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Found 5 results

  1. Its simple. List a word that is fun to say. Rules: nothing inappropriate or anything that breaks forum rules. I will start: Bubbly (not the drink).
  2. Hi I have a problem. The problem is that i accidentally deleteted files of this part. All i need is for somone to send files of that cockpit, or at least the "mk1Cockpits" folder. Folder Photo:
  3. It's come to my attention that KSP 2 will only be released on the newer generation consoles instead of the previous generation. This frustrates me greatly due to the fact that the PS5 and other newer consoles are greatly over priced. I think that we should all invest in potato farms, specifically in a place where labor costs are low and demand is high. I personally recommend Denmark, as it is only exporting around 2.171 million metric tons of potatoes each year, which means that the market is ripe for gripping. It uses 60% of its personal land mass for agriculture and much more of it is arable or can be bought from other farmers. Their minimum wage is 110 Danish Krones or 14.73 USD, this is higher than I would wish, but after gaining enough money, it would not be hard to take hold of other farming businesses there in order to develop a monopoly. Then we exploit this monopoly as well as our massive stock pile of money to use the good old fashion trick in business called "lobbying" law makers (DISCLAIMER: LAW MAKERS ARE NOT POLITICIANS, I REFUSE TO SPEAK OF POLITICS ON THIS FORUM| DEFENITION OF POLITICS: the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.) in order to ensure that our exports and potato making operations are uninterrupted. This monopoly will allow a 3900% increase in agriculture workers (from 2% to 80%) as well as a good raise of 16.99 Danish Krones, allowing their minimum wage to now be 126.99 Danish Krones. We will greatly improve the lives of the Danish, as well as raise their rank on the world stage for income per capita to the third best world wide. After this, we acquisition SONY, Microsoft, and Strauss Zelnick the parent company of both Take-Two Interactive and Private Division. This means that we can now drive down the pricing of both consoles and KSP 2, as well as dramatically increasing our profits. I'm a business genius, I know.
  4. Here's the thing: I want mods, but I have a potato for a computer (2014 Macbook Pro with an i7) I already have EVE, Scatterer, and Stock Visual Effects, but there's already a big decrease in frame rate. Could anyone suggest some mods that would work with my potato? I'm looking for visual mods and maybe some light parts mods. Thanks for your time.
  5. I was searching around then I found this. What is a potato in KSP?
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