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Found 19 results

  1. Can anyone help me with what/where this overylay is. I don't remember what setting adding a MOD or setting change for this as i hadn't played for a few months. I have uninstalled and deleted folders numerous times but it continue to shows. How do i remove?? Sorry can't figure out how to upload an image.... ugh In the upper left corner i have an overlay as soon as the program starts with CPU and GPU status
  2. I don’t have a great computer. It’s a intel i3 I think and I’m not sure about the graphics card. However, KSP with plenty of mods runs well. Will KSP 2 be more demanding?
  3. I was wondering, does the KSP physics engine utilize the GPU processing capability and computational power? Or is it all CPU?
  4. The headline basically says it all, on Steam it says the game is running but it isn't Any Idea what i should do? https://imgur.com/a/yWhOUF2 I've had this before and i could only fix it by hard resetting my computer as it wouldnt even shut down
  5. When in Main Menu or in Tracking Station, if i set a Frame limit, my pc goes to overdrive and sounds like its really getting pushed to its limit. On Default everything works fine. Isn't frame limit supposed to help limit the resources needed?
  6. I have been trying to figure out which of my 111 mods or what would be causing my performance impact. I will be flying an 80 part craft and the game will freeze for minutes at a time sometime. My FPS usually averages 13-15. I also get frequent stutters in the VAB and Flight. I have been playing for years with mod levels near this ~90-120 and I do not remember it ever being this bad. The only time I remember getting very low FPS (4-7) was when I was at my 300+ part Minmus Base that used docking ports and landing gears. I checked and when I was playing, my CPU was redlining in flight and at about 80-90% capacity in the VAB. I have no launch options set. Windows 10 64bit 16GB Ram AMD FX-8350 EVGA GTX970 SC https://imgur.com/a/URFjZ
  7. Hi all, I have noticed that when I try to play KSP my CPU temps go through the roof. It happens just from loading the game I don't even have to start the game. While sitting on the menu page even the temps climb. It takes only 5 min for my temps to go from the 60's into the 90's. I am running it on an ACER laptop with an i5 CPU and NVIDIA gtx 730M graphics card. I have tried making sure the game is actually using the graphics card by going through the NVIDIA control panel (not sure if it actually is though), I have tried limiting the amount my CPU is allowed to use by going through the power management settings but that doesn't seem to have any effect.
  8. My computer is 64bit and 4GB ram , use 10 mod but when play 20min i get Blue screen or game crash . Any way to fix this?? Mod for memory or something else.
  9. Hi folks. I've not played Kerbal for ages, and since my last adventure I've upgraded my PC to what is effectively a whole new system. It's a system that should run Kerbal with no problems, yet I'm having the weirdest issue that I've never experienced before in any game. When the game is in focus, CPU and GPU usage is very low, resulting in a framerate of about 20 FPS, even on the main menu. If I watch my CPU usage on my second screen, I can see it sat at about 1%. But, weirdly, if I set Kerbal to windowed mode and switch focus to my second screen, I see framerate skyrocket to about 500 FPS while Kerbal is out of focus but still visible on my main monitor. CPU temperature goes up, as does GPU usage. I've tested every combination of settings (including various V-sync settings, frame locks, SLI on/off, etc) I can think of and the same behaviour happens every time. I grabbed some video footage of this happening to demonstrate my point. Keep an eye on the info in the top left. You'll see it start on 20 FPS while the game is in focus, then shoot up to above 250 FPS when focus is changed. Bringing the focus back to Kerbal reduces it back to a solid 20 FPS once again. Hopefully I've explained the problem. If anyone has experienced something similar or has any idea (no matter how noobish - I may have missed something obvious) what may be causing the system to use no resources to run the game while it's in focus, I'd really appreciate some help! System specs are as follows: Intel i7 7700k @ 4.8 GHz 2 x GTX 980 Ti 16 GB RAM Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250 GB (where the game is installed)
  10. Hello Not sure this is the right place to put this. Currently, I have an Intel Core i5-4440 and an AMD Radeon R9 200 Series. What should I upgrade to achieve a high FPS in-game? I have a lot of graphical mods installed like EVE and RealPlume etc, but I want to keep them. Thanks!
