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[1.1.2] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) 1.2.12


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Last updated 21 June 2016 - v1.2.12 for KSP 1.1.2

KIS introduces new gameplay mechanics by adding a brand new inventory system and EVA usables items as tools.

You want to build a rover on Duna from scratch? Now you can...

Main features

  • KAS inventory system overhaul.
  • Visual and user friendly inventory interface using drag and drop system.
  • Unique EVA usable items as Screwdrivers, Explosive charges or extra EVA fuel tank...
  • Use tools to attach or detach part from your vessels in flight.
  • Use tools to build rockets, rovers or anything else from parts stored in containers in flight.
  • Inventories for Kerbals.
  • Stock alike containers and parts.
  • Containers Mounts for easy container detachment and reattachment.
  • Item stacking.
  • Put/remove kerbal helmet.
  • Career compatible with research progression and container content recovery (science point and part cost)
  • Sounds effects.
  • Clear code and .cfg modules to help other modders items creation.
  • Standalone (KAS and ModuleManager is not needed).

yABwZvI.png            P38pbfb.png

Change log


1.2.12 (June 21st, 2016)

  • [Fix] #109: Sandbox mode = no repairskill for non-badass kerbals.
  • [Fix] #161: KSP 1.1.3: Missing method exception.

1.2.11 (June 10th, 2016)

  • [Fix] #138: NRE when switching to launch.
  • [Fix] #151: NRE in editor when using Deadly Reenter mod.
  • [Fix] #154: Items in free seats's inventory are not cleared and counted to the vessel mass.

1.2.10 (23 May 2016)

 For proper part's volume calculation Module Manager is required. Though, without it the mod will still work. 

  • [Fix] #117: Fix duplication of the default items on flight revert.
  • [Fix] #140: A part get created on drag in the editor.
  • [Change] Always calculate part volume from its prefab. It's now consistent but may be not optimal in some cases. E.g. deployable parts that are deployed by default (in the mesh state) will take more space than they used to be. It may result in awkward behavior of containers that were loaded prior to the update.
  • [Change] Add a ModuleManager patch to override stock drills volume since in prefab these parts are deployed and take too much space.
  • [Fix] #141: Stop directly modifying inventory part mass.
  • [Enhancement] #148: Dropped parts get weird names.
  • [Fix] #147: Some parts don't give usable drag models from prefab.
  • [Fix] #145: Carriable items show as "carried" in the inventory.
  • [Fix] #142: Settings are always read from file.
  • [Fix] #137: Volume of Drill-O-Matic calculated incorrectly.

1.2.9 (3 May 2016)

  • [Change] Temporarily set surface attach node as the most preferable for default. It's a workaround until #134 is fixed.
  • [Fix] #131: Kerbals can't pull items from Inventories.
  • [Fix] #133: Concrete block doesn't attach.

1.2.8 (2 May 2016)

  • [Change] Compatibility change for KSP 1.1.2.
  • [Change] When attaching a part with stack nodes by default prefer "bottom" and "top" attach nodes as they are most used ones.
  • [Change] Turn allowPartAttach and allowStaticAttach fields of KISItem into enums. Integers are still accepted but in the new parts using of enum names is encouraged.
  • [Change] Temporarily increase breaking force of equipped items by x10 (up to 50). Old settings of 5 is too weak for such applications as eva chutes. Also see bug #128.
  • [Enhancement] Show error message when "X" is pressed and no item is equipped.
  • [Enhancement] #117: Auto add common items to the seats.
  • [Fix] #116: Mass limit is not checked when grabbing from inventory.
  • [Fix] #118: Detach of static attached part results in NPE.
  • [Fix] #119: Adding an item into inventory in the editor shows KSP error in the logs.
  • [Fix] #121: In node attach mode the connection points markers get overlapped by the part's mesh.
  • [Fix] #122: For some parts attach point is wrongly detected.
  • [Fix] #124: Parts with allowPartAttach = 1 still require a tool.

