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The Name Change Thread (WARNING! ONE TIME ONLY!)


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Post Your Name Change Requests Here!

If you would like to have your username changed, please post here.  State what you would like your name changed to.   The moderators will see if that's available.  If the name is not already taken by another user, and it meets our Forum Guidelines, it should be approved, and will be changed in short order.

You are only allowed 1 (one) name change.  It can be hard to keep track of who is who if everybody keeps changing their name.   So think wisely about the change, it won't be undone.


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This one is awful.

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Moved to the Forum Forum.

Yep, everyone gets exactly one chance for a username change, so make sure you pick one you'll be happy sticking with. I'll hail the folks who can arrange it for you. :)

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oh cool, are you somone who can change my name?


could you change it to ImperialistPigDog

Are you one hundred percent sure that's what you want? Remember, you can't change it to something else or change it back once it's done.

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This is a thread where you can post a request to have your forum username changed to whatever you select. (within reason)

Post on here with your request for a name change, and the new name you want.


You only get one name change! Once you change your name, the new name is permanent, no exceptions. So choose wisely!

I will be monitoring this thread closely and PMing Sal_vager with any requests to make sure they are all taken care of. :)

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Sorry, but the "Can you change your username" thread has taken all of your thunder on this one. Not trying to be rude, just saying.

Also, I don't want my name changed now.

Except, that was a question that got answered. A few people chimed in with requests.

There's been about...4 or 5 threads like that have popped up recently. They always die. This thread is supposed to be permanent, and sal_vager OKed this thread to be official. I'm gonna ask about a sticky also.

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Speaking for myself but if i change username it won't change my (more or less weird xDr) typing habits. (neuronal schemes deeply binded somewhere related things i guess) + i feel in accordance with this current nick so no point to change it.

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