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[1.1.3]Carcharoth Aeronautics-V0.07 "Tubular Bang"


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V0.07 "Tubular Bang"

New Feature:

Texture swap in hangar (requires firespitter)

New Parts:

Mk 214 50 mm Cannon 3D MODEL

Maschinegewehr Mg 131 FDSL turret 3D MODEL

Mauser Maschinegewehr Mg 151/20 3DMODEL

Disney Bomb "Disney Swish" Rocket Assisted Bomb 3DMODEL

Rheinmetall Mk 108 Maschinenkanone 3D MODEL

Rheinmetall Maschinegewehr Mg 17 3D MODEL


Download: DOWNLOAD

MORE INFO -> Development thread

Current parts:

Grand Slam Earthquake Bomb  3D Model VIDEO

TallBoy Earthquake Bomb 3D Model VIDEO

T-12 Cloudmaker Earthquake Bomb 3D Model VIDEO

Mark 5 Nuclear Bomb 3D Model VIDEO

V0.05 "Sweet sweet Roentgens" VIDEO

Katyusha Rocket VIDEO 3Dmodel

M-65 Nuclear cannon VIDEO  3D Model   Early test video

Baker test Bomb VIDEO 3D Model

N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Heisenberg Gerät" VIDEO   3Dmodel

N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Uranprojekt-3" VIDEO  3Dmodel

N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Uranprojekt-4" VIDEO 3Dmodel

Fatman OLD video NEW video 3D Model

Davy Crockett (and the recoilless launcher) VIDEO Early test video 3D Model

AN-11 VIDEO 3D Model

Mk-117 750lb VIDEO 3D Model

Thin Man VIDEO 3D Model

Little Boy VIDEO 3D Model

N-a-z-i nuclear bomb "Uranprojekt-2" VIDEO 3D Model

Fritz X VIDEO 3D Model

Norden Bombsight VIDEO 3D Model

FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 VIDEO 3D Model

Ruhrstahl X-4 VIDEO 3D Model

Proyected parts:


And other things: fixed cannons, machineguns, Pak40, recoilless rifles, for planes too. Full list in the download link

Thanks you for your attention :wink:

Edited by Carcharoth
Update v0.07
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3 hours ago, Carcharoth said:

Finally updated to KSP 1.0.5, latest BDA version and 6 new parts ;)

I'm loving the new update! The M65 has very beautiful animations, and the new German "what-if" bombs are really cool! 

Edited by Voyager2
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6 hours ago, Adam Kerman said:

Why does every weapon mod require BD Armoury!?!?!?!

The weapons have: damage, effect radius, explosion, targeting mode, ... that do not work in KSP, they need the BDarmory .dll and other files so KSP can "understand" the configuration file of all weapons. If not the weapons will be probably detected like a structural part like a "I-Beam".

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3 hours ago, TheDragonGamer said:

any idea on how long this may take to update to 1.2?

It should be as compatible as BDarmory itself, any bug in BDA will be present, but if BDA works fine this too.

This MOD is just an "expansion pack" for BDA. I lack the skills needed to implement a new "thing" in the game.

BTW I want to make it "officially" compatible in the next release, V0.08 :wink:

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