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  1. Precisely. It is staggering to me in this day and age with the graphics shown in Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous and other space games that KSP2's graphics are somehow considered amazing and/or beautiful. Let's take the following example... Look at the island on the horizon. It's seemingly composed of no more than 7 straight lines. It's looks as if some kid cut a jagged piece of smudgy green paper and slapped it on the background. The trees only look good from a distance, and the KSC as a whole is not much more complex than KSP1 with the Kerbal Cities mod pack. This lack of resolution appears again and again throughout the other planets and moons. To quote Matt Lowne, "I've been to the Mun ... and to Duna as well... it doesn't look as good as modded KSP1" and this from someone with a vested interest in KSP2. People are entitled to their own opinions as to the beauty of one thing over another, but much like a proud parent who sticks their child's infantile paintings to the refrigerator and gushes as to how talented they are, I suspect that most of the people praising the graphics of KSP2 have the same lack of perspective. If you want to see the type of graphics KSP2 should have delivered, have a look at this video... ... and yes, I expect a game studio funded by Take Two to be able to deliver those kind of graphics while maintaining a fun whimsy Kerbalness to the game.
  2. Here's the point in the video where Scott Manley is using the skinny maneuver node version... So, yeah, the devs much have swapped it out for the fat boy version at release.
  3. The Poodle engine doesn't want to detach from the separator. Easiest way to see this is to load up the default KSP K2 ship in the library and launch it. Once you get to the third stage, the Poodle lights but the separator won't move, making the ship loose control. Since heat is not implemented properly, you can't explode the separator by running the engine.
  4. In contrast, I have a Ryzen 5 2600, a GTX 1070ti, 32 GB ram and windows 10 on ssd, and it runs at <15 fps on all low settings at 1080p with a 48-part ship. Lots of bugs (e.g. Poodle engine won't detach from separator, tutorial graphics not going away).
  5. "... even with all settings at low and at 1080p... " The worst offender is Kerbin itself. When any part of it was in view, the FPS tanked to below 15 fps. If Steam had a more generous time limit for testing, I would have tried more testing on the other bodies and in space with much larger vessels and with different settings (possibly 720p).
  6. I played it for an hour and a half, got tired of the <15 fps with a 48-part ship even with all settings at low and at 1080p, and requested a Steam refund. My system is a 1070ti, Ryzen 5 2600, with 32 GB. I will try again in 6 months.
  7. Exactly. The noodling, consequent low frame rate and the Kraken put an end to my desire to do more in KSP 1. Even with autostrut, some of my biggest projects (such as a massive Planetary Base System rocket) could barely hold it together through launch. Once assembled, the Kraken often tore the base apart on load. To see these issues reappear at the first public showing of KSP2 is massively disheartening. It shows that the programmers in charge of the crucial aspects of KSP2's spacecraft simulation have learned precious little from the development of KSP 1.
  8. Please don't ask the author of this mod to update. It amounts to pestering, and considering the amount of unpaid work Alexustas puts into making this fantastic mod, he does an awesome job. Most mod authors would have given up by now. As can be seen on his YouTube channel, he's working on some awesome MAS displays that will provide tons more fun. So be patient and instead of asking for updates donate money to his efforts.
  9. This is great Linuxgurugamer, One request, would it be possible to differentiate gear up and gear down as functions within the Add Buttons list? I know KSP just uses G as a toggle for the landing gear, but since Action Groups can differentiate between retract and deploy, perhaps AFBW could too. I know I could assign them independently to action groups, but given the limited number, it would be nice not to.
  10. I agree. One of my favorite times playing KSP was driving the ERS rover in the KSP to South Pole challenge a few years ago. Took nearly a week of real time to drive it across Kerbin, but I had so much fun. The IVA for the ERS is not as detailed at the ALCOR but still beautiful and practical nonetheless.
  11. And there was much rejoicing! Wow. I thought this mod had met its end, but here it is, working in my 1.4.3 without problems. You're awesome, Voidi.
  12. Interestingly, forcing Dx11 solves the NavBall issue, but I still get some of the graphic text (e.g., Pitch, Altitude) reversed.
  13. The ALCOR lander works in 1.4.3 (I've done missions in it); however, the RasterPropMonitor displays (which are MoarDv's mod, not Alexustas) have a problem since 1.4 in that certain screens (especially the NavBall display) are inverted. This makes the NavBall display pretty useless. However, everything else seems to work ok. Alexustas is recreating the interior with MAS (a new multifunction display mod, also from MoarDv) but is still working on the process. You can see some of Alexustas' progress videos on his Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC58DKB3YguDiVcUh4bmef5w).
