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  1. I'll have to take a look through my old hard drive to see if I still have the extras. I'll get back to you when I find out.
  2. @Kerbell The base game has a huge assortment of parts. If that's not enough there's always free mods if you don't want to pay more. I'm honestly surprised it's taken this long for them to start making paid DLC.
  3. Get Firaxis to make it? Sid Meier's Kerbal Space Pirates! Program.
  4. I won't be surprised if KSP continues to get developed/ maintained by Squad, all the while another developer in the Take-Two umbrella is given KSP 2 to work on. As has been said many times in this thread, you don't buy a whole IP to not use it and I don't see DLC or console ports alone recouping that cost. Not saying this is good or bad, just my guess at will happen.
  5. KBA 2K18 when? (The nets must be so low...)
  6. Picked this up from a Barns & Noble yesterday. (U.S.) They still gave me a discount for being a B&N member or whatever their loyalty card thing is. $118 after tax. Love the kit, it's way bigger than I expected and will not fit on the shelf I expected it to. As others have said, I wish it came with a few extra stands so I could display it in exploded view. I might have to rig something up... Overall an amazing kit! Now I really want a CSM and LEM in normal minifig scale.
  7. A Vostok as well. http://i.imgur.com/o7O45Wk.png (From KSP Weekly: A Titan’s flyby and making history!)
  8. @HebaruSan Here's a link to the most recent version if you're interested. Cacteye I used it back when it was maintained by it's original author, Rubber Ducky, so I'm not sure how it holds up, but I'll definitely being giving it another go now that I'm getting back into KSP a bit.
  9. Did you ever use the Cacteye telescope mod? I really enjoyed that one, I don't know how it compares to the ones you listed though. It used Kerbal attachment system to allow you to upgrade the telescope, giving you a reason to send Kerbals out on "maintenance" missions. I think a DLC that includes systems for something similar to that along with the part failures we're getting in the announced DLC would be fun. People have been suggesting some form of stock KAS/KIS forever anyway and rolling that into a DLC that includes telescopes makes for a nice themed package.
  10. Any word on what historical craft are being added? I know Saturn V and Vostok have been shown. I'm guessing Soyuz, Gemini, and maybe an LK? I assume we won't be getting the less popular TKS or Voskhod... Right? What about probes? All available in varying styles through mods, but I'm still excited to see another take on these I hope the included missions are fun, working with limitations can be very rewarding in it's own right.
  11. While I really enjoy both KSP and the Switch, the game is just too much for it. An original game similar to KSP built from the ground up to run on Switch would be much more preferable. If we're talking Nintendo 1st party, I'd play a Pikmin space program.
  12. @Beale Good to see you too. Although it's odd to see you as someone other than Loafer the living bread.
  13. Hello everyone, I can't believe it's been as long as it has. Seems the older I get the more time gets away from me... While I'm in no position to come back to this project, I have at the request of a few people that reached out to me, changed the license to CC-BY-SA. It makes me happy to see that after so long people are still passionate about this. I wish you all the best in all of your endeavors! P.S. I've also updated the licensing for my other Corvus project if anyone is interested in doing anything with it.
  14. I'd like to, but the new aero system broke them like crazy! They started introducing a ton of drag at the connection nodes and they won't shield correctly. Unfortunately since they wont work without other mods or a change in the way stock handles those kind of fairings I won't be able to add them. If there is a way to get those kind of fairings working in stock I'd be happy to reintroduce them. Ok no worries, it could be that the stock values changed between editions or maybe mine were wrong to begin with. Either way I'll try to take a look at them and fix for the next update.
  15. I don't know about the other two, but there was a 1.875m fairing in 1.0.2. Unless something broke...
  16. 4th of July buddy. So it's a three day for a lot of us at least. Sorry everyone in service jobs, I've been there, we appreciate your hard work! Reading up on the 1.0.3 release... I have a feeling the new heat system might break parts. They'll probably load in and function, but without tuning they will likely not work correctly. I did not expect them to change so much with this release. Looks like the fix will be more work than I thought.
  17. Can't guarantee it, but I think it should. RPM isn't required or anything and as I said , part mods don't usually break between editions and patches. I can't say for 100% sure that it works until I get some time to do testing though. The balance of the parts is most likely off though, so I don't know what performance will be like compared to stock at this point and time.
  18. Other than balance stuff, part mods don't usually break with updates. Unless 1.0.4 introduced some new mechanics and stuff that I'm not aware of yet? I honestly haven't even had time to even try the new update yet. Luckily this weekend is a three day weekend in the US, so hopefully I can get some work done on the mod and get at least a compatibility update out, if not even get a new part or two finished up. (They're sitting there untextured at the moment...)
  19. The stock IVAs are also already scaled up compared to the outside as well. I don't think they need to be any bigger.
  20. Thanks, my plan is to eventually remake the service modules as hollow structural parts, which could work in a similar fashion as service bays. I'd like to make a generic one eventually as well. I will try to add some for the next update, but I haven't been playing much so they might not be amazing. I will most likely just put together a few examples of how things can go together. Just to give everyone a heads up, I'm still working on the mod, I've just been pretty busy lately and have been games other than KSP in my spare time. This means not as much time for me to work on new stuff, but don't worry work wont stop, it just might be a little slow for a bit.
  21. Sure, I'd love to give it a shot. What do you do about clicking on parts in flight and such? Just use the mouse for this? It would still be nice if they made it so the UI would change dynamically depending on the last input device it received a signal from. One of my favorite things about modern PC gaming is how easy it is to go back and forth between both K&M and gampad. (For most big games)
  22. Will we at least be getting better gamepad support for the PC version with this? I wouldn't mind occasionally flying with my xbox controller when my wrists are aching. Still want to build using the mouse though...
  23. It's not dead don't worry. I've just been a little busy with other games/ projects this last week, so I haven't had anything worth posting. Yup, unless something broke, it should be compatible with the clamp-o-tron jr.
  24. Hmm very strange. I will try to look into this RPM stuff more today at some point. Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free, I don't mind. If you want, you can post a DL link to the alternative interior .cfgs you make and I'll add it to the OP with credit to you of course. Very cool, at some point I should add some of these to the OP so people can see the parts in 3d. Does anyone else notice how shiny sketchfab's shaders are?
  25. Yes, I think a MM patch is the safer bet. I've been out of touch with KAS/KIS lately, so I'm a bit behind the times. Thanks for the help, I'll get it into the next update.
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