1.2.7 (21 April 2016)

  • [Change] KSP 1.1 supported!
  • [Change] Increase static attach strength on ground base to prevent joint breakage.
  • [Enhancement] Add new setting in the config to specify key modifiers that activate dragging in editor category list. By default it's set to None which preserves same behavior as in 1.0.5.
  • [Enhancement] Improved search tags and descriptions in parts.
  • [Fix] Parts got replicated and attachment didn't work when surface attaching parts onto radial adapter.
  • [Fix] React on joint break on static attached items.
  • [Fix] Match rendering queue of KIS pointer to the part's highlight renderers to prevent overlapping issue.
  • [Fix] Restore highlighting of the hovered part when deselecting a hierarchy.
  • [Fix] Fix bottom attach node on ground base to make it more stable and prevent explosions on physics start.

1.2.6 (7 April 2016)

This version does NOT support KSP 1.1 yet! Version 1.2.7 will.

  • [Fix]: #108: Parts with no attach nodes cannot be static attached.
  • [Change]: Some cleanup to make code more compatible with pre-release of KSP 1.1.

1.2.5 (22 February 2016)

  • [Feature] #101: Allow configuring EVA inventory hotkeys via a config file.
  • [Fix] #103: Part (not seat) inventory overwritten by crew inventory when transferring crew into it.
  • [Fix] #89: Portable containers revert to previous content when dropped. For now only restrict using of such inventories to not loose items. Which promotes this bug to enhancement.

1.2.4 (17 February 2016)

  • [Feature] #96: Allow move/attach a group of parts. When grab mode is selected the whole hierarchy is highlited.
  • [Feature]: New mode "Re-dock" (shortcut: "y"). Allows moving vessels docked to the station. No need to snipe the right part to deatch, the right docking port is found automatically. The port allowed for re-docking are highlighed with green color.
  • [Enhancement] Added semi-black background when showing cursor status and hint text to improve visibility in light scenes.
  • [Enhancement] Detect and fix wrong assemblies that could have created due to a bug in the KSP editor.
  • [Enhancement] Don't allow (un)equipping when dragging/moving a part.
  • [Enhancement] When stack attaching only consider nodes that don't allow collisions.
  • [Fix] #87: Correctly handle "revert flight" action, and stop adding multiple callbacks that slow down editor UI.
  • [Fix] #97: Accept names with dots when overriding part settings in config. E.g. "mumech_MJ2_AR202" is correctly tarnslated into "mumech.MJ2.AR202".
  • [Fix] Don't equip items when loading non-eva kerbal. When vessel had multiple non-engineer kerbals, and there is one with an equipped screwdriwer an error "cannot quip" was showing on load.

1.2.3 (11 November 2015)

  • Compatibility fix for KSP 1.0.5

1.2.2 (13 August 2015)

  • [Fix] Fixed kerbal items not transfering to pod without internal model
  • [Fix] Fixed missing command seat icon (thx to mongoose)
  • [Fix] Fixed node attach not working for some radial part
  • [Fix] Prevent playing static attach sound after load/warp
  • [Fix] Removed old ILC-18k container .mbm textures
  • [Fix] Converted ISC-6K container textures to DDS
  • [Fix] Fixed minor typo in sound error message (thx to Amorymeltzer)

1.2.1 (29 July 2015)

  • [Enhancement] Added key (B/N) to move up or down a part in drop mode
  • [Enhancement] Added a dedicated key to put/remove helmet (J)
  • [Enhancement] Added new stackable modules
  • [Enhancement] Added max sound distance parameter for ModuleKISItemSoundPlayer
  • [Enhancement] Added new parameters in moduleKISItem : useExternalPartAttach & useExternalStaticAttach (for KAS or others mods)
  • [Change] Modified the organization of the text keys under cursor
  • [Fix] Fixed editor part dragging
  • [Fix] Removed some unused debug lines
  • [Fix] Fixed eva speed not returning to the default value after moving a carried container to an inventory
  • [Fix] Kerbal headlamp is disabled when helmet is removed
  • [Fix] Prevent helmet sound to play if it cannnot be removed

1.2.0 (11 July 2015)

