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[WIP] [1.0.5] (Dev Paused) QuizTech Aero Pack v1.2.9.x | Updated: 8/9/15 |


What parts/features would you like to see next?  

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  1. 1. What parts/features would you like to see next?

    • I don't care about B9 versions
    • Mk1 fighter cockpit
    • R.A.P.I.E.R. vtol engines
    • A shorter Mk2 to Mk1 adapter w/ intakes
    • Other engines besides vtols

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Thanks for the 100,000+ Downloads from Kerbal Stuff (when it was still around), and for 50,000+ Downloads on Curse!

Go here for the latest fixes and updates provided by user linuxgurugamer.

Please delete the QuizTechAero folder from previous versions to avoid any issues!

Please read the included installation document before posting about missing parts and installation problems. If you have followed those instructions and still have issues let me know. Thanks!



QuizTech Aero Pack v1.2.9.x

An expansion for stock and modded spaceplane parts!



Command Pods~

  • Mk2 Thunderbolt Cockpit
-Great for fighters and sleek aircraft!


  • Mk1 "Eagle" Cockpit
-A smaller fighter style cockpit to fit the Mk1 profile.


  • K-10 Cockpit
-A snub nosed, single seat cockpit for advanced jet aircraft. Rotary machine gun sold separately.
-No IVA currently (will be added at some point).


  • Mk2 Probe Core Nose
-A nose shaped probe core to keep your drones looking sleek and spiffy!



  • K-35B VTOL Jet Engine
-This jet engine provides the option for both forwards and horizontal take-off configurations with the help of a 90 degree rotating nozzle.


  • K-F.A.N. VTOL Lifter Section
-For use in conjunction with the K-35B, this unit pushes air at high speeds out the bottom to provide counter thrust in VTOL flight.


  • Mk1 Razor VTOL Jet Engine
-Mk1 version of the patented spinny-disk-rotate-y-jet system!


  • "Cyclone" VTOL Lifter Section
-A Mk1 sized inline VTOL fan section for use with smaller planes.


  • Mk2 Twin Turbofan Engine
-A twin engine assembly made to fit the Mk2 fuselage!


  • "Phoenix" VTOL Wing Section
-These specialized wings provide vertical and conventional flight capability to suit just about all of your atmospheric needs.
-Note: When placing two symmetrical wings make sure to
set reverse thrust on the second wing
to ensure that you will take off level.


  • Mk2 NERVA Dual Atomic Engine
-This atomic engine sports dual nozzles and fits to the Mk2 body type. There's no need for a bulky decoupler as everything below the engine is ejected upon fairing separation. QuizTech Aerodynamics is not responsible for any misuse of nuclear materials or irradiated Kerbals!


  • Mk2 Linear Aerospike Rocket
-On the cutting edge of spaceplane technology, the linear aerospike rocket surpasses the performance and reliability of the standard rocket engine.



Fuel Tank~

  • Mk2 Fuselage Quarter
-At exactly one quarter the length of a standard Mk2 fuselage, this bite sized tank offers three different fuel set-ups for you to choose from.




  • K-21-RCS Jet Thruster
-Is your VTOL ever unstable? Slap some of these on the forward section of your plane to help with stability in atmosphere (especially when transitioning from VTOL to forward flight).




  • Mk2 Shielded Docking Nose
-This nose cone hides within it a deployable docking port!


  • Mk2 Service Bay
-This service bay features the ability to open both top and bottom doors independently. It also has the option to remove the inner brackets, allowing the construction of hollow bays.




  • Short Mk2-1 adapter w/ Intakes
-A low profile adapter with the added benefit of intakes.


  • Mk2 Snub Nose
-A snubbed nose for capping Mk2 body sections.


  • Mk2 Medium Nose
-A medium nose for capping Mk2 body sections.


  • Mk2-0.625x2 Adapter
-Useful for SSTOs that utilize both air-breathing and rocket engines.


  • Mk2-1 Slanted Adapter
-A generic Mk2 to Mk1 adapter with a flattened side.





Kottobos Games takes a look at some parts in the pack! Parts have been added since then but it gives a taste of what you can expect :)


YouTuber EnterElysium uses QTAP parts in his WWK3 video series! The parts are in use starting at around [5:45].



A slick VTOL spaceplane titled Brunhildr made by user Grunf911:









Recommended Mods:


Throttle Control Avionics

B9 Procedural Parts/Wings

Adjustable Landing Gear

Mk2 Essentials

Bundled Plugins:




**Change Log**


v1.2.9 (current)


  • 1.0.4 support.
  • Fixed naming and description issue on the Phoenix VTOL Wing.
  • Fixed Mk2 Service Bay problem where it wouldn't shield its contents. NOTE: ModuleAnimateGeneric is only able to detect that the bay is open for one animation, so currently it will only expose cargo when the top bay is open. This just means that for now to use the bottom bay the top must be open as well :P.
  • Added shock diamond effects to engines.
  • Removed HotRockets config for now (it was giving me weird issues that I couldn't resolve).
  • Fixed the collider on the Mk2 Shielded Docking Nose.
  • Updated Firespitter.dll, km_Gimbal.dll, and ModuleManager.



