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  1. Because I come from a French and Hungarian family, it\'s easy for me to pronounce umlauts, so I pronounce it 'Mün' as in 'Über', in that I pronounce the Ü 'eouh'. ???
  2. What\'s wrong wit chu? I do it ker-ball. ffs 'ker-bull' just sounds stupid and slurry to me.
  3. I touch myself sometimes. Someone with an irrational phobia.
  4. Err....... Next person to post will have some green in their avatar.
  5. He\'s already here. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=4771
  6. Wait, Ponies or Big Bang Theory?The answer to those is a rectum-reaming yes.
  7. Pssshht. Colder than that. -17C isn\'t actually that bad. You\'re probably looking for -40 Farenheit.
  8. Just adding to the relative-heat thing, for me -15 and below is cold, -5 to 0 is cool, 0-15 is tepid, 20-25 is warm, and 30-40 (yes it does get that high in Canada) is HOT.
  9. Why don\'t you just be quiet? I\'m not the one with a ban on my record.
  10. Bro I play JC2 too. Why isn\'t it multiplayer? It would be SOO GOOOOOOD!
  11. Oh, you\'re so amateur. Back then, orbiting was the FUN. It was so hard, because the atmosphere was like a brick and you had to wait forever in insane anticipation that your orbit succeeded. I had a clipboard FULL of notes and tables about orbiting.
  12. FFFFFFFFFFF WHY DID YOU PUT KRASIA OVER MY COUNTRY!?!?!?!? I fought a war in that country, against a country called KUSSIA. SO. MUCH. RAGE.
  13. I swear, it wasn\'t trolling. It was merely a misconception.
  14. No probs everyone! If I make a mistake, it\'s OK for you to make one too by calling me out on it before finishing up the thread!
  15. Radion, please, please play the gaben 'I hope it was worth the wait' soundclip upon logging in for the first time.
  16. I\'m sorry! Should I just lock it....? I don\'t really want to; it\'s a live-and-learn experience, and teach people to at least read some comments before doing anything.
  17. Oh, come on. If you read some of my earlier posts, you can see how mature I am.
  18. I\'m sorry! :\'( Just read my birthdate on my profile...
  19. I don\'t plan for this to be much - only about 500 words. I just wanted to get my feet wet in KSPFF, and get some quick reviews. I\'m more of a poetic writer who fills his space with description instead of content like dialogue. In the future, I will hope to have larger stories, either canon, headcanon, (Oxford Comma FTW!) or RP. Written in the perspective of Jeb, and I see him as a giddy, fast-talking thrillmaster (at least for now. I\'m pretty mad at some girls who talk this way, so expect lotsa spaghetti gory deaths for the gossipy Jeb). Again, this is not my best work - you can expect much better. Enjoy! Thrillmaster to the Core It\'s funny how some uber-smart dude rolled up one day and just yelled out: 'A body in motion tends to stay in motion!' and everyone believed him. He\'s wrong, because on Kerbin, gravity and all that dumb stuff slows the moving thing down until it rolls to the epitome of boringness - standstill. I\'d like to give that super-smart/dumb guy a big slap in the face - that is, a rocket-powered slap. That\'s right, I\'m the rocketeer of legend. The one. The only. The AWESOME! Jebediah Kerman! Aww yeah, that\'s me! If you didn\'t know, I\'m immortal. If that mysterious force up there that likes to shake around the rocket and make it do stuff smashes me into the chilly-cold surface of Minmus or blows me up in a totally awesome fireball of fun they call an explosion, I always find my way back, ready to do it all again! Bob likes to scream and puke a lot and Bill hardly has a grip on the situation, so usually I have to be the muscles, brains and funny guy - good thing I\'m radical at all three! But still, life\'s rough out in space - the food isn\'t any good and you just get to sit there while you wait to go to the Mun or something. We can\'t even, like, hop outside and do stuff in space! It\'s just like living in a jail cell - in space! Well, that\'s all the time I have for you - the guy with the beard and the funny talk has told me I\'m going on a Kerbol escape mission without any life support. Seeya in a couple hundred launches!
  20. When you\'re a nerd, you notice things. Anyone notice how a white stripe is on top for the non-close-up versions of the US ball? In the bottom-left-most square, there\'s a red stripe on top.
  21. You guys may wanna look at the Kerbin Geographical Society. Just search it up. Sorry for bursting your bubble. =P And yes, there is a second KSC, complete with runway. Yes, people have been there way before you.
  22. Hey guys. I just realized how Canadian I am. I was playing hockey downstairs, and I got hungry. I came up and had breakfast. What was for breakfast, you ask? A sausage sandwich, doused in maple syrup. Holy frack, I\'m Canadian! Have you guys had any moments like that?
  23. That wasn\'t the original issue. I believed that if we didn\'t have any gravity to compress our insides to stay, well, inside us, they would expand in all directions like a bubble in a vacuum. I now see the light that I was getting these two subjects, of gravity and pressure, confused.
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