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Found 10 results

  1. tell about your past or current rescue missoin. I have jeb in an orbit and out of EVA prop. just got lev 2 ground tracking statoin. so should have flight planning. map now shows ap and perap. here is a little backstroy bit. I rest flight evry time one dies. but one time it was late so I turned off game to save the sci points. thought he would be back its more than 2 hours. found out later it 2 hours of gameplay/game open. he died from time warpx4 and paraglided to hard into ground( as in straight down it was a slow with out it.), the meter was set to ocean not land.
  2. i rescued a spacecraft that ran out of fuel in kerbin orbit. i re-entered two capsules at the same time. the top capsule was the capsule that was rescued.
  3. BILL KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y16D120 - 4H15M Perhaps I should start this log with some context. After Orange Squadron and their wingmen returned from Dres, I had the guts to propose to Val. Okay, I lied, Val proposed to me before we landed on Kerbin. I was surprised at first, as it was tradition for the male to propose to the female. However, Jeb warned me that I shouldn't be surprised that Val's doing it. After we married, we hopped on board the Pluto 1 and were in-transit to Eeloo for over three years. The two of us stepped out of the lander craft as soon as we touched the ground and did our EVA and surface sample runs. When we hopped back in the lander to warm ourselves up - we have two big boxes of plutonium for that (as solar panels are useless here), we realized that we had a major problem WE DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH FUEL TO RETURN - OR EVEN AEROBRAKE We immediately notified Mission Control of our situation and they agreed to send a rescue craft capable of refueling itself. Below are the coordinates of our craft. It will take a few years and a refueling stop at Jool, but the current plan is to get the lander in orbit and have the rescue craft grab the lander and extract the science we collected while Val and I board. We then dispose of the lander since it's useless at that point, then we're on our way back to Kerbin. To anyone who reads this log, I hope you all have other ideas to save Val and I. I know we want to stay warm here, but I don't want it to get "too warm" between us while we're on a remote planet with no way to get back home. In the meantime, the Chyna rover on the other side of the planet should transmit some sweet science for us.
  4. No patched conics so I had to guesstimade the rendezvous then target when I got close... only for him to be greeted by THIS low-tech monstrosity. No second pod, just a command seat, and a heat shield that's only protecting him by the skin of his teeth, or rather his helmet. (I don't know if you could do this normally, but I have a mod that lets me unlock a set of parts early for super basic airplanes. The command seat was one of them) I was seriously holding my breath during re-entry. I've tried similar setups (with the seat directly attached to the shield as opposed to a cubic strut close to it) in the past and they usually end in a cooked Kerbal, but somehow it managed to survive! I'm willing to bet it's because of the stage I kept bolted on to aid in decelleration. Honestly, it was a really fun and interesting mission, especially since I couldn't just know my closest approach or time to rendezvous. Figured i'd share this fun, albeit brief little occurrence in my career mode with you all!
  5. Finally after the landing of the Orion lander that's done by Bob , and Bill who also had big role , because he was in the main module in orbit . The team want's to go back home , but unfortunetly of course , Bill forgot something , not knowing what he forgot he heads home thinking that everything is okay until he encounters a catastrophic problem . Download I hope you enjoy the mission, and please if you have any feedback tell me.
  6. Hi everyone. Before I start, might I explain my recent mission that got me in this scenario...: Today I was faced with a contract to plant a flag on Duna, which obviously requires sending a manned mission over there. I accepted it because of the pay which was very high, and the potential science amount that I would get from surface samples ect. Anyway, I started constructing a ship which was going to be in two parts, the main lander and the transfer stage (which used nuclear engines). I might have to note that I'm using a life support mod to make this playthrough more interesting, longer and harder [MKS Kolonization] Consequently, my ships have to be kitted up with life support stuff and this mission was estimated by me to take about 2.5 years or so, therefore I put the necessary amount of supplies in. While constructing the ship, the Delta V amount was concerning, but I was okay with it knowing only about 3-4000 dV is required to get to Duna from LKO and back. I launched the lander into a 100km orbit around Kerbin ready for the transfer stage to dock with it. The transfer stage was launched and docked, but the dV amount was stupidly low, with about 830 m/s worth on the entire nuclear stage. I worked out why it was this bad after I docked when I realized it was so low because I had EXTRA weight to push to Duna (the heavy lander). After this, I was in two minds to just de-orbit and recover all of it but I just thought I could do it... The word there being "thought"... I burnt out of Kerbin orbit (which took about 10 minutes I have to add), and then tried to get a decent encounter with Duna. At this part in the trip I had ditched the transfer stage as it had ran out of fuel, only barely getting me out of Kerbin orbit. I had around 1500 m/s worth of dV in the tank, which didn't fill me with great happiness. I got a reasonable encounter with Duna, which put me in an aerobraking altitude. At this point I had literally 800 m/s in the tank, and I knew it wouldn't work. I landed it on Duna, in the highlands biome, which was cool as no other unmanned probe had been there, meaning extra science points. Strangely the delta v was up to 1100 m/s, but still not enough to even get into Duna orbit. Next I eva'd Jeb, collected samples and planted the flag and then went back in the craft. Now I'm literally sranded on Duna with 1100 m/s of delta v so I need to launch a rescue mission that will land near the Duna lander so I can take Jeb and Bill home again . Getting right to the point of this topic, I need to get a rescue mission over to Duna, which can land near the site and take off again and then get back to Kerbin. How much dV might I need to accomplish this? If anyone can tell me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. p.s if this is in the wrong forum, my bad and please move it to the correct one.