  • Added Mk2 Service Bay.
  • Added Mk2 Fuselage Quarter (fuel type switch-able).
  • Decreased the gimbal range on the Mk2 Linear Aerospike to 3 degrees. This causes less over correcting with SAS enabled. Also fixed the gimbal orientation being backwards.



  • Quick fix for the cyclone engine.



  • Updated the Mk2 Linear Aerospike to include pitch thrust vectoring.
  • Included the Klockheed Martian Gimbal plugin.
  • Fixed some slight weirdness with the FX on the linear aerospike.



  • Added Mk2 Linear Aerospike Rocket.
  • Added Shielded Docking Nose.
  • Added Slanted Mk2-1 Adapter.
  • Added med sized nose cone (basically the probe core with LF).
  • Tweaked stats on Mk2 NERVA.
  • Removed FScopterThrottle from VTOL parts due to overheating bugs (you can uncomment them if you want to try and use them).



  • Added Mk2 NERVA Dual Atomic Engine.
  • Fixed the nozzle colliders on the Mk2 Twin Turbofan to play better with nuFAR.
  • Re-enabled the nozzle animation for the Mk2 Twin Turbofan.
  • Updated ModuleManager to 2.6.3
  • Updated install instructions (please read these to make sure everything is installed correctly).



  • Removed some parts from BahaSP that accidentally slipped into the download folder (sorry BahamutoD!)
  • Added Mk2 Snub Nose
  • Added Mk2-0.625x2 Adapter



  • Updated BDAnimationModules.dll (You can now toggle the KFAN and Cyclone animations in the editors).
  • Added an alternator to the "Phoenix" VTOL Wing Section.



  • Added "Phoenix" VTOL Wing Section.
  • All textures converted to DDS format.
  • Updated BDAnimationModules.dll to newest version.
  • Added hover control to all VTOL parts.
  • Fixed KFAN's missing intake.
  • Full Tweakscale compatibility.
  • Tweaked the CoM on jet engines to match closer with stock engines (excludes in-line fan parts).
  • New example crafts.



  • Updated Firespitter.dll to 1.0 version.
  • Fixed the bottom attach node for the Mk2-1 intake adapter.
  • Moved the Texture Replacer Reflection MM cfg to the Extras folder.



  • KSP 1.0.2 compatibility.
  • Added K-10 cockpit (No IVA yet).
  • Added some new example craft.



  • Added Mk2 Twin Turbofan Engine.
  • Removed the logo from the Eagle cockpit and replaced it with flag decals to be more customizable.
  • Reduced the roll and yaw strength of the Eagle and Thunderbolt cockpits significantly.
  • Added some flags
  • Added the "Eagle" example craft.



  • Fixed clipping issues on vtol parts that would cause wobbling and explosions.
  • Fixed a mistake on my part that left out a good portion of the custom FAR drag modules in the last update. All are now included.
  • IVAs now default to stock props but include MM configs for RastorPropMonitor.
  • RPM is no longer bundled (for those who want closer to stock).
  • Swapped out the B9 flames on the K-35B for HotRocket effects (B9 folder no longer in DL).
  • Changed the Thunderbolt cockpit light from red to white.
  • KFAN no longer breaks due to aerodynamic stress in FAR when exceeding ~150 m/s
  • Other small fixes.



  • Added Mk1 "Eagle" Cockpit.
  • Added Mk2 Probe Core Nose.
  • Added Mk2-1 Adapter w/ Intakes.
  • TextureReplacer config for shiny glass canopys.
  • FAR compatibility



  • Added "Cyclone" VTOL Lifter Section.
  • Fixed the name field inside the alternate B9 internal config for Thunderbolt to match the original. Makes it so you can just replace the old config with the alternate.
  • Added emissives to jet engines.
  • Added a light to the Thunderbolt internal with an RPM button I configured.
  • Added external cameras to Thunderbolt.
  • Reduced Mk1 vtol part's thrust a bit.
  • Reduced thrust of jet rcs to 10.

v1.1 Hotfix


  • Updated BDAnimationModules.dll to most recent (fixes adjustable landing gear).
  • Updated Firespitter.dll to most recent (fixes B9 procedural wing texture glitch).



