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Found 7 results

  1. Ok so I am one of the minority of people trying to make a large functional electric submarine and I am using the mk3 sized parts. I have the whole ballast idea down, but I'm trying to figure out the rotor. I know we have to use aero surfaces not related to breaking ground, but I am using the heavy rotor from the DLC. Starting off everything seems OK, but when I put max throttle to the rotor the control surfaces shear off. I have been looking to see if there is a magic target angle of attack and torque limit for hydrodynamic use but have been unable to find any relevant information. I can get it moving .3 with two rotors so I figured I just need to add the ballast so it sinks and overcomes that dreaded water super drag. I am on the PS4 so I can't really supply pics that easily. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Goal: Build a vehicle that is able to explore underwater sites. Try to dive as deep as possible. A badge will be awarded for participation on request (I won't send you one if you don't request it). Rules: No mods, no cheats. No using glitches (K-Drives, ZK-Drives, etc.) The sub must be launched from the KSC runway and into the water off the coast of the KSC. From there, you MUST travel by water to your dive site. Vehicle Classes (Choose 1): Submarine- must carry a crew of at least 1 kerbal (+5 pts) ROV- must be unmanned (+10 pts) MiniSub- must be under 10 tons (+15 pts) DSEV- must be able to exceed 500 m below sea level. (+20 pts) Depth Scores: 100 m: +25 pts 200 m: +30 pts 300 m: +35 pts 400 m: +40 pts 500 m: +45 pts ... and the list continues (by +5 points per 100 m) Submissions: Photos/Video submissions only please. Leaderboard: @ralanboyle mini ROV "Sub 1" reached a depth of 1092m Below sea level- 110 pts @Klapaucius mini-sub "Jacques" reached a depth of 1048m Below sea level -105 pts @dnbattley 5 ton mini-sub "Stratzen-Pellor" reached a depth of 971m Below sea level (claims ability to have infinite depth and range, but photo shows 971m Below sea level)- 95 pts Outliers (Used Glitches for Max Depth, or Below Ocean Floor): @Pds314 unnamed sub, would have been 300050 pts.
  3. I know of many KSP players who have created submarines to explore the oceans of Kerbin, Eve, or Laythe. Personally, I think it would be fun to have some kind of stock mechanics for this - perhaps some science experiments for underwater exploration. Also, right now propellers are really hard to make since you have to make your own spinning joint. All of this could maybe be in a DLC as well. Don't people say that the oceans are harder to explore than outer space? Pressure, non-solar electricity and darkness could all become issues now. Overall I just think that this is a huge untapped resource for Squad to explore.
  4. I hope this works. The Kraken (KSS 501) undergoing sea trials. Dove to 677 meters, top speed 25 knots. No armorment as of yet.
  5. Sea... the Final Frontier... to boldly go to the exact opposite direction sane kerbonauts usually aim for... ...but I don't have a clue how to start. My ship-prototypes tend to sink, while my test-submarines float happily. Both have a tendency to break apart when I get them into water. Ok, I heard that filled ore tanks are good for ballast, but that's the end of my expertise. What to use for propulsion? And for steering? Some smart way to get to water without hyperediting? Is there a way to EVA down there? I'm looking for vague, general advice here. I'm mainly interested in stock-solutions, but I don't mind a few targeted mods either if it's needed for certain tasks. So... how should a spacelubber start to conquer the waters of Kerbin?
  6. In KSP we have Space Crafts and Planes it has lots of water but we cant really go explore it. It would be nice if we could have submarines with special engine and pod types. I know currently there isn't much in the sea so you could add some coral or easter eggs under the water. The sub engines would basically be propellers under water. The submarine parts will have a setting for buoyancy level determining if it should sink or float overall. The submarine has a set of parts for it you get engines, fueltanks, and pods, with parts to weigh your craft down. You wouldn't get too much science under water but you would get some and when going eva with a kerbal, while swimming ctrl and shift should make you go up or down. For this to work the water will need alot of changes like : Better underwater effects, A bottom view of the sea like when your in a pool and see the waves upsidedown, Less light the farther down you go, Water Pressure, Compressed ores at the bottom, 3D underwater light models, Water not being like concrete mainly softer for impacts, A part that is only in the code that removes all water in your ship testing for all around where it can spread and where water can get in(like an air bubble to not have the inside of you place filled with water or water come through walls), Coral(always rendered no matter what settings unless its farther than 3 km or more than a setting for max amount being 20-unlimited(mainly 100,000) and it would be very tall being able to hide ships in it).
  7. Recently, I have jumped into my 1.0.5 testing sandbox to test submarine designs to use in that sandbox or in the later game in my career save. I created two submarine designs over the weekend; a very small submarine that just fits into an Mk2 cargo bay (with part clipping into the bay walls, but with nothing poking through the outside), and a very large and elaborate submarine. As I was testing the large one, the SunkenSapphire Submarine, a cool exploration device that can also transport small submarines, I found out that despite the fact that about half it's mass is ore, it won't sink, and yet, the small submarine, for some odd reason, still sinks slowly with full fuel when all of it's ore is ejected. This got me to pondering, what are the buoyancy values for fuel tanks? Is there a way to easily find out how many ore tanks are needed to sink a creation without actually going to the water? Here is an album so you can see the submarines:
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