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  1. 1.875m cylindrical payload bay structure all done, time to work out the outer skins https://gfycat.com/spiritedcarelessafricanwilddog
  2. Thank you! I love my greebles Btw Paul has stepped away from the mod, and Dmagic is on hiatus, so it's only LGG and myself for the time being. I'll have a look to see if there are any typos in the config preventing the solars from working. US2 has its own science system, it kinda doesn't play well with anything unfortunately. If you updated to LGG's version of xScience it might run better if he's added cross-compatibility to it, not sure. He'll pop in here sometime and let you know
  3. https://gfycat.com/relievedsmoggygibbon Parent door mechanism all done! 1.875m is getting closer
  4. The visible part list changes based on what mods you have installed - the biggest one is TAC life support that unlocks several food, water, waste, greywater, recycling tanks, etc. Apart from that I have some banner renders I can relink that gives a good approximation of the partlist scope of US2. The core mod, after it was rebooted from the original Universal Storage. Radial tanks, batteries, a whole suite of lifesupport generators that tie into TAC or Kerbalism, EVA-Extender backpacks, SAS modules that combine with decouplers, the original shrouds and payload bays, fueled central core trusses that everything snaps into, Kerbal Engineer support, fuel cells, generators, guidance computers. A themed russian\tantares\making history set of shroud variants, alongside new size profiles, solar panels on the doors, and early life support parts. Science parts - mainly combined barometer\thermometer, two kinds of probe cores, accelerometer\ gravioli detectors, compact multi-sample materials bay, compact multi-sample goo bay, and a fluid spectrometer. More recently, we have Lunar Mapsat scanners, a science storage box, a large and small subsatellite, plus extra experiments tied in with them. We used to maintain an in-game KSPedia page, but when Squad discontinued that feature it became more tedious to keep it going, so it only really covers the first major release or so. Dmagic did all our original coding and he's the author of Orbital Sciences, so US2 and his mods are almost joined at the hip Working on it now
  5. Hey guys, bit more progress on the microsat engines https://giant.gfycat.com/EuphoricMiserlyCavy.mp4 Got some glow going on Might also have covid lol so yeah. Fingers crossed.
  6. Some progress! Been chugging away at proper iterations of the Advanced Microsat engines, in the lineup we have basic LF\O (central), mid-tier monoprop (left) and end-game xenon (right). As you progress through the tech tree, we're hoping to allow you to upgrade, and make this part more useful as time goes on (Ignore all the lines, something screwy happened with the test renderer)
  7. Yes, thanks so much Linux for getting my parts functional and out in the world Hope everybody has fun with them! There is also a Lunar Mapping Cam and a Science Storage box, aka the Data Input Terminal.
  8. Yeah, nearly all of the diameters are a smidgen larger than their KSP standards. Originated with issues getting symmetry right with the wedges, combined with part clipping with the cores, physics bugs if things were too close together, certain wedges poking through the shrouds etc. Bit annoying, but I've tried my best keeping things as on-spec as i can. Very hard overhauling a mod this large at this stage
  9. In the early days, load bearing nodes for the top and bottom of cores had pretty severe physics problems and glitched out at the 0 size. Not sure if that's still a thing, keep an eye out though
  10. You have my blessing, but Dmagic might need a heads up with all the custom plugins he made. Sent you a DM - would love to have someone else on the project with me. Is a bit too much on my own More the merrier Kerbalism kinda took off into this massive mod I wasn't really expecting - did have plans to get parts done for all the infrastructure but it just kept piling up. A few tank reskins shouldn't be too bad. I had no data loss and have all my projects rebuilt, so it's not the end of the world. I've dipped completely out of Kerbal so i wouldn't have a clue what's changed - but as long as my old methods of exporting to this janky old version of Unity work, i can get some in-progress stuff pushed over the line. Was being worked on, it was the last part that's been missing for years. Time flies
  11. Nah, nothing would break. You'd just have to edit out certain "require mod" fields in the .cfg and replace the resources with something useful I trust it'll be working fine, though I haven't got KSP installed at the moment to check. Can't really do another update with the patch without the authors permission, though.
  12. Thank you so much! There is only so much I can do as an artist, coding is not my strong suit and errors like those were way out of my reach If you're confident, would you mind if this is pushed and included in an official 1.12 release? Full credit to you of course
  13. Thankyou for the endorsement and kind words <3 @KSPStar I borrowed a lot from the 1950's - 1970's aesthetic in the things I made - It's the perfect excuse for grounded, 'realish' designs that could have possibly existed while maintaining a quirky Kerbal feel at the same time. I mean, I'm sure the logistics of shipping up hundreds of miniature CRT monitors on unmanned probes isn't that farfetched when you can ride a SRB up to orbit on a lawn chair. https://gfycat.com/glamorousunnaturalgerbil I personally love that era which is probably at odds with the more futuristic, end game focus KSP2 has; but if the sequel focused on reinforcing that sense of technological progression as you climbed through the tech tree, I'd certainly be keen to grapple with some early-game parts painted in teal with monochrome, phosphor displays
  14. I think Paul is taking a break, Dmagic is busy and i just lost my PC hard drive to a bootloader corruption issue. Data is still there but it means i need to rebuild all my unity projects in a fresh install of Windows 10 and reinstall everything. Not really feeling it on top of global & personal stuff. Was hoping to kickstart things with KSP2 but that's kinda gone quiet too. I'll see if i can push out my last few models that were pretty much done.
  15. One of a few new parts, the basic wedge-housed subsatellite (styled a bit off sputnik, or a fallout eyebot). There's an advanced one too, kinda to match the real life one they ejected from the CSM on Apollo 15 and 16. Ideally you'd launch them in orbit around a moon\planet while you're in the SOI, and they return new science experiment data until the batteries run out
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