  • Added Mk2 Thunderbolt Cockpit
  • Added Mk1 Razor VTOL Jet Engine
  • Fixed the symmetry issue with the RCS jet (flip 90 degrees in the SPH to align parts correctly)
  • Added HotRockets config
  • Other minor tweaks



  • Initial release


**Known Issues/Notes**

  • Parts may be slightly imbalanced, still working to get that perfect. Let me know in the comments if they should be tweaked!

  • If you have B9 procedural wings but not the main B9 Aerospace mod the Thunderbolt cockpit internal will look incomplete. If you wish to use the B9 props they are provided in the Extras folder.

  • K-10 cockpit does not yet have an IVA.

Future Plans/Ambitions:

  • Mk2 Engine Line (VTOL Rapier, rocket)

  • Moar cockpits.

  • Might redo the Thunderbolt IVA in the future..

My other mods:


(Shout-out to user Tidus Klein for the inspiration!)

Any suggestions on what to make next are welcome!:D

Also be sure to let me know in the comments if there are any issues or weirdness that can be resolved.

If you feel like giving a donation to the project you are welcome to, but I will always keep the pack free for all! Creating new content takes a lot of time, which is precious for a lowly college student such as myself :) .

**Note that any donations made do not entitle any persons to extra or early content, nor any further commitment or expectations on my part other than the free time that I choose to spend on the project. Thanks!


Licence: CC-BY 4.0 International

Edited by Quiznos323
~Post Maintenance
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Dude- you have talent. The only thing I could suggest for some of these would be adding Hotrocket emissives to these parts.

I LOVE THEM- and look forward to seeing the FAR and Hotrocket updates.

Thanks, glad you like them :) I don't know much about FAR but I'll implement it as soon as I figure it out! And yup, HotRockets too.

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Thanks, glad you like them :) I don't know much about FAR but I'll implement it as soon as I figure it out! And yup, HotRockets too.


(And just to let you know, I cannot make decent VTOL/STOL aircraft to save my life. They either do somersaults when changing from VTOL to Normal flight, or they experience... Unusual cataclysmic structural failures due to FAR.)

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Neat parts! I was wondering, though - is the RCS Jet missing a PROPELLANT {} thing? I see one for intakeAir, but I don't see one for liquid fuel (I assume); could be I just don't know how the configs work though.

Well, on actual VTOL jets such as the harrier (and maybe the F-35) those ports work by venting air from the main compressor, so it shouldn't consume fuel.

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Well, on actual VTOL jets such as the harrier (and maybe the F-35) those ports work by venting air from the main compressor, so it shouldn't consume fuel.

Where do you think the compressor is getting its energy? It ain't Kerbals pushing their heads against ladders, that's for sure. :)

To be fair, the thrusters probably don't take much fuel when compared to the main engine.

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The main Compressor is part of the main jet turbine, so why would bleed air from it use any extra fuel compared to the regular flight??

In fact the bleed air is actually needed and somewhat wasted by most jet turbines to ensure smooth airflow within the turbine....

Edited by Railgunner2160
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The compressor and fans are turned by the turbine, which is powered by combustion. I suppose you are right in that no extra work needs to be done to supply that air, though I guess a maximally realistic compressed-air jet system would require that a jet engine must be activated to have the thrusters work. That said, leaving it alone would probably not be the biggest concession to reality ever made in KSP. :)

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Well, on actual VTOL jets such as the harrier (and maybe the F-35) those ports work by venting air from the main compressor, so it shouldn't consume fuel.

Yep, that is what I based it off of :) Diverted air wouldn't take any extra electricity.

You can see it better in this picture: http://cloudfront-assets.reason.com/assets/mc/_external/2014_01/arrows-indicate-location-of-wa.png

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Dude I love you! This is exactly what i was looking for from a long time!

By the way, if you want the perfect stabilization use this mod:


it automatically adjust the engine thrust, so the center of thrust is always aligned with the center of mass. Just like the F35.

Haha thanks lol

Yeah I've seen that one before, and I'll probably add it to the main post as a recommended mod :)

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One concern there is that the IVA (whilst gorgeous) uses B9 as a dependency - one of the appeals of this over BahmutoD's cockpit is that it plugs neatly into a stockalike install. Any chance of an IVA just using stock and basic RPM props?

I have been thinking about that too and yes, I think I will write a MM config and set up a stock/RPM option as well. The B9 props are so pretty and I love using them, so I will keep it as an alternate for those who use B9 :) Just gotta find time this week to do it haha.

This looks really promising, these pieces will be key to some fighters :P

Any tease on that mk1 fighter cockpit??

I don't have official plans for a Mk1 cockpit at the moment, but I'll maybe consider it once I get the Mk1 vtol parts fleshed out :) The Mk1 fan section is next on my list, as the jet is now finished and will be included in the next update along with the Mk2 cockpit.

Edited by Quiznos323
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