  • [New Part] ISC-6K inline container (6 000L)
  • [Enhancement] Added a dedicated key to attach/detach (H)
  • [Enhancement] Part can be detached from parent without grabbing
  • [Enhancement] Explosives can be attached without a tool
  • [Enhancement] Added a GUI to set the timer and radius of explosives
  • [Enhancement] Added different color to attach and drop
  • [Enhancement] Added an dedicated icon for detaching
  • [Enhancement] Allow detaching & grabbing of part with one parent or children
  • [Enhancement] Added colors to the target part and his parent on detach
  • [Enhancement] Removed attach mass restriction for the wrench
  • [Enhancement] Added a ModuleKISItem parameter : allowStaticAttach (0:false / 1:true / 2:Attach tool needed)
  • [Enhancement] Added a ModuleKISItem parameter : allowPartAttach (0:false / 1:true / 2:Attach tool needed)
  • [Enhancement] Added a ModuleKISItemAttachTool & ModuleKISPickup parameter to enable/disable part & static attach
  • [Change] IMC-250 container renamed ILC-18k, max volume reduced from 22000 to 18000
  • [Change] Moved ModuleKISPartStatic to ModuleKISItem
  • [Change] Changed some part description
  • [Change] Increased explosives maxTemp parameter
  • [Change] Updated guide to 1.2
  • [Fix] Compatibility fix for KSP 1.0.4
  • [Fix] Fixed crash on x64 linux
  • [Fix] Fixed wrong position of part attached from inventory
  • [Fix] Prevent part "cloning" when removing content of a carried container before dropping it
  • [Fix] Fix crash when dropping a part from a carried container

1.1.5 (31 May, 2015)

  • [Enhancement] Disable jetpack mouse input while dragging
  • [Enhancement] Converted parts textures to DDS
  • [Enhancement] AVC is now used for version check
  • [Enhancement] Added a KAS version dependancy check
  • [Enhancement] Added more stackable module (KASModuleHarpoon, ModuleRecycleablePart, CollisionFX)
  • [Fix] launchID is now correctly set for stored parts
  • [Fix] Prevent removing the launch vessel flag of stored parts
  • [Fix] Stored parts must now be recognized by contracts
  • [Fix] Fix static part not attaching when dragged from an inventory
  • [Fix] Prevent vessel switching while dragging an item
  • [Fix] Engineer report take into account the mass update
  • [Fix] OnKISAction method use BaseEventData (prevent KAS crash if KIS is missing)
  • [Fix] Fix two typos in the user manual
  • [Fix] Fix wording for removing helmets. (thanks to iPeer)

1.1.4 (14 May, 2015)

  • [Fix] fix delayed ship explosion after attaching parts from inventory in deep space

1.1.3 (14 May, 2015)

  • [Fix] fix explosion after moving/attaching a part (hopefully)
  • [Fix] Prevent equipped part to explode after loading (when using equipmode = part)
  • [Fix] Prevent item to be carried even if no slot is available
  • [Fix] Explosive now show up in the left hand according to the equip slot
  • [Fix] Prevent unequipping when dragging an item on another
  • [Fix] Eva propellant will now remove resource from the equipped part (when using equipmode = part)
  • [Change] Guide and wrench item moved to engineering101 tech node
  • [Change] Created a SendKISMessage method (to communicate with KAS or other mods)

1.1.2 (8 May, 2015)

  • Compatibility fix for KSP 1.0.2
  • [Feature] Add "mountedPartNode" parameter in module "ModuleKISPartMount" to set the part node used on mount
  • [Feature] Allow mount to be set on a moving attach node (KAS compatibility)
  • [Feature] Send messages on part drop/attach (KAS compatibility)
  • [Fix] Fix velocity reset on part creation in space
  • [Fix] Prevent part node to be changed on mount
  • [Fix] Prevent KIS dll reference error after recompile
  • [Fix] Ingame user guide updated to 1.1
  • [Fix] Some spelling fixes
  • [Change] Move KIS static item module to part module
  • [Change] Allow carried container to be used

1.1.1 (1 May, 2015)

- [Fix] Fixed (again) wrong mass calculation for part with resources

- [Fix] Fixed "Escape" not correctly spelled

1.1.0 (30 April, 2015)

- KSP 1.0 Compatibility

- [New Part] 2.5m inline container (20 000L)

- [New Part] Ground base (similar to KAS Pylon)

- [Feature] Part snapping on stack nodes (electric screwdriver only)

- [Feature] Containers snapping on mount (removed "item drag to mount" behaviour)

- [Feature] Small containers can now be carried on kerbal's back (but kerbal speed is limited on ground)

- [Feature] Allow part from editor scene to be dragged to inventory (for tweaking them before storing them)

