last couple of days I just bought KSP2 and tried it for myself. If you are a KSP1 veteran, then the KSP2 performance is ABSOLUTELY FINE! At least on my rig which is an i7 10700k with 16GB Ram and a nVidia GTX 1070 Yep it's a vanilla 1070 (below minimum spec) and I get FPS from 12 at worst - staring right at Kerbin during launch up to 80 when flying through space towards the Mun. Since I've installed it on a HDD some of the loading times are a bit on the long side. I didn't have enough space left on the SSD Windows runs on... but I've heard that running KSP2 on the same drive as your system is a bad idea. Oh yeah - and I play in 1920x1080 with everything on HIGH, 4x Antialiasing and VSync off I remember KSP1 running much worse back in the day. Also there is absolutely no lag... zero... zilch. How could there? I'm not connected to a server, so why should latency be even an issue? All key inputs are instant, there is no rubberbanding and I am pretty sure that I can play it offline - though I have not confirmed that. Since I also didn't hear any fan noises my GPU and my CPU were not overly taxed - which is a good sign I guess... at least I don't think I have to update my hardware for this game - and this also probably explains why even RTX 4080 users barely have 10 FPS more in the worst case scenario. The low FPS are very likely due to something in the game's code.
  12. Well... I knew there wasn't going to be any ingame money in KSP2 - just resources. Then again - money is just another resource if you look at it. Some people here are getting very passionate about what they don't have it seems. I was passionate enough to watch pretty much every interview about KSP I could find and this change from KSP1 to KSP2 was mentioned. However it was at least one year ago, if not more. I've played KSP1 long before Career mode was introduced and I had a LOT of fun. I guess I will also have a lot of fun with KSP2 while not having to worry about money.
  13. At least you can look into the cockpit/pod now! IVA will follow I guess
  14. Welcome - from a long time and now returning KSP player (Lost my original Forum account <.<) And also hi!
  15. The trial and error is kinda part of the KSP 1 experience. There were a lot of rockets that fell back to Kerbin, stranded in space, crashed on the Mun, stranded on the Mun, stranded in space again before I got my Kerbal back to Kerbin safely from the Mun. Some mods and the Wiki help though.
  16. Damn... lost my old Forum account. Now I have to do some posting before I can actually change my avatar.
  17. Hah... ok I was wondering about this. I lost my old Forum account - it was linked to an Email that no longer exists so... bummer Guess I just have to give my 5 cents to a couple of things
  18. Soo... I tested this as well and the mod "works" I don't get any performance drops but the mod doesn't work very accurately. on a normal reentry trajectory the course gets plotted but as the craft descents through the atmosphere the landing point keeps getting corrected towards the east and ends up somewhere between the initial X spot and the end of your normal orbital vector. The shallower your reentry and the more aerodynamic your craft the bigger the error. I'm aware that you caninfluence this by your angle of attack but it should stay the same if you punch in SAS and lock your rotation, or just be retrograde during atmospheric reentry. Using FAR 14.5.1 and Trajectories 1.1.0-pre. I tested this with a rather aerodynamic craft (shuttle) a normal rocket and a makeshift station (5 MK I capsules tricoupled together)
  19. Splendid - I had problems with 0.3.1 as well - it didn't work together with Mechjeb 2.4.0 0.3.1a fixed that problem however. Everything is peachy again.
  20. Sending 3 Identical Ships to Jool within a 6 Day Window Each one carries well over 12.000 m/s deltaV, will that be enough?
  21. Great mod! Also thanks to pointing towards the composer's website. The only downside of this is - you can only add so much tracks before you keep crashing KPS because you run out of memory (especially with an already heavily modded game), but that is a KSP problem not a problem with the mod. But if you keep your selection reasonable it is juuust peachy! Looking forward to those other improvements you're planning.
  22. Game Rule #1: Save early, save often Just make it a habit to press F5 the first thing you launch a rocket / continue a mission that is already underway. I don't know if it's such a good idea to make Quicksaves expire.
  23. Heh somehow I missed the release of 0.22 but I guess I'm not that late to the party. It has been great fun so far reinventing space travel and trying to cope with limited parts Even if you have a a bit experience, building a rocket without decouplers, without SAS, without winglets or RCS is tricky but very entertaining. Getting into orbit the first time was almost as rewarding as the very first time I did... and so was the landing on the mun! Praise Quicksave/load as I don't want to use any crutches like Mechjeb's automated lander, but I made it... a little less conventional maybe ahem but those guys paying for the parts don't need to know... The keen observer might also notice a little odity on the mission summary screen. I landed in the east crater near the arch. But halfway from the crater to the arch I could collect samples from the Mun's polar region... maybe a large impact scattered them there. (still probably a bug) Bonus: Trip to Minmus
  24. Are you playing the Steam version of KSP? Because mine are just screenshot0.png and so on
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