  7. Hello everyone, I already posted about this on reddit, but no-one was able to help, so I hope you are able to. https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/5aepbl/rescue_mission_orbit_of_vessel_not_showing/?st=iv12tvg2&sh=dbb5a093 In career mode I accepted the rescue mission so save Nelner Kerman. Unfortunately the vessel isn't visible in the tracking station or map. (That visible vessel is Kimny's vessel who I already rescued and didn't terminate.) Also Nelner is not showing in the Astronaut Complex as other Kerbals do, who you have to rescue. I found old threads of other people with the same problem, but no solution for the problem. See here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/106870-cant-find-the-kerbals-in-orbit-i-need-to-rescue/ Is there any solution to make Nelner's vessel visible? I don't want to cancel the mission or cheat via editing the save files. Currently I only use MechJeb. I used to use HyperEdit, but I dont have the current version for KSP1.2 so that's inactive. HyperEdit files are still in the GameData folder tho. Here is a screenshot: Those are the data from the persistent save file, if that helps:
  8. Actually I am rather sure that it has to do with stock game and wasn´t introduced by any of the mods (as I don´t use any mods that mess with the mission system): I got a mission to rescue a Kerbal from Kerbins orbit After accepting the mission I discovered, that the ship of the Kerbonautr to rescue wasn´t in Kerbin orbit, but rather on a suborbital trajectory around Mun. I think what happened was, that the RNG placed the ship (and its orbit) too close to Mun, so that it got into Muns SOI and therefore the ship, immediately after creation, got captured by Muns gravity See here:
  9. Today i landed my Stock Space Shuttle on the abandoned island airstrip and everything went good. I wanted to recover the whole shuttle and its crew with a big cargo plane and not just clicking (Recover). My Cargo Plane arrived and somehow the wings ripped off on landing so now i had 7 Kerbals stuck on the Island. I thought to myself "challenge accepted" and i built a VTOL to recover those poor Kerbals. The VTOL was a great plane built with MK2 Parts. I succesfully landed the VTOL at the abandoned island and got all my Kerbals into it. And on Takeoff the engines went crazy and a wing ripped of because i hit the Tower. But atleast all of my kerbals (which were 9 now) survived the VTOL crash. And i had to send another Plane to recover them. But as you might have guessed that plane didnt make it either because on landing the front wheel ripped of and the whole plane crashed into the ground killing 2 more kerbals. So i had 2 dead kerbals and 9 living kerbals still stuck on the island. I sent a ship made with stock parts over to the island and finally i rescued all of my kerbals. But i wanted to clear of all the downed planes so i sent a Helicopter crew which had explosives (KIS) to blow up all the debris. So i blew everything up but as soon as i wanted to take off the Space Kraken ate my whole savegame. I will never land on that island ever again. Cheers guys
  10. Some of you might remember me by this silly little mission, fancy I know, anyway I decided to make a manned mission this time, the landing and getting back, the works! Because Mun is too cold to stay there anyway. Sooo... sooo... sooo... at first the mission was simple, to land and get back, after two failed attempts the mission had to be changed into a rescue mission, thus I had to use the big capsule - roll the tape! Second attempt (the first one crash landed, the capsule survived, but sadly the pilot got depressed and committed suicide). Perfect landing, wait... but where will we get the fuel to get back? NEXT! Third attempt, rescue mission, yet again a failure, not enough solar panels. The pilot has survived, sadly that means we'll have to rescue him too. Meanwhile the stranded pilots rendezvous to inspect the remains of the first lander, they play tic tac toe for a while... Thar she blows the beauty arrrr! Gathering the pilots. One to go. Lift off. Achieving orbit around Mun. Around Kerbin. Home sweet home.
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