- [Feature] Added multiple node support for PartMount module

- [Feature] Added TweakScale compatibility

- [Feature] Added ability to name containers

- [Feature] Added a button in the kerbal inventory to put/remove helmet

- [Feature] Added ability to set equip to "model"(default), "part" or "physic" in ModuleKISItem

- [Feature] New item module to tweak some kerbal parameters when item is equipped (for modding)

- [Feature] Current attach node is now displayed on the cursor

- [Feature] Show science data of stored items

- [Feature] Settings.cfg file is now loaded as a confignode (allow module manager to add partModules to the Stackable list)

- [Feature] Show content resources, cost, mass and science data for stored containers

- [Change] Disabled surface attach for stack part nodes

- [Change] Disabled surface attach for part not allowing it

- [Change] Increased default grab range to 3 meters

- [Change] Part cost, mass and r&d updated for KSP 1.0

- [Change] Reduced the number of slots of the small container

- [Fix] "Open inventory" context menu max distance now use the grab distance from settings.cfg

- [Fix] Disabled editor set quantity item context menu when part is not stackable

- [Fix] Fixed a crash when trying to store a command pod from the editor

- [Fix] Fixed item icon not returning to default rotation

- [Fix] Prevent a crash if an item is added in the same slot on loading

- [Fix] Re-arrange inventories when size is changed

- [Fix] Removed a double when changing attach node

- [Fix] Prevent storing a container in itself

- [Fix] Prevent attaching a part on itself

- [Fix] Fixed incorrect checking of volume available when stacking in the same inventory

1.0.2 (5 April, 2015)

  • Fix wrong mass calculation for part with resources

1.0.1 (31 March, 2015)

  • Change volume unit from M3 to L
  • Check kerbal skill instead of trait name for tools
  • Added default kerbal mass parameter in settings.cfg
  • Disable drag for greyed parts in the editor to prevent storing them without bought them from research in hard mode
  • Add decimals to maxVolume for the inventory module tooltip
  • Prevent a part to be mounted on itself
  • Fix grab not working in some specific situations
  • Fix crash when dragging a container from a mount to another mount
  • Fix crash when attaching a docking node
  • Fix container mass calculation
  • Fix inventory click-through not working correctly
  • Fix framerate drops while hovering inventory in flight
  • Fix debug menu not working
  • Fix exception thrown on first time entering VAB
  • Fix exception thrown after loading
  • Fix exception thrown when using release on empty mount

1.0.0 (14 March, 2015)

  • Initial release

Items pack

You can download an extra items pack for KIS (see curse files page). This items pack is for fun and to show the capabilities of KIS.

Don't hesitate to take a look on the wiki to see what you can do with KIS. KIS is pretty moddable and you can create your own items easily!

Known issues

- Small parts dropped can go throught the ground or explode. I recommend to avoid dropping them on the ground directly, and instead drop them on another part (container for exemple)

- EAS-1 External Command Seat cannot be dragged in the inventory because the icon is missing. Hopefully next KSP release will fix this issue.

- If you use tweakscale, parts will not be stackable

- Mirroring a container will not mirror the content. However, you can save a container content using sub-assembly.

Mods using KIS

Kerbal Attachment System

Universal storage

Pro Props


Portable Science Container

Phoenix Industries Cargo Resupply System

Mk3 KIS Cargo Containers



  • 2.5m and 3.75m containers + mounts
  • Mechanical help for moving and attaching bigger parts
  • Storing vessels
  • Kerbal parachute
  • Items improvements
  • More items
  • Crafting
  • Building construction
  • ...

Useful Links

User Guide (PDF)

Wiki (See the wiki for more information on KIS : how to, version history, modding guide, etc...)

Issue tracker










KospY : Plugin design and development, C# coding.

Winn75 : Graphic design, 3D Models, textures and user guide.

Igorz : Plugin maintainer, C# coding.

Edited by KospY
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Thanks, It taken months to do it, I hope you enjoy it :)

Also, you can thanks Winn75 for his fantastic work on models / textures and the PDF Guide !

Edited by KospY
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Awesomeness. I'm also downloading the kerbal fun pack.

Also, just a thought, wouldn't it be better to have the kerbal fun pack go into the KIS folder?

