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[1.9.1] SLS Part Pack Basic Version - Small update: specular parts & preview of the new Main Core


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Space Launch System Part Pack

DOWNLOAD: iOaQ7nq.png?1


Craft Files: BJ25nBj.png?1

Small fixes between updates: BJ25nBj.png?1

Mod Recommended: Hangar Extender

Space Launch System Parts Pack is a modification that adds to the basic game section dedicated to the SLS program. Package contains: SLS Block 1, SLS Block 1B, SLS Block 2





Update to version 1.2.1
Adding Parts:
Second Stage Separation Motior,
Remodelling Part and adding shiny texture:
Orion MPCV, Arion Heatshield, Orion Parachute Cap, AJ10-190, R-4D11, Orion RCS, ICPS LH2Tank, ICPS LOx Tank, Orion SM, Aero Cap, Launch Escape System, InterTank MC, AJ1E6 Engine Skirt, EUS InterTank, EUS InterTank MC, Pyrios Engine Skirt, 5m Fairing adapter, Orion 1B Adapter, AJ1E6 FuelTank, EUS LH2 Tank, EUS LOxTank, Pyriost FuelTank, AR1 engine, F1-B Engine, MainEngine Adapter, ICPS Engine Adapter, EUS Engine Adapter, RL-10B2, RL-10C2, MC EndSkirt, MC LOx Tank, MC LH2 Tank. 
Remoddelling and adding new texture:
Orion Parachute

Adding Texture Replacer to recomended mod.
Fixed RCS thruster
Fixed NASA Docking System
Rescale Orion 1B payload fairing
Fixed Orion 1B Decoupler
Fixed ATV Fairing
Adding new model for 10m and 5m Payload Fairing
Adding new RO confing
Adding new parts: Orion MPCV Capsule, Orion Parachute Cap, Orion Parachute Pack.
Rebuilt 1B crew adapter.
Adding all parts in stock dimension.
Adding new parts: DarkKnight Booster, AJ1E6 booster, ORION Decoupler, Remodelling Main Core, Remodelling Pyrios Booster, Remodelling ORION Service Module, Remodelling all Engines, Remodelling EUS & ICPS, Adding new animated parts, Better textured all parts. Adding early RO config, Adding Craft Files.
Remodelling MC InterTank, Remodeling MC End Skirt, Remodelling LH2 Tank & LOxTank,
Added new part: LAS, Orion Aero Cap,
Remodelling Orion Adapter & Orion Fairing
Better texture for remodelling parts
Revised confing Cargo Fairing Adapter
Remodelling parts: RS 25 Engine Adapter, LH2 MainCore Tank, LOx MainCore Tank, MainCore InterTank, MainCore End Skirt, ICPS Adapter, ICPS LH2 Tank, ICPS LOx Tank
Better textured all remodelling parts
Added new parts: ICPS monopropellant tank, EUS monopropellant tank, 
Better textured: EUS 
Better model: EUS
Added docking port with parachute from SDHI mod
Added new part:
European Service Module 
Mod is compatibilty with Aerojet Kerbodyne & Taurus HCV
Added new parts:
Exploration Upper Stage (LH2 Tank, LOx Tank, InterTank, RL-10C-2, Engine Adapter)
Pyrios Liquid Fuel Booster ( F-1B engine, F-1B adapter, FuelTank, NoseCone)
10m. Fairings
Better Textured
Added License
Added new parts:
Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (LH2Tank, LOx Tank, RL-10B-2 engine, InterTank)|
Parts: LH2 Tank, LOX Tank, RS-25 engine, RS-25 Adapter, SRB, Decoupler for SRB, Fairings
New glossy parts cfg. New model for a few parts.
ORION - Improved reflections ORION - Improved RCS Thruster ORION - better normal map Heatshield - Adding Decouple Module, Adding alternative textures to few parts.




This mod is distributed under the GPL3 license.

Edited by Sobol
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[quote name='Nansuchao']Beautiful! I hope this will be compatible with RO.[/QUOTE]

I'm sure as soon as the RO guys sees this they are most likely going to make RO configs for it. It might not be added to the main RO download just yet, but check out their RO Github and you might just see some configs for it there in the coming days. Those guys are usually very quick.
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Today I worked on it:
These parts will be avaible from next update. F-1 B Engine, F-1 B Engine Adapter,Pyrios Liquid Fuel Tank, Pyrios Nose Cone.
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Next update on Saturday:
New parts added: Pyrios Liquid Fuel Booster (F1B eng, LF tank, Nose Cone), Exploration Upper Stage (LH2 tank, LOx Tank, Intertank, Engine Adapter, RL-10C2 eng), 10m. fairings.
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Tests the next update:
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Now that's what I call a grand entrance.  Welcome, Sobol, and thank you for this outstanding piece of modding.  I've been zooming about and having a blast. 

When I got around to building the SRB I did notice the top node position was a little high. :D  From the CFG file:

node_stack_top = 0.0, 122.3, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2

Changing it to the value below did the trick

node_stack_top = 0.0, 24.85, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2

Looking forward to seeing your future work.

Edited by epower
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