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  1. Now that I am actually coherent, I have no memory of writing that post as it was 3:30am, I tracked it down to Scatterer causing it. I am on Win10 64bit, running without launch options. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  2. Any idea why I am getting this visual bug, I only noticed it when I upgraded from a 970 at 1920x1080 to a 1070ti at 3840x2160. Let me know what other information you need. It happens at any resolution. EDIT: I apologize, even though I reinstalled it, I must have left my config, which had legacy effects turned on for some odd reason. It is fixed now. I am leaving this for anyone else who has my issue.
  3. I did a test with a New Save and My save. I am thinking it is Garbage Collection because I get a solid 10-20 FPS drop.
  4. If that question was for me, Windows 10 64bit 16GB Ram AMD FX-8350 EVGA GTX970 SC The most recent one, 1.3.1. I run 64bit Kerbal. What is your Delta Time Setting, if I am reading the settings file correctly mine is (0.05854687)?
  5. I have been trying to figure out which of my 111 mods or what would be causing my performance impact. I will be flying an 80 part craft and the game will freeze for minutes at a time sometime. My FPS usually averages 13-15. I also get frequent stutters in the VAB and Flight. I have been playing for years with mod levels near this ~90-120 and I do not remember it ever being this bad. The only time I remember getting very low FPS (4-7) was when I was at my 300+ part Minmus Base that used docking ports and landing gears. I checked and when I was playing, my CPU was redlining in flight and at about 80-90% capacity in the VAB. I have no launch options set. Windows 10 64bit 16GB Ram AMD FX-8350 EVGA GTX970 SC https://imgur.com/a/URFjZ
  6. Is there any way to set this to not automatically add fuel to the tanks? That way I don't have to go through all of my older crafts to remove the fuel.
  7. I'm playing through a campaign where I installed the Historical Tech Tree, glanced at the overall tree in R&D without clicking on any nodes to ensure it was installed correctly, then hid unresearchable nodes so I had no idea what was coming and it was like playing Kerbal for the first time. I am researched up to ~T5/90sci. Nodes, but I noticed I don't have fuel ducts. Are they later in the tree or is there a bug. When you answer, if it is later in the Tree, please only say "Later" so not to spoil the "adventure" for me. Thanks for your help. - Galahir950
  8. I did testing and here were my results. I have concluded that G-Effects was the culprit as a 25 FPS Drop is consistent with my Stable FPS with all my mods and my FPS Using it along with my mods.
  9. I am running x64 KSP. It is consistent across ships and saves, in a new save with the little stock Albatross(?) 3A Trainer, I get 15 FPS. I have smokescreen set to 25 as opposed to the stock 1k. I will try adding Single Instance or switching to OpenGL from forcing DX11. I'll look at mod memgraph, but where would I go to learn about changing the heap? IIRC from last night, uninstalling Real Plume did not help. Also, if none of that works, I am going to uninstall EVE, then Scatterer, then Planetshine one by one again to see if any of them are the issue and I just missed it.
  10. Any idea which of these mods has a big Physics/CPU impact? Im trying to cut down on my mods, because I only get ~15fps, and I tried removing Destruction effects, EVE, and scatterer, but I only gained 1-2 FPS, so it might not be a GPU issue. I also tried Uninstalling FAR with no improvements. I might try removing Collision FX. I played some and took a couple notes. Also, FAR is the DEV build and Collision FX is the 4.0 version that is not in CKAN. I get 10-20fps in flight when in orbit I get 20-35fps in the orbital map After I crash and the flight log pops up, I get 30-40fps I got ~15fps on my Mun Lander mission I did a rendezvous rescue contract and the ships were within 5km of each other. In ship FPS was 10~12. While EVAing to the rescue ship, I was getting ~5fps until the game eventually crashed after I flew past the ship and was making my way back. For reference I have a 16gb DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 SC, and an AMD FX-8350. My KSP Log File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/87n5h05kqyod25k/KSP.log?dl=0 Please let me know if you need anything else. Regards, Ryan
  11. Would it be possible for Tree Toppler to have an "Advanced Progression" option where I you dont have to farm science, but the next node is only unlocked if you have made the initial "unlock" funds purchase of more than a quarter or half the previous node's parts? I love using the Historical Tech Tree, but unlocking nodes that cost up to 100 Science for the first level unlocks 1/4-1/3 of the tree.