It's supposed to be like that, the kerbal fun pack just add some parts in the KIS parts folder (just merge the folders).

I will update the thread with the pictures of all parts later, right now I am happy to leave you with the surprise of what there is in the pack :)

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Yeah, I thought from the filename that it would have it's own folder, but then I opened it and saw that it does go into the KIS folder and deleted that part of my post because I was like 'nvm then'.

Edit: First bug (though seems harmless) found through exception detector on entering VAB (I think, maybe it was earlier), though it only appeared that first time I entered VAB.

I'll also post an issue on github

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

at KIS.KISAddonPickup.Awake () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0



AddonLoader:StartAddon(LoadedAssembly, Type, KSPAddon, Startup)




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KospY: it would be very much more flexible to check the experience effect rather than the trait. There are modders (myself included) that plan on adding more traits (one that comes to mind: medic), and they will be left out in the cold. Effects are almost as easy to check. Better yet, Effects are very easy to create: I have done so for Extraplanetary Launchpads (ExConstructionSkill). Currently only engineers get the skill, but there's no reason someone couldn't give it to any other profession (trait).

If you like, I can do the work and send a PR.

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So, do we need this and Kerbal attachment system, or does this replace kerbal attachment system?

Did you read the OP? It's standalone, no KAS (or module manager apparently, but MM is needed for other mods) required. It does have a slight conflict with the grab keybind in KAS, but they'll fix that in the next KAS update and besides, you can change the keybind, takes less than a minute to do so.

KospY: I would suggest that you disable window clickthrough when the inventory editor window is open because you can accidentially do something to something behind the window that you don't want to do.

Edit: The ingame manual book reader (which is a neat feature btw) needs a zoom function because the text is kind of small for me to read.

Edited by smjjames
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This looks really nice. Makes me wonder if my new enjoyment in KSP "gameplay" mechanics will now not be "get to planet" but "get to planet, rebuild crashed rocket, and have cool adventures with KAS!"

Edited by Technical Ben
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Did you read the OP? It's standalone, no KAS (or module manager apparently, but MM is needed for other mods) required. It does have a slight conflict with the grab keybind in KAS, but they'll fix that in the next KAS update and besides, you can change the keybind, takes less than a minute to do so.

I did read it but missed that, apparently. thanks for pointing it out.

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it's working great so far, I'm sure it's obvious and I'm missing it, but how do your put an item that is grabbed off the ground or detached from a vessel back into storage container?

Part manipulation is explained in the user guide ;)

You can drag an drop it back in the container inventory GUI (But you must hold the mouse button otherwise you change to "drop/place mode").

does this support science samples and such? That would be super-duper great!

Science samples are not supported as EVA items, but that's a nice idea.

Edited by winn75
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Hm, I had a crash that appears to be related to KIS (crash folder) http://sta.sh/01d3byrnjfwz

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but it happened while I was putting things into a command pod inventory. Some of the steps were that I accidentially removed and then deleted something while putting things into the inventory, undid that (which also removed stuff from inventory), started getting a strange exception coming from Extraplanetary Launchpads, then a short time later, crash.

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I see in the guide where it says "Tools and EVA items can be found in a new tab under science category." but I haven't been able to find any of the items under the science category. What does it mean by new tab?

I'd appreciate if someone could clear this up for me.

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I see in the guide where it says "Tools and EVA items can be found in a new tab under science category." but I haven't been able to find any of the items under the science category. What does it mean by new tab?

I'd appreciate if someone could clear this up for me.

It means that there is a new tab below the science tab. You don't see the tab with the kerbonaut icon?

I suppose it could be reworded a little.

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It means that there is a new tab below the science tab. You don't see the tab with the kerbonaut icon?

I suppose it could be reworded a little.

No I do not, I've removed and reinstalled the mod and there is no new tab added to the VAB.

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Hm, are you installing it correctly? No clue otherwise.

Also, theres this bug with Kerbal Foundries that makes the VAB icons for those parts tiny which is breaking the inventory move function in that they're invisible and don't actually get moved. I was trying to move the half-ton mass track parts. I'll grab the part icon fixer from over on the KF thread, see if that fixes it.

Edit: Yeah that fixes it, though I guess the medium and long tracks are too big volume wise to fit despite being only a half ton.

Edited by smjjames
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