  11. Hi , Ill try my best to explain what is happening as best I can. My CPU is an AMD - FX-8350 , which is an 8 core CPU clocked at 4.0 Ghz (all specs below) When i run KSP 1.1.2 in 64bit , it runs smoothly for about 5 minutes. Then in my task manager KSP uses more and more CPU over time, untill it finally reaches over 90%. When this happens, my framerate drops from the locked 60fps , to below 10. and if i try to tab out while my CPU is being used so much everything else is extremely slow. Things I have ruled out: 1.Updated all drivers 2.Fresh install with no mods and nothing from any previous install ( example : brand new save games etc) 3.CPU temperature: my CPU even on 100% load never goes above 60 degrees c 4.Not another program using CPU as in the task manager, Ksp is using over 85% alone 5.lowered all settings(even resolution) from what i would normally play on , to stupidly low settings 6. decreased max physics-delta frame per second to the lowest possible number 7. disabled things in the general settings tab such as: Show space centre crew, temperature gauges , thermal highlights 8 set max persistent debris to 0 9.disabled run simulation in background 10. Tested all day in 32 bit and KSP's CPU usage was never above 10% 11.Nothing is overclocked and nothing in my PC is failing or broken. My Specs: CPU: AMD FX-8350 GPU: AMD HD 7770 Ghz edition RAM: 16 gb ( 2 1x8 gb corsaire vengeance) MOBO: ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 SSD : SAMSUNG 120 Gb HDD: 500gb Please help , i have submitted a bug report 28 Days ago , posted on Toms hardware , on a KSP facebook group , contacted KSP . I have literally tried EVERYTHINGG!!!! I dont know how to send my Log files and my DxDiag , i have them available just unsure how to on the forums
  12. Hello all! I'm running a clean install of KSP 1.1.3 on Ubuntu 16.04, kernel version 4.4.0. I've got dual Xeon E5-2670s, a GTX 1060 6gb and 64gb of ram, so I don't think my problem is a hardware limitation. Any scene with any 3D rendering, regardless of graphics settings, (including the kerbals floating in space on the main menu) uses 100% CPU (100% of all 32 cores!) and I'm getting terrible frame rates. I'm getting 10-40fps on different scenes, with terrible stuttering. Is there a fix for this unreasonable cpu usage?
  13. BUST - Bugs Under Special Testing (Community Project) Special Note: Please do not post requests for support on this thread. If you need help fixing a problem, please see the Support stickies. 1.1.X VAB/SPH High CPU Utilization The purpose of this particular thread is to gather information related to the high CPU utilization experienced in the editors (VAB/SPH) in 1.1.X. I believe I have narrowed down the source of the high CPU utilization, and built a plugin for folks to try as confirmation. I'm still not sure of the root cause of the CPU thrash, but I believe I've found where it's coming from. It appears that the animations in the editors are causing abnormally high CPU utilization. Additionally, the Tier 3 VAB is using lighting that isn't present in the other editors, which contributes to the high CPU rates. The only thing (that I know of) that can currently be done in stock to reduce the CPU utilization in the editor is to turn OFF the kerbal ground crew (via the Main Menu Settings page). This reportedly reduces the CPU utilization anywhere from 15 to 25%. Unfortunately, that setting only turns off the kerbals but not any of the other animated parts. If you aren't opposed to addons, I've created a small plugin that you can download from here (called EditorCPUFix.dll). If a few folks could check this out and see if it reduces the CPU burden, that would help confirm the issue (and I might include it in StockBugFixes). It basically disables the lighting and animated components of the VAB/SPH. On my personal computer, my CPU utilization in the Tier 3 VAB has gone from 60% to about 15% (as reported by Windows). Modlet Installation: Download the EditorCPUFix.dll from here. Unzip the files. Copy EditorCPUFix.dll into the KSP/GameData directory. (You can create a subdirectory if desired.) Launch KSP NOTE: The modlet can be uninstalled at any time by exiting KSP and deleting the EditorCPUFix.dll file. **I'm also curious to see if this fixes anyone's "VAB constantly crashes" issues. Given the randomness of that issue and the thrashing involved in this instance, I'd be interested to know if this narrows down on two problems. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/7549 http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/7570
  14. KSP was always a demanding game for my CPU. But with KSP 1.1 it even got worse. Especially in the VAB/SPH. What bothers me the most is, that my CPU temperature (i7 2600) is now at up to 90-97 °C which is near the limit of Tj of 98°C. It has a total CPU load of 40-50%. The temperature on the motherboard maxes out at about 43 °C during play. I don't know where the sensor of the CPU is located. But this temperature feels worrysome to me. Even if the CPU is not yet throttling back to prevent thermal overstess. When in flight, the temperature decreases to about 80°C, which is also odd, consdering that in the VAB there are no physics, while in play mode there are. What I tried was to lower the graphic settings from maximum to minimum. But it didn't make any difference. It's apparently not the graphics that cause that. I also deactivated the VAB ground crew. No effect. Recently I added a second side fan directly over my CPUs downblower and made my fan settings much more agressive than I used to have it. But it only had little effect. And I don't want to mount some other CPU cooler, as my PC is 4,5 years old now and I plan to build a new gaming PC until spring 2017 anyway. I don't want to spend more money on upgrades. But until then, I'm stuck here. And summer is coming... Apart from buying a better CPU cooler, is there anything I can do software-wise to reduce my CPU temperature in KSP, especially in the VAB?
