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  1. Oh I have no problems with delays. In fact I know Squad will make it perfect because they want to deliver high quality. I never paid for this game so I'm not going to demand anything. In fact, I donated $7 when the very first public builds came out and I just stumbled upon them. That was KSP 0.7 or 0.8 iirc, I still have the zips on my drive. I donated to this project one week after playing these builds because I found the game amazing and saw the potential. The reason for my previous reaction is that this community has grown from a very very small forum where almost every user knew each other to a huge mainstream community with forums, blogs, etc. The communication from Squad has been more strict, which I can understand because it has grown to a enormous project. Giving release dates during development is just a very bad idea with the current complexity. The fact that they stated that the update will be released on October the 11th is very nice. The thing that bothers me now is that the promised details are revealed on a stream which almost no one knew about. But I'm pretty sure it's either a simple mistake or I just haven't looked in all places (which I'm not going to do, I'm not that desperate, I can wait). It's one hour before midnight here so I'm going to have a sleep. I'll check tomorrow whether the update has been published or not, it's not that important. But if I was asked to give constructive criticism I would answer: Double check your communication plan when you're strict with what you do and don't say. Because people will have even more expectations when you do publish a release date with a statement like "We’ll be given more details in future post, so stay tuned and spread the word!". It's not a huge thing, but expect negative reactions when a lot of people don't know about where these details are published when they are (the stream). So for everyone on the side of the world where it's still day I say: Happy gaming with version 1.2! For everyone where it's night or even the 12th of October I say: Good night and tomorrow we'll see how it went. Bye!
  2. It appears that the details are currently being streamed.. https://www.twitch.tv/ksptv
  3. I was wondering this too. I haven't played KSP for a year and discovered last week that the new versions would be released today so it got my interest again. I understand that although the 11th of October is almost over where I life, it should arrive on 11th the October in Mexico (which probably is midnight here). But I've seen no details so far. Or did I miss a topic?
  4. Hello, I just wanted to say that this mod is really cool and I love what you made possible for everyone. Thanks for your hard work and I'm looking forward to features like situation specific music!
  5. I haven't played Spore for years but I know people made creature packs for others who don't have a internet connection. I just google'd for it and there still are some (old) packs available on the internet. It won't give you the same thing as the servers did but you can at least get 3K+ creatures into your game. I searched for "Spore Creature Pack" and found a few download sites with a pack that contains 3427 creatures. I hope this helps a bit.
  6. The devs tend to work with the community. Take for example Chad. Chad used to be a modder like all modders on this forum. He decided the hack the wing parts the game had (way back in time) so he could make spaceplanes. HarvesteR was really enthusiastic about his work which was the direct reason to make a landing strip and the space hangar. And now Chad is working with Squad. So yes, modders make some really awesome stuff and some of it will get into the stock game. Besides: Squad is investing a lot into the code in a way that it's dynamic enough for modders to do whatever they can think of. That's really impressive!
  7. Gave it a 5/6 for the description but I actually think it's a 4. I really miss the 'old' promote way that Kaptain Skunky and Damion used to do. That was way more fun to me. It added a level of sociality that I'm really missing at the moment.
  8. And they used another image of ksp... a very old version of ksp with the old parts. xD
  9. Thanks for all the clarifications, makes more sense now. I love all the dev things. I do miss the dev blogs we used to read. We could give 2 pages except for the fact that both pages stating such thing have been updated to the current state of possibilities. Both one of the stickys with what not to suggest and the wiki stated that multiplayer wasn't possible because it should be implemented from the start or is it will be added it would be added after ksp 1.0. Can't prove that at this moment because like I said both pages have been updated.
  10. I wonder if it would be possible to add the never implemented planets and moons in game by using planet factory... since Nova isn't a dev anymore or would that be violation of his contract?
  11. I've haven't been really playing the game for 2 months now (it might even be 3 or 4, I didn't count it). It's just that I don't have much time and got bored. Trying to change to other games worked for me. Playing Banished and some really old school games like WormsBlast helps me to stay happy now. I keep following all dev blogs and news tought because I find those the most interesting about ksp, all the development. I guess I'll start playing ksp again when there are more challenges from within the game.
  12. It's outttttt!!!! He released it earlier than Steam! Just bought it. ^^
  13. Yeah nice to see this also on the KSP forums! I'm soo going to play this. It's less than 8 hours from now going to be released. Since I discovered KSP this will be one of the greatest games I've played (I've watched so many let's play vids on Youtube). Btw I love the Banished vids from GamersDissent. http://www.youtube.com/user/GamersDissent/videos?tag_id=UCdtxiC-z9Y2hyqESvcfA7Cg.3.banished&shelf_id=12&view=46&sort=dd
  14. Great to still see this topic up! It's really great to see the old versions and than look at the recently posted ambitions for 0.24. This game has gone so far.
  15. Dat zou wel cool zijn! Ben benieuwt. Edit: oh las t niet goed. Hij speelt dus niet. Jammer.
  16. This looks incredible and I like that you matched the stock looks. awesome!
  17. This looks nice. It will be useful for the community, at least that's what I expect. I'll keep an eye on this.
  18. I don't have sheet music but I do have some of the first recordings HarvesteR made when making the music. You might be able to hear what notes are played since it contains less instruments and there aren't any sound effects added. Idk if it's something that you can use... but if you want it you can pm me. Edit: something struck my mind: with instruments I mean computer-generated instruments that sound like a simple midi conversion.
  19. Yes I agree, I miss those days too. And I miss Damion as a community manager. Whatever the reason was he left. And I'm sure he's reading this, all I hope is that he's happy and health. I'm glad he's still active on his youtube channel, although I never react on his video's they are still entertaining.
  20. Another nice little addition made. Thanks, very nice plugin (even without being a 'first' plugin).
  21. This is cool, it really adds some small details to the game which are really nice. I also just found out about the rcs sounds and theKerbal Sound Overhaul Project, bookmarked it. Very nice work on the sounds!
  22. Wow this sounds very good! Even with all the buigs, I'm going to try this when I've time. My god this sounds really good. This has probably something to do with a question answered on the first page.
  23. Haha yes I still get a lot of enjoyment out of dev blogs. So that's why it interests me. *stares at all the staring people*
  24. The weekly always arrives at Wednesday where I live. I guess their still debating about the 0.23 features (or taking a break which they deserve). Anyhow, I'll be looking forward to it like every week.
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