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  1. I'd say moho is pretty easy. You know what you need, you can build/refuel in orbit and generally prepare without any testing. Eve return is a completely different league.
  2. Not exactly proud of that but I was still on my pirating spree back in 2013 and KSP showed up very high on the first page of TPB so I became intrigued. Bought it about a month after that.
  3. Do you want me to rip them? It'd take about one hour including DLing and setting up the program to do so. It's one of the most important mods for atmospheric flight (and therefore for BDA), so even doing it from scratch would be worth the time, not to mention when you have the worst part (models animations and mechanics) already done.
  4. Ah, ok then. I understood it this way: "Get a space plane into a orbit (it doesn't have to be perfect) using only air breathing engines. "
  5. I used to use either stock parts or some mod parts to build my craft but not anymore because FAR still isn't updated and nobody even works on Adjustable Landing Gear anymore.
  6. Like I wrote before, it is definitely possible since he only forbade rocket engine and nothing else. You can: Decouple things to get rid of weight (including engines after you no longer need them in points 2. and 3.) Use decouplers for propulsion Use centrifugal force with decouplers to make a space catapult Get hit by an asteroid or debris, intentionally or not
  7. Interesting, I always wanted to have a museum (damn Squad, this could be easily done virtually from craft files). What effect on performance has a parked 400 part ship?
  8. I just tested this: two decouplers (TR-XL -> TR-18A -> smallest probe) give you 100 m/s dV. Add it to the rotation catapult method and I'm sure this can be done. I just don't have the skills to get the apoapsis to 80+ with just jets but if you manage that, build a reaction wheel space catapult and combine it with this then you might make it.
  9. I've lost hope of that happening about two years ago. Eeloo came out when? 4 years ago? Just don't think about it, it's better that way. It's not that important anyway, improving the current ones (instead of random things that mods do better or more plane parts) should be the main focus now.
  10. I don't think gravity assist is possible but a "catcher" approch may work. Build your spaceplane to withstand impact from the back and place a heavy "catcher" in the orbit (preferably and E class asteroid) with a net of sorts that would catch the spaceplane catapulted into its orbit. Of course this would require incredible luck and mechanization (using kOS seems like a good idea here). I'd love to see that and I believe its possible but I won't hold my breath. Edit: I'm also pretty sure it can be done using rotation + separation of stages to produce a catapult. No one said it has to be SSTO.
  11. Frankly, getting that speed is possible in stock, I should know, I achieved multiples of light speed when crashing on Kebin. But orbiting is not possible.
  12. Then it is simply physically impossible. Your videos mean nothing, I can post a video of landing at Jool or even the Sun but that doesn't mean anything. You either mod or use the debug menu.
  13. Nonsense. It'd be easy to just make the tech node costs more exponential.
  14. Amazing plugin, I've been using it since it came out. My only gripe is that it can't stage separatrons for you but that's just nitpicking. Thanks for updating this.
  15. I've been waiting for a new planet for nearly 4 years so that'd be nice. Of course things like clouds, scattering, life support, something... anything intertesting on the surfaces, better damage system than just *poof*, a story (through easter eggs like NovaSilisko planned)...etc. all sound like nice ideas but I don't expect that to happen. Improving the current and adding new planets should be doable in about one hour if Squad wanted so that seems pretty realistic but, again, I don't really expect anything at this point.
  16. Refitting engines in space doesn't fall under my RP policies but it sound awesome nonetheless. As far as mods are concerned, I've made an infinite dV spaceplane with crazy TWR with the Interstellar mod. That's a bit over the top but it's difficult to find the fine lines of modding in threads like these so I think my post still applies.
  17. I come once a week or so to check if FAR and BDA have finally updated and now I found this happened: forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/144775-12x-bdarmory-continued-v01116-08-nov-2016 Did I miss anything? The git seems still somewhat active but why delete the thread?
  18. Depends. If your spaceplane is just a bus to orbit then RAPIERs are nearly always better. If it's designed to actually do something in space then it's the opposite. My Minmus/Mun/Laythe spaceplanes don't use RAPIERs as they're too heavy and useless in space.
  19. Spaceplanes can land and return from Mun/Minmus basically for free (fuel is cheap) and once you manage to build an ISRU spaceplane, spaceplanes allow for truly free travel everywhere, most notably Laythe. But to answer your title: I leave them in my hangar until FAR is released.
  20. It was possible before with imgur tags. That'd be a serious downgrade.
  21. Maybe this one I've made for a challenge: http://imgur.com/a/AJVCr What's the new way of embedding imgur?
  22. That'd be great. Sending a rescue mission for a... dead body so you can lay it to rest. There was a mod for realistic part damage and deformation but it's probably not updated anymore.
  23. I've landed on mun with TWR of about 0.6 so that's not the problem. I use MJ, too, but definitely not for landings or docking, since I find those not only fun but also sometimes quite unpredictable. (BTW this sound like a great challenge and you'd get some empirical data, too).
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