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  1. Now that I am actually coherent, I have no memory of writing that post as it was 3:30am, I tracked it down to Scatterer causing it. I am on Win10 64bit, running without launch options. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  2. Any idea why I am getting this visual bug, I only noticed it when I upgraded from a 970 at 1920x1080 to a 1070ti at 3840x2160. Let me know what other information you need. It happens at any resolution. EDIT: I apologize, even though I reinstalled it, I must have left my config, which had legacy effects turned on for some odd reason. It is fixed now. I am leaving this for anyone else who has my issue.
  3. I did a test with a New Save and My save. I am thinking it is Garbage Collection because I get a solid 10-20 FPS drop.
  4. If that question was for me, Windows 10 64bit 16GB Ram AMD FX-8350 EVGA GTX970 SC The most recent one, 1.3.1. I run 64bit Kerbal. What is your Delta Time Setting, if I am reading the settings file correctly mine is (0.05854687)?
  5. I have been trying to figure out which of my 111 mods or what would be causing my performance impact. I will be flying an 80 part craft and the game will freeze for minutes at a time sometime. My FPS usually averages 13-15. I also get frequent stutters in the VAB and Flight. I have been playing for years with mod levels near this ~90-120 and I do not remember it ever being this bad. The only time I remember getting very low FPS (4-7) was when I was at my 300+ part Minmus Base that used docking ports and landing gears. I checked and when I was playing, my CPU was redlining in flight and at about 80-90% capacity in the VAB. I have no launch options set. Windows 10 64bit 16GB Ram AMD FX-8350 EVGA GTX970 SC https://imgur.com/a/URFjZ
  6. Is there any way to set this to not automatically add fuel to the tanks? That way I don't have to go through all of my older crafts to remove the fuel.
  7. I'm playing through a campaign where I installed the Historical Tech Tree, glanced at the overall tree in R&D without clicking on any nodes to ensure it was installed correctly, then hid unresearchable nodes so I had no idea what was coming and it was like playing Kerbal for the first time. I am researched up to ~T5/90sci. Nodes, but I noticed I don't have fuel ducts. Are they later in the tree or is there a bug. When you answer, if it is later in the Tree, please only say "Later" so not to spoil the "adventure" for me. Thanks for your help. - Galahir950
  8. I did testing and here were my results. I have concluded that G-Effects was the culprit as a 25 FPS Drop is consistent with my Stable FPS with all my mods and my FPS Using it along with my mods.
  9. I am running x64 KSP. It is consistent across ships and saves, in a new save with the little stock Albatross(?) 3A Trainer, I get 15 FPS. I have smokescreen set to 25 as opposed to the stock 1k. I will try adding Single Instance or switching to OpenGL from forcing DX11. I'll look at mod memgraph, but where would I go to learn about changing the heap? IIRC from last night, uninstalling Real Plume did not help. Also, if none of that works, I am going to uninstall EVE, then Scatterer, then Planetshine one by one again to see if any of them are the issue and I just missed it.
  10. Any idea which of these mods has a big Physics/CPU impact? Im trying to cut down on my mods, because I only get ~15fps, and I tried removing Destruction effects, EVE, and scatterer, but I only gained 1-2 FPS, so it might not be a GPU issue. I also tried Uninstalling FAR with no improvements. I might try removing Collision FX. I played some and took a couple notes. Also, FAR is the DEV build and Collision FX is the 4.0 version that is not in CKAN. I get 10-20fps in flight when in orbit I get 20-35fps in the orbital map After I crash and the flight log pops up, I get 30-40fps I got ~15fps on my Mun Lander mission I did a rendezvous rescue contract and the ships were within 5km of each other. In ship FPS was 10~12. While EVAing to the rescue ship, I was getting ~5fps until the game eventually crashed after I flew past the ship and was making my way back. For reference I have a 16gb DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 SC, and an AMD FX-8350. My KSP Log File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/87n5h05kqyod25k/KSP.log?dl=0 Please let me know if you need anything else. Regards, Ryan
  11. Would it be possible for Tree Toppler to have an "Advanced Progression" option where I you dont have to farm science, but the next node is only unlocked if you have made the initial "unlock" funds purchase of more than a quarter or half the previous node's parts? I love using the Historical Tech Tree, but unlocking nodes that cost up to 100 Science for the first level unlocks 1/4-1/3 of the tree.
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