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  1. I'm excited for the sweet, sweet terrain changes
  2. I believe that there's already a pinned post about what people's hopes for KSP 2 are:
  3. It's more than likely not dead. It is very easy to just be patient and wait for an update should the creator choose to devote their free time to it. It has literally been 4 days and it is cosmetic content. I'm certain that blackrack has heard that ksp has been updated; just let them get to it when they have the time if they want to. Neither they, nor the moderators, need everyone telling them that ksp has been updated and mods are broken.
  4. I agree completely and wanted to add that if they're designing gameplay to be deeply rooted in real science, time and length dilation becomes significant when a craft approaches c. While this would make it much more reasonable in terms of time scales and warping, it also opens a whole can of worms in terms of gameplay and complexity that I'm sure that they wouldn't want to tackle. Relativity is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in physics, so I'm convinced that they'd want to simplify that or leave it out entirely - leading back into your (very) valid concerns
  5. Gold Coast over here, soon moving to Brissy. Loving this cold weather at the moment For the first time ever, I have good internet here (2mb/s downloads on Steam).
  6. Hi everybody, I'm stressing hard because I've got an assignment due soon on orbital dynamics and I cannot for the life of me find anything on the internet to graph orbits. It doesn't need to be specific, as for this subtopic I just need to graph the effects of changing eccentricity. The criteria is really simple: Representation of a focus point (a point of any style is acceptable) 2D from the point of view of somebody above it, similar in style to the spoiler. That's it. Even if it's just an ellipse grapher where I can input eccentricity (or even the Minor/Major axis) I will be over the moon. If anybody could help out, I'd greatly appreciate it. Extra points: If the software can graph multiple orbits on the same picture.
  7. Neither. It's a food group. How did Christopher Columbus discover the (now) United States?
  8. I'm a big fan of Elite: Dangerous and Naval Action. Seriously, if you haven't heard of Naval Action I would highly suggest looking it up. It's incredible in its Alpha stage and the future is looking bright!
  9. Good morning (or afternoon) everyone. I have a Kerbin Texture that I spent some time on a while back that I would now like to share. It's in a ridiculously high resolution (so you'll probably need to resize it). Now the details of what it does: Shore lines (or shallow water) is now a much lighter shade of blue. Areas of high elevation are now whiter. Some of the ice at the poles is exaggerated. IIRC, the pictures were slightly too shiny (for some reason). They look a tad better in-game. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or patience right now to convert them to DDS format so that's up to you should you want that. I also haven't been around the modding scene for a while, so I forget if the file is named correctly. Here's a download for the interested.
  10. Unless there's progress on un update or fixes (highly unlikely for both), I think we should stay away from this thread. Kerbal Galaxy was a config for this or Kopernicus IIRC, which doesn't make this obsolete.
  11. Just to clarify, this suggestion isn't about these official mods becoming stock but rather them being officially supported and distributed on the DRMs that KSP is sold on as optional, and free, to aid with convenience.
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