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[0.17] Electrical Energy Plugin | v1.5 (Oct 12)


Ion engines...  

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  1. 1. Ion engines...

    • ...should stay infinite (only using energy)
    • ...should use a bit of normal fuel too
    • ...should use a bit of RCS fuel
    • ...should have their own fuel type
    • ... are for idiots (do not vote for this option!)

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Download from Xenolith (>8300 downloads)

Or download from KerbalNet:


1.5 released! Now with nicer sun detection that takes distance to sun into account too and (WIP) rebalanced parts.

Special thanks

I Got BCed for moving me away from MuMechLib dependency

Dani-Sang for the logo & forum layout

Innsewerants for the new sun detection code

Hogdriver for a piece of code for the orbit spawner


This plugin gives you solar panels, batteries and ion engines you can use to power your spacecraft. Compared to other engines, they're very weak, but you don't have to carry tons of fuel with you.

Example parts



(Of course also available at the Xenolith page)


Fixed version of DynaSat mod is here (requires my plugin).

This one gives you a larger engine and battery plus extending solar panels. It also contains 2 very nice deployable satellites and a few parts using the previous version of the Zoxygene mod.

Do NOT overwrite Zoxygene.dll if you are using the latest version of Zoxygene!



My energy level shows up as -1, batteries don't work

Make sure you have "Kreuzung.cfg" in your Resources folder. If not, copy it from the zip file.


This plugin uses part modules for everything except the engines.

Unlike the part types you can set in the module line of a part.cfg, you can have more than one part module, and a part still works if a part module is not found, it will just be ignored.

This means that you can add battery or solar panel functions to any part regardless of it's other functions (you could even add them to an ion engine to make an all-in-one part :D).

A part module definiton in part.cfg always looks like this:

name = [part module name]


the name of the part module is similar to the module line, it determines which part module is used (don't try to apply a normal part type here, it won't work!).

Parameters are in the usual [name] = [value] format.


name = Energy
amount = [initial amount]
maxAmount = [maximum amount]
name = ModuleKrBattery


The resource is the energy itself, and the part module handles right-click menu and stage icon indicators.

amount = how much energy it holds at launch

maxAmount = how much energy it can hold (has to be same or more than amount AFAIK)

Solar Panel

name = ModuleKRSolarPanel
panelSize = [panel size]
panelEfficiency [panel efficiency]


Simple solar panel part module without animation, use PowerTech for that.

panelSize = surface area of the solar panel in m2

panelEfficiency = efficiency of the solar panel (realistic values for spacecraft solar panels are .3 to .4)

If you want to use PowerTech instead, configure your solar panel as SolarPanel_adv_PowerTech, and add these params:

partResGenerator = true
power = [energy gain]


name = ModuleKrGenerator
energyGain = [energy gain if activated]
fuelConsumption = [fuel consumption if activated]
fuelType = [type of fuel used]
controllableInside = [controllable by user?]
heatProduction = [heat production if activated]
activated = [initially activated?]


A generator/reactor part module

energyGain = how much energy it gains while active (in kWh, 0 by default)

fuelConsumption = how much fuel it consumes (0 by default)

fuelType = fuel type used (liquid by default, uses part resource with this name if anything else that liquid is used)

fuelType2 and fuelConsumption2 can be used the same way for a second fuel type.

controllableInside = can be always, commandable or never. It determines if the generator can be activated/deactivated by the user (default: always).

heatProduction = how much heat the part produces if active (default: 0)

activated = 1 if initially active (default: 0)

Ion Engine

module = IonEngine


It works like the old liquid engines (without Isp), with the difference that fuelConsumption of course means how much energy it consumes.

Some buggy parameters in the engine (left them out for the documentation)



+Added ModuleKrResourceTank

+Added ModuleKrIcon

+Added ModuleKrSpawnHeight

+Added heat production to ModuleKrGenerator

+/*Many new features and bugfixes in ModuleKrAnimation

*New sun detection code by Innsewerants

*Fixed resource consumption in ModuleKrGenerator

*Fixed a performance issue with many energy-draining parts at the same time

*Fixed gui options in ModuleKrGenerator and IonEngine not updating

-Forgot the rest


+Batteries can now surface-attach

*Rebalancing (WIP)

-Removed side nodes on battery and Solar Buddy




+Added ModuleKrAnimation (generic animation thing)

+Added ModuleKrTimewarp (not really useful, just for those who have fun with config editing)




+Added generator part module

+Batteries can now show indicators of their own energy level or the energy level of the whole ship

+Cephei reference

*MuMechLib is no longer required

*Fixed a persistence bug with the batteries

*Ion engines are now toggled via right-click menu

-'Battery' class removed

-'AirFilter' class removed


*Set the enegy gain of the Solar Buddy to a more balanced value

-Removed airfilter, outdated with new ZO2 versions


1.3 Probably breaks persistence, you have been warned.


+ Added a new part module, ModuleKrPowertechSupport, it can be applied to SolarPanels_adv_PowerTech (or the ZO2 version) from PowerTech to make them produce energy

* Airfilter now works even if not activated with staging

* Energy now uses part resources (left the old stuff in for compatibility)

* Tweaked the Void Bukerneering battery to use the new system

* Tweaked the Void Bukerneering ion engine to more realistic values (made by rkman)

- If there was something else, I forgot it...




+ Added ModuleKRSolarPanel as replacement

* Air filters can now be controlled from the part context menu, therefore I remapped the key to f15 by default.

* Fixed the battery die bug

- Removed the MuMech panel thing

- Removed SolarPanel, caused weird bugs


* Fixed the solar buddy to use the new panel type

+ Solar Buddy now surface-attachs, left the old nodes in for now, can I remove them?


License is CC BY

Edited by Kreuzung
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There\'s nothing on that site that forces you to sign in/up to download...

Unless there\'s another download link other than the one under 'Files', it says:

'Sry. You can\'t download files larger than 2MB without being a member.

Register for FREE and profit from unlimited downloads and instant updates. '

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You should say clearly what things we have to change when we want to use it!

Say what we change that they work together with MuMech.

(Sag was mir genau einstellen müssen um das selber zu nutzen! Funktioniert das mit den Panels von dir mit MuMech?)

I´ve made a German text so i can explane it better for him!!

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No, I originally based it on it, but then I ported it to MechJeb 1.8 when it came out. It allows other plugins to use the energy system and I plan to add other things like fuel-burning devices (including reactors ;D), Ion RCS and things that are not for propulsion (that doesn\'t mean Ion brakes ;P).

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I know that the language is english, but my english isn´t the best, so i explaned the things that was important for the plugin maker in german!

Kreuzung I tried to use MechJeb Parts with the plugin but it doesn´t work!

I´ve set a MechJeb Tank with fuelType = Energy

Now i´m thinking about the problem!

May you can say what´s wrong!

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