  14. Interesting, the ASET_LandingLegs-TEST-13-02-2017 worked for me on 1.4.2 (Windows 7) without modifications. Legs start retracted, open properly and don't sink into the ground. The spring and damper strength also seem to work properly. I stress tested it on a Tylo lander at decent vertical speeds. The legs broke if the strengths weren't upped accordingly.
  15. Thanks for continuing the awesome work. I laughed when I saw the seat adjustment video on Youtube but realized quite soon the difference it will make for my Valentina flights.
  16. You can perform transfers in IVA only. It just requires a new approach. Here's an gallery of screencaps from just the Rasterpropmonitor display from a trip I made from Kerbin to Eve 3 years ago. It has some instructions and should cover all you need for a fully IVA trip from Kerbin to Eve. Using that technique, you could also travel to the other celestial bodies.
  17. Go to the previous page in this thread. Start at the beginning and read down the page until you see your exact problem being asked (not for the first time) and then keep going to see the solution.
  18. I'm having a problem with the forklift part in that collisions only register for the right side of the forklift. The right fork and piston will bump into objects but the left fork and piston passes through them. Could the collision box be incorrectly set? I just now installed the latest 0.1.6 version from the GitHub page. Here's an image of it going through a fuel tank attached to a docking port. I've also seen the behavior while interacting with other objects.
  19. Follow these steps to edit the ALCOR cfg files (there are quite a few of them). These steps assume ASET is not currently installed: Download and install the free Notepad++ app (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.1.html). Download the updated ALCOR mod ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/56y9bp7lb1qtqoy/ASET.zip?dl=0 ) Extract the ASET.zip file into your GameData folder. Make a copy of the ASET folder (call it something like ASET_unedited). Run Notepad++. Under the Search menu, choose Replace... (or press Ctrl H). Select the Find in Files tab at the top of the dialog window. In the Find what: field, enter... (\[#([0-9a-fA-F]+)\]|\[#(<=[0-9a-fA-F:"\;]+=>)\])([a-zA-Z0-9\$\&<=\;:\|_\.²\-\+"'>\(\)\, \/]+)(?![\[#[0-9a-fA-F]\]]) In the Replace with: field, enter... <color=#\2\3> \4 </color> Click on the ... button to the right of the Directory field. In the Browse for Folder window, navigate to the ASET folder (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ASET) and select the ASET folder (click once of the ASET folder and press OK). Important: Click on the Regular expression option at the bottom of the dialog window. Make sure the In all sub-folders checkbox is checked. Make sure the Match case checkbox is unchecked. Press the Replace in Files button. Quit the Notepad++ app. Go to the MFDs folder in the copy of the ASET folder (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ASET_unedited\ASET_Props\MFDs). Copy the entire MFDs folder from the copy of the ASET folder into the ASET folder you just edited. Delete the folder ASET_unedited so you don't have two ASET folders in the GameData folder. Run KSP. The ALCOR pod should now be working pretty much without a glitch. Good luck!
  20. If you read the last couple of pages of this forum thread, you'll see why this is happening and how to fix it. The problem... The fix... ... or just wait until the 1.2 version comes out.
  21. I understand and I'm not trying to rush you in the slightest. I appreciate the work you do on this mod and the quality of the your parts and IVA cockpits and I understand that takes time. Out of curiosity, were the RPM configurations removed or not included due to the change in the font color name convention in RPM when it moved to 1.2? The ALCOR pod by Alexustas had that problem but a temporary fix was found using a particular Regex search and replace string to fix the hundreds of font color references.
  22. Beautiful mod this. I hope to be able to recreate that Thunderbird ship I saw a few years ago. One issue though is that the RasterPropMonitor displays are not appearing in the IVA views. I'm using KSP 1.2, and RPM appears in my other installed mods (e.g., ALCOR). Is there anything I have to do for this mod to active RPM in IVA?
  23. Please read just a few pages earlier. This has been discussed quite a bit and is the result of the upgrade in the RasterPropMonitor mod, which uses a newer format for displaying text. It requires the use of "color=<#FFAAFF>" instead of the previous "[#FFAAFF]". What you're seeing is the old text color tags being interpreted as regular text. We've been discussing ways to fix this while waiting for an update but so far no easy solution has been found. So be patient. The next upgrade to this mod will likely fix that issue.
  24. Well that fixed most of the tags but rendered most of the displays inoperative (i.e., black screens, no response to button clicks). Considering the somewhat complicated nature of some of the LabelText statements, I'm not surprised it broke. I'll try fiddling with it and see if there's something I'm overlooking. The regular expression global change of the labels is a good concept.
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