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  1. I really really hate you. Also, nice personal text!
  2. An OC, or Original Character, is when a fan of a media created what they believe to be their persona in the form of the media. Here is the website to make one, and perhaps we could Skype and I\'ll guide you through it?
  3. Flagpole - pencil/straw flag - styrofoam Sand - more styrofoam, dissolved into balls and spraypainted yellow Rocks - chunks of styrofoam
  4. Hey there. This is a version of the Mercury 'Friendship' Module that I made for a friend. It requires MechJeb, so yeah. I may add pics in the future, but don\'t download it for now. It\'s just for the one guy.
  5. CATS HELLS YES!BTW, EVERYONE TAKE HEED! This is not an official arrangement. If we can get enough people online, we will play. That is all.
  6. Just gimme your steam name. I have almost 25 of you now. And c\'mon Skunky!
  7. Hey guys! I\'m trying to arrange one big TF2 party for as many KSP fans as possible. If any of you could just drop your Steam address here, that would be great.
  8. Yep, I can PM it if ya want, but it does have a rude cutie mark I can make you an OC if you want, or I have a buddy that makes icons..
  9. Thanks SO MUCH to Steve5451, who made me this wonderful new avatar! Thanks, Steve! Would you like one of my signature army patches?
  10. Only a handful of my friends know I\'m a brony. However, I did manage to coerce one to draw me as a pony. In return, I made him an OC.
  11. Just like LukeTim, my first rocket was the Estes Alpha III, with B6-4 engine. It was a great launch, but the wind carried it away and we lost it. I have an Estes Big Bertha, and I\'m going to try and build that today.
  12. Wait, Twilight Sparkle bopping her head? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!I REMEMBER THAT! Wonderful. It\'s your inspiration, but I\'ll give you an idea I\'ve had for a while via PM.
  13. Good for you. You\'re such a good role model. :
  14. Hey there, my little swaggernauts! (What ever happened to \'Salutations\'? :\'( ) Anyways, I would LOVE if someone were kind enough to make me a new avatar for this or the other KSP (KSPRP) forum. I\'ll think of rewards later if needed, but isn\'t the amazing feeling in your heart of gratitude enough? Alright, back to business. As the artist, I\'ll let you run away with it, so surprise me! However, feel free to regale me with questions, so that you know what I would like! Thank you so much in advance!
  15. OOG: Those are canoe paddles. This is my summer camp\'s logo.
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