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  1. Could you add the USI_ModuleRecycleBin module to the USI patch for the next release? I've noticed that the materialkits from disassembling parts don't go into the this pack's containers be default; I added the module in myself.
  2. Are there any restrictions with using Karbonite and logistics? I have a mining station with a Duna logistics module, and it does not push to planetary, nor can I move resources between it and an empty Karbonite container. Picture:
  3. I noticed that if you set some max stupidity, minimum courage colonists, you actually gain money from hiring them.
  4. Don't know if this has been answered before, but I have a question regarding logistics and containers. So I have a dirt drill set up near my base, but it does not seem to be outputting to planetary storage correctly. I can pull from it into my main base and it will be sent there that way, but it does not send dirt to planetary storage by default.
  5. I think you put the Part:NEEDS[SEPScience] in the wrong config. It's in the Casa one, which made it disappear and killed one of my bases :(.
  6. Alright, I'll just modify the configs myself then. Thanks for the info.
  7. Do you know if MKS's kerbal classes work with your parts? I've done a bit of testing with the geology lab, but i haven't gone far in my career save, so I can't be certain. Also, did you change the number of pipe ports on some of the parts in this pack and Buffalo? I seem to recall there being more.
  8. Oh, cool. I've never tried modding before, so I don't know how textures are stored.
  9. I meant that the only use for organics is being created by the o-chem, and used by the cultivator.
  10. Yeah, that's true, but the only way to get Organics with your mod and USI-LS installed is with the watney O-chem module, which is a bit unwieldy just to get a bit of dirt.
  11. You could probably just change it to Mulch. I did that in my configs.
  12. Hello, First off, your mods are some of the best I have ever seen, particularly in the IVA area. I see that they must be a lot of work, but at least I appreciate them. I have a question though. Will you be changing the USI life support configs to work with the new version, the one without Organics? Also, where are the pictures in the IVA TV pulling from? I'm trying to put some more pictures in, but all i'm getting is one screenshot I took long ago.
  13. First of all, excellent work! These mods may prevent me from ever going to space again. Though, why is the other mod's sinking model different? Is it simpler to calculate or something?
  14. My new carrier. Max speed 25m/s, features a working elevator and enough room for at least 10 planes. 270 parts
  15. Very cool. I just built my first test frigate, it goes about 25m/s http://imgur.com/eWq4Dkq
  16. My test setup: I set all of the side plates to "start" upon pressing 1. I have enough electricity to last a test.
  17. I seem to be getting a massive fps drop when changing the max physical time ratio.
  18. I don't have any mods that really mess with the physics, just BD armory, weapons, your mod, and Kerbal Foundries and Infernal Robotics. Edit: your test ship works fine, but when I try to build my own, it sinks.
  19. Ok, thanks. I'm also having the problem of the ships sinking when they hit the water, even when I turn on the pumps. Are there any step-by-step instructions for this? Thanks in advance.
  20. Awesome mod, though my FPS sucks with it. Oh well, I guess I have to wait for 1.1, I guess. Also, I tried using kerbpaint with this, but when I put it in the gamedata folder, KSP loads very slowly. How do you use it?
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