  15. Hello there, I've been running 65 mods now on KSP 1.1.2 x64, and I got random crashes while on flight. When I see the debug toolbar, it shows "Unused Reserved Size: 141 MB". Been trying to use dx11, no improvements. And it seems that KSP allocates 1.5 GB of RAM (heapsize?), and coupled with 65 mods, will crash when launching, flying, or even entering a facility. This does NOT happen in KSP 1.0.5 x86 before and it has more than 80 mods. Windows 10 x64, Intel Core i3-3217U, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4 GB (4x1) RAM, 500 GB 5400 RPM HDD. GameData folder : https://gyazo.com/083110c7682057b0ed57566cf0de1ff2 CKAN Modlist (1) : https://gyazo.com/f6703d1f5f5374ee50f486f23d76f6d5 CKAN Modlist (2) : https://gyazo.com/c6f3b8f2792545f098fcb00b327abdfd CKAN Modlist (3) : https://gyazo.com/9e07a898eb75f74620978c3cb39e9429 Debug toolbar : https://gyazo.com/7374d5640d2f54c34bdddc7a7e131793 output_log.txt are too big to upload to Dropbox. If you want me to upload, please suggest a website that lets you upload codes and texts bigger than 5 MB. This is my first thread, if this is placed in a wrong section, I apologize for that kind of mistake. If these report less information of the usage, please tell me.
  16. Hi all , first post so sorry if i do something wrong . I am using the new prerelease 1.1 and for some reason my amd fx 8350 (4.0 ghz) goes to 100% when i play . But it only happens when i enter a building. My cpu gradually goes up while in the VAB (for example) which makes the game super laggy and renders me unable to build . if i launch that vessel it remains super laggy and I have to restart in order to stop the choppyness . This does not happen in the main menu or ksc screen , i havent been able to test in flight because i cannot go into the VAB/SPH . I submitted a bug report but was ignored. My specs: CPU: amd fx 8350 GPU: AMD hd 7770 RAM: 12gb (1x8 + 1x4) DISK: samsung 120gb SSD I used to play 1.0.5 with a ton of mods and had no issues Can someone please help me
  17. Hello, Earlier today, Steam updated my KSP install to 1.1.1. I did a few missions, all of which were probes as I have unmanned before manned installed, and I was just about to get into manned flights and I had zero issues. That was until I accepted a tour contract. In this contract, I have to ferry 3 Kerbals from point A to point B which they all waited on KSC grounds for me to pick them up. It was after I made my vehicle in the SPH and hit launch, that KSP shot from 30% cpu usage to 85% cpu usage on a 20-part plane. I'm fine going to my satellites, and I've tried going back to the launch pad, all 85% cpu usage with heavy stuttering and VERY low FPS. I believe it is most likely these loose kerbals that are causing the heavy CPU usage. Why would they? I don't know, but everything was working perfectly until those three kerbals showed up on my doorstep. Anyway, I tried to slog through the lag to get far enough away with my plane, but KSP crashed my computer with a BSOD before I could get off the runway. Gunna try to see if a clean install will help at all. KSP.log
  18. Recently I started to play KSP again and with 1.1 I modded it with my beloved collection of additions. As usual in the VAB things get a little sluggish but then in the world, all is good. Thanks to my Keyboard (A G15 running LCDSirReal) I say that in the VAB and Plane hanger my CPU usage would jump from 50% on all four cores to 95% or more. Outside of the VAB when flying the ship, my CPU usage remains around 50% on all four cores of my CPU. I fealth this was odd because there should be little simulation going on in the VAB. Nothing that would require such quantities of CPU power at least. Interestingly the same things happens in KSP with no mods also. The game will run at about 25% give or take. But in the VAB the CPU usage doubles. So I do not know if this is a bug or just a unavoidable thing. But as mods are added...having their CPU usage double while making a ship is a little odd. Tested with KSP 64bit with and without mods. All mods are up to date or they are not in my install. All mods have been installed properly. And the obligatory DxDiag: http://pastebin.com/n3ZiT9JP Note: I have updated my drivers and gotten the latest bios to boot, CPU usage is the game for both modified and unmodded.
  19. Version: 1.0.5 non-Steam 32bit OS: Windows 10 64 bit Hi everyone, I had KSP for a long time and I just started using it again, on a gaming PC. I started to build a multi-purpose station that consisted of more than 400 parts. The game performance was horrible. I was getting 1fps per second according to the performance menu. It was incredibly painful having 1fps. It made docking pretty much impossible. I don't know about you, but 1fps makes me dizzy when watching the screen. Anyways, I looked at task manager and KSP was only using 30% of my CPU and 1.7GB RAM! Overall, only 35% of CPU was being used on my computer and 69% RAM. I just don't get it. Why is it lagging so much? It is hardly utilizing my new gaming PC's resource at all. I have other simulation softwares and they work fine. For example, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D run fine for me. For any of you who don't know, those 2 simulation software are the ultimate PC killer. My computer can run it around 20fps. However with KSP I only get 1fps with 65% CPU and 31% RAM unused. This must mean KSP is hardly using my PC's resources well at all. What is wrong here? I really want to build interstellar ships and big space stations but KSP is really limiting my ceativity. The computer bascially has no problems coping at all. However, KSP starts to lag after 400+ parts, and this is just getting annoying- it takes the fun away and it wastes a lot of time. Any help will be appreciated.
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