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What is Your Planned 1.1 Modlist?


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I'm currently tearing my hair out to decide whether I want to play stock system + OPM in combination with some of the kickass EVE/Scatterer configs that are starting to crop up... or whether I want to play New Horizons instead, for a different early/midgame experience. Gaaaah.

Whatever it'll turn out to be, though, it'll be rescaled to 2x size with Sigma Dimensions :P

I'm also with a high likelyhood going full on UKS + USI-LS. I've played a lot with TAC-LS in the past, but now it's time for something different.

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Don't assume that 64bit KSP will allow you to run an infinite number of mods. You are still limited by the total RAM of your computer, and it's incredibly easy to reach that limit when installing part packs. On my Linux machine with 8 GB RAM I hit the memory limit just by installing Realism Overhaul and a few of the recommended and suggested part packs for it...

But back on topic. For 1.1 I'm planning a rather short mod list, but this time it'll definitely include:

  • Ferram Aerospace Research
  • Real Chute (as FAR already includes RealChute Lite it's not the worst idea to get the full thing)
  • Stock Bugfix Modules
  • Kerbal Construction Time
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • Vessel Orbital Informational Display
  • Procedural Fairings
  • Waypoint Manager

I'm using all of those mods right now as well, except for Kerbal Construction Time. When I started my current save I considered its simulation option a bit cheaty, but after seeing my incredibly expensive Eve lander fail horribly I decided that for such missions it'd be nice to know if a design is going to work before actually hauling it across half a kerbolar system...

In addition it's quite likely I'll end up installing those mods as well:


  • Kerbal Inventory System (why build a new lander after unlocking a new experiment instead of just mounting the device on the lander that's already there?)
  • SCANsat (I know, it's not balanced, but it's also a nice gameplay mechanics)
  • Remote Tech (to get signal delay)
  • kOS (to be able to cope with signal delay without using pre-baked solutions like MechJeb's autopilot)
  • Scatterer and
  • Environmental Visual Enhancements (if my GPU driver actually manages to handle them - last time I tried it caused noticeable stuttering in LKO...)


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Probably something similar to what I'm using now for Forgotten Space Program. Depending on how the sound system works in 1.1/Unity5 I might use Nova's sound muffler plugin again (or a derivative of it such as Pizza Overhead's old ASE mod), and I'll probably start using RealPlume and similar appearance mods that I'm already using in RSS/RO.

One question is whether I'll continue to use Remote Tech given how nice the stock antenna system looks (assuming it makes the cut for 1.1). What I might do instead is write a simple plugin to add signal delay (assuming that isn't slipped into stock... please) and keep using the RT parts, just not the plugin. 

The bigger question is will most of the mods I use ever be updated for 1.1? I suspect more than a couple of them will fade away, as is only natural. (One of the plugins I (silently) use has never been officially updated for 0.90... just patched by me.) We'll see. 

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My must-have mods are there because the wheel module is a butt. Hmm. I...don't know, actually, I won't be needing the SWheels anymore because the stock wheel module will actually work. The tracks if they're ever updated are a must have. BEyond that itt'l pretty much be as it is now with the 64bit hack, whatever catches my eye from the forums.

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Oh, that's a REALLY long one. I'll actually mod the hell out of the game for my first 1.1 save. The entire list is of course if and when these mods are updated for 1.1



- Environmental Visual Enhancements with some sort of pack (Better Atmospheres or an Astronomer pack, whatever works best)  
- Texture Replacer (obviously)  
- Distant Object Enhancement  
- Real Plumes 
- Cool Rockets
- Window Shine
- Planet Shine
- Engine Lightning
- Scatterer
- Collision FX
- Destruction Effects
- Water Sounds
- ShipEffects Sound Mod: Dynamic Sound Effect
- Rover Wheel Sounds
- Stock bugfixes/Stock Plus
- Waypoint Manager
- Kerbal Attachment System / Inventory System
- Kerbal Engineer
- Kerbal Alarm Clock
- Precise Node
- Ambient Light Adjustment
- Procedural Fairings
- Stock Clamshell Fairings
- NoOffsetLimits
- Goodspeed Fuel Pumps
- Persistent Thrust
- SpaceY

And Once I'm done planting flags on all stock Planets and Moons, I'll try every available "additional planets" mod, and plant flags on every single one of them.

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I found that for best visuals you combine KSPRC's planet textures with AVP: Interstellar's Clouds and surface glow. It looks amazing, especially when you use Scatterer and EVE Overhaul. Does anyone know if beautification mods work with 6.4k Kerbin? I really want it to add some more challenge.

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My planned modlist is to wait the 3months after 1.1 that it will take for modders to update their mods that will undoubtedly be broken. And then I'm sure I'll complain more about how Squad has nobody on staff that has half a clue about what we players want as far as contracts go and they will still be pointless and illogical.

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  • 1 month later...

I'm hoping I can get a Kerbin+Realism+VisualFX setup going.  The dream list would probably look like...

Eye (and ear) candy: EVE, Scatterer, CollisionFX, Kerbal Krash System, Rover Wheel Sounds

Features: A Kerbin rescale (3.2 or 6.4), Engineering Tech Tree, Real Fuels / Stock Configs, Kerbal Construction Time, KIS, KAS, EPL, USI Life Support/permadeath mode.

Parts: SpaceY, Planetary Base Systems, most Near Future packs, various Roverdude parts mods, Karbonite, more as I think of them...  Maaaybe KSP Interstellar Extended.  (Love the concpet and gameplay but its reactors don't really work the same way as Roverdude's).

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I have been working on this list for a while, trying to get the best experience out of the game in balance from what I expect the update to contain an how much work I want to put into it. So in the end my list looks like this:

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Hopefully almost the same ones as now (60 Mods installed, some larger, some smaller, some "must-haves", some which are very expendable)...

I hope some get obsolete because auf the stock enhancements in 1.1. Then i might install some beautification mods like EVE or Scatterer.

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As with every new release of KSP, initially my planned mod pack is identical to @GoSlash27's. There will be so much that's different in 1.1 so I want to see what the core game on it's own is like.  Then probably will add visual enhancements and then gradually add the rest of my current mod pack. Will also try packing in a silly number of really large mods, to see how the game handles it, but probably won't do much mod play until at least a couple weeks after the full 1.1 release, gotta give the mods devs times to update!


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The same 6 5 as usual...


Clamshell Fairings

- Kerbal Engineer Redux

- RasterPropMonitors

- Dockingport Allignment Indicator RPM

- VesselViewer RPM

- ScanSat RPM

And the always unlisted but most necessary mod ever: ModuleManager. I also really hope for EVE to work stable again under the new 64 Bit Version for Mac. Some clouds would be pretty nice.

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* Kerbal Engineer

* Asteroid day mod

* I was recently sold on the outer planets mod

* Self-made electric fans (thinking of abandoning the old basic jet model that I've been using, and using the goliath model rescaled to 1.25 m

* Self-made ballast tanks


* Self made air augmented rocket (I use it in sandbox, but so far haven't used it in my career save)

* Scatterer and visual enhancement mods *when I get a new computer* (which may not be during 1.1)

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