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  1. Check this out! This has been in the making for a couple weeks now, and I\'m very happy with it, seeing how bad I am at art: Sorry it\'s sideways and all.
  2. Ah crap. I forgot to mention: Male Average (if not short) height WHITE (human-esque) SKIN - this is very important. circa 25 human age (How old he acts and all) Brown eyes
  3. Pluto, see the radiation symbol when you type something? That\'s a spoiler - instead of making us download things, but still wanna conceal what you want to say, click that and type your stuff inside it. See?
  4. It\'s not hard for me, seeing how Hebrew requires it. The best way to do it is to arch your tongue back slightly like a cat and blow air out of your throat.
  5. Yeah, I\'ve only managed to land it going downhill and with butt-tons of luck. If someone can figure a way to make it land better, I\'ll give \'em a virtual high-five! Now, Cooly, can I use that image to show how the Concorde flies?
  6. It\'s a Jewish private school. However, I am incredibly agnostic in that I only keep my religion because I can, and follow very few practices. I\'ve actually started a mini-cult with a friend where we assume that Harry Potter is the Bible and basically follow its 'laws'. ;P But that\'s off-topic. And hells yes, I\'m willing to learn! Imagine the looks on my bullies\' faces when they see me on the news, standing in front of the first mission for Mars One, headlined as '[NAME REDACTED] - Chief Engineer'!
  7. (Can somebody explain to newbie how I attach that link to the text? It doesn\'t seem to work like the boards I\'m used to.) First up, go to the full-size image, not the Yahoo link. Then, put the link in, and surround it with [ img] tags.Cheers!
  8. So mix it up! Make things go wrong on purpose, dock with a space station, et al.
  9. Same in English Canada - I think. In Quebec, HS starts in Grade 8, and there\'s only 3 years of college, so in between there\'s CEJEP, a 2-year program. Don\'t ask. ???
  10. He\'s everything. Before ya know it, he\'s Werhner von Braun Jr.
  11. Derp, Canadian, and high school is for 14-yr olds. =P Unfortunately, HS is gonna be a huge blast of knowledge for me, seeing how much Hebrew shit I\'ve been cramming my brain with incessantly. Back on topic, I thank you kindly for understanding that no matter how much I want to see the map, I would never understand it until I\'m in at least university. Still can\'t make me read the thread - I don\'t have any duct tape to fix my brain. ;P Cheers!
  12. My original idea. I just wanted to get your opinions. And also, I only wanted 3 pages - rocket, mission, extra.
  13. Thanks a billion for this. No offence taken - I TL;DR\'d this thread, anyways.Unfortunately, until I reach highschool, I\'m stuck with an idiot science teacher who probably only knows what she reads in her teacher\'s guide. She really couldn\'t explain this in the slightest. Maybe I can set up a 'scratch-your-back' system where I teach people things they wanna know, like languages, and they teach me science and more applied studies... Hmm...
  14. I haven\'t had any time to write up the report yet, but I\'m thinking of making it several pages - perhaps it could be like a manilla folder kinda thing. The first pages would be for diagrams and possibly photos of assembly or launch, then mission overview (basically the stuff you see when you end the flight), and then details (when stages were separated, notes, etc.).
  15. Oh my god, unparalleledshadows was you!? Oh man, I love your videos!And also, oh, just the red thingies. OK.
  16. A play-with-civilization game. Not like Grand Strategy, but just like a 'how would the world react if I made dollar bills obsolete or made a major superpower a dictatorship?' It may get boring quick, but it might also be fun to try and settle everyone down or shut them up with wars.
  17. Aight, I\'ll show the column/row graph I use - once I have time to develop it.
  18. Only in an alternate universe. The elements and their gravities just wouldn\'t work in this one. Maybe if in another, where everything was 200x more dense, though no-one would be alive to see the Kerbals. Also, I think we agreed that Kerbol is impossible because it\'s a procedural red dwarf or something (whatever that means), so I remember hearing that it couldn\'t harbour life on Kerbin. Whoop my ass to your heart\'s content if I\'m wrong.
  19. Know what? I\'m gonna start doing this on my own now. Thanks so much! I have a clipboard I use for rocket plans and orbital tables, so now I\'m gonna set up a table!
  20. SCREW READING, AQUIRE ANECDOTE! Sorry, I TL;DR\'d this, but only because I don\'t understand piss. Sorry for being born in 2000! =P Now, when I was little (I know that\'s not a very long time ago) I had just learned the meaning of e=mc2, so I thought that if we travelled at C squared, all matter involved would be reduced to pure energy. Who knows? One of you nerds geniuses will be able to set me straight here...
  21. I want you to see how saplings from trees grow in low gravity.
  22. Hey! I\'m a veteran around here, but never posted a craft of my own! This here\'s a Concorde-esque plane that requires only three steps to fly - Hold shift, press T, and hit the spacebar! That\'s right - it literally flies itself, including takeoff! I know 'no pics, no clicks' is a pretty big rule around here, but I\'ll have those puppies up soon. For now, enjoy this plane and toy with it - if you get an improvement, lemme know. Cheers!
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