  12. I have been trying to get this patch to work for the past couple hours. It would removed the engine lighting from any engine created by the two manufacturers from the AirPlanes Plus and Firespitter mods, but it would also affect the 2-3 jet engines in the AirPlanes Plus mod, which I am fine with. I am, however, running into issues where nothing changes with the patch applied and the engine light still emits, is there something I am supposed to be doing extra? @PART[*]:[#manufacturer[Kerbal?Standard],#manufacturer[Bitesized?Industries]]:FOR[EngineLight]:FINAL { MODULE { name = EngineLightEffect %enableEmissiveLight = False } } EDIT: I just double checked the documentation and I saw that "|" is used for OR, should I have put that instead of a comma? I'll try it in the morning. EDIT 2: I tried the above and I tried the below and neither worked. @PART[*]:HAS[#manufacturer[Kerbal?Standard]]:FOR[EngineLight]:FINAL { MODULE { name = EngineLightEffect %enableEmissiveLight = false } } @PART[*]:HAS[#manufacturer[Bitesized?Industries]]:FOR[EngineLight]:FINAL { MODULE { name = EngineLightEffect %enableEmissiveLight = false } } EDIT 3: THIS WORKS, I confused Emissive and Exhaust as meaning the same thing. @PART[*]:HAS[#manufacturer[Kerbal?Standard]]:FOR[EngineLight]:FINAL { @MODULE[EngineLightEffect] { @enableEmissiveLight = false @exhaustRed = 0 @exhaustGreen = 0 @exhaustBlue = 0 } } @PART[*]:HAS[#manufacturer[Bitesized?Industries]]:FOR[EngineLight]:FINAL { @MODULE[EngineLightEffect] { @enableEmissiveLight = false @exhaustRed = 0 @exhaustGreen = 0 @exhaustBlue = 0 } }
  13. For the time until the Config update, what would I have to put in a Module Manager patch to prevent the AirPlane Plus and Firespitter prop engines from receiving lighting effects? I think only some of the FS engines have lighting effects.
  14. I read over and tried it that several times over the past few days, but I am still confused as of what to do. I am sorry that I am having trouble parsing it and figuring out what to do. Is it a value or a range of values it is supposed to be? Is there any way to modify and test it without going back to the menu every time? I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.
  15. Can you please add the ability to Turn mods On and Off, regardless of KSP Version compatibility? This would better allow us to troubleshoot which mods are causing and issue, especially after an update like 1.1. You would just move the folder/files in the GameData folder to a subfolder in the CKAN folder.
  16. I was unable to find any posts about this. Do you know what happened to my ocean? It appears perfectly fine in game, but it is gone in all my screenshots. I was ~20 meters from the ocean surface. What other information do you need?
  17. I actually have a few reasons for this: 1. When I decided to make the chart, I decided that "Kowgan's word was law" and I would not put anything on the summary chart that contradicts his or could cause confusion. 2. On the chart I have 2 entries for all the high D/v bodies. 3. I chose to use all the landing D/v for the bodies that have atmosphere because the maneuver needed to do that is too risky for new players to successfully try. If you have even a slightly too deep "scraping" altitude, you will burn up when you hit it at interplanetary velocity.
  18. I also think iris a bit hard to figure out what is necessary. Even after I read the explanation, I still use the planetary values as all atmospheric, so I have 3200 m/s of atmospheric D/v on the Kerbin lifters.
  19. Thank you for clarifying this, it helped clear up some questions I had about the chart.
  20. I know it is an odd assumption, I am just trying to find an explanation that matches the numbers. I do not know exactly how Kowgan does his calculations, I only do the summaries for the summary version.
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