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What is Your Planned 1.1 Modlist?


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Share what mods you are planning to get for 1.1, with 64 bit allowing infinite RAM usage!


I went slightly overboard with the mods; my list has exactly 100 mods.

Astronomers Visual Pack: Interstellar
Community Tech Tree
EVE Overhaul
Texture Replacer
Renaissance Compilation
Engine Lighting
Distant Object Enhancement
Raster Prop Monitor
Collision Effects
Destruction Effects
Stock Clamshell Fairings
Battery Indicator
Skytone Mapper
Water Sounds
Ship Effects
Stock Bug Fix Modules
Navball Docking Alignment Indicator
Modified Explosion Potential
EVA Fuel
WASD Camera Editor Continued
Crowd Sourced Science
Contract Configurator
Portrait Stats
Field Experience
Waypoint Manager
Coherent Contracts
Advanced Progression Contract Pack
Anomaly Surveyor Contract Pack
Kerbin Space Station Contract Pack
Unmanned Contracts
Time Control
Avg's Icons
USI Life Support
Ven's Stock Revamp
USI Alcubierre Drive
Cryogenic Engines
Near Future Solar
Ferram Aerospace Research
Near Future Construction
Near Future Propulsion
Kerbal Engineer Redux
Kerbal Alarm Clock
Dmagic Orbital Science
Saru Planet Pack
Stockalike Station Parts Expansion
Kerbal Inventory System
Kerbal Attachment System
Asteroid Day
Surface Lights
Near Future Tech LV-N Patch
Near Future Tech Decaying RTG Patch
Near Future Spacecraft
Procedural Parts
Kerbal Atomics
Module Manager
Firespitter Core
Mission Based R&D Contract Pack
Rover Contracts
Texture Replacer
Tourism Plus Contract Pack
Base Construction Contract Pack
Field Research Contract Pack
Atmospheric Sound Enhancement
Mechjeb and Engineer For Everyone!
Astronaut Complex Overhaul
Munar Sciences Experiment Package
Procedural Parts Extended
RCS Build Aid
Procedural Fairings
Procedural Fairings Extended
Filter Extensions
Heat Control
Kerbal Krash Systems
Kerbal Construction Time
Stage Recovery
Auto Rove


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All of the non-experimental USI stuff, Nertea's and Necrobone's stuff, DMagic, KIS/KAS, Workshop, launchpads and outer planets mod is what I run now. Also a bunch of convenience mods like VOID, KAC, waypoint manager, stuff I forgot.

I'll look at whether I'll keep AntennaRange (dropping this one would feel like betrayal, there's something adorable about the mod), but I'll add some visuals — scatterer, planet shine, distant object enhancement, clouds if I find some that I properly like. 

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I've got a pretty good 1.0.5 mod build going. OPM, SpaceY, Dmagic, RLA, Scansat, Asteroid Day. Most of my memory usage is quality of life stuff like Chatterer, Waypoint Manger, KAC, KER, Stock Bugfix, and various other mods like that. So basically that build with all of these added on.

Near Future Packs

Station Parts Expansion

Planetary Base Systems


SpaceY Expanded

MK4 Spaceplane

Lacks Stock Extension

Warp Drive

Hab Pack


Infernal robotics

Mining Extension


Contract Configurator (And contract packs)


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Let's see...


- RSS Planets Expanded

- Collision/Destruction FX

- Distant Object Enhancement

- EngineLight


- Planetshine

- TAC Life Support

- Texture Replacer

- Trajectories

- Kerbal Alarm Clock

- Some parts of various planet packs to create the Alpha Centauri system

- RSS Visual Enhancements

- Scatterer

- Alcubierre Warp Drive

- B9 Aerospace HX parts (probably)


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So far I've played stock with information and convenience mods (fuel pump, fuel switch, KER, etc)

Planning OPM & EPL, first order of business will be KSC3-Laythe.  So the KIS/KAS and USI mods to go with colonizing.  Then NFT and Mk4 part mods for some spice.

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I don't have my list.... I know I put it down somewhere.

It's about 20 mods or so.  Then again depending on what 1.1 breaks, I might lose quite a few parts I have been maintaining/dragging along since 0.23.5 (I have maybe 10 custom parts from nearly 10 different mods).

OPM will be a new one, KAS, EVE which I haven't used since 0.25, PlanetShine, the mod for changing the skybox, tweakScale/Tweakable everything, Fuel Tanks Plus, UniversalStorage, ModRocketSys, KER, KAC.
Parts from multiple mods: The nuclear reactor I made for myself, COSMOS huge solar panels, Future Solar, Kommit Nucleonics, the legacy mod for the old cockpits and most likely the current landing gears I love to death.
Then there's RSS (1/10th, KSP-sized version) that I've always wanted to try but always ran out of memory.

I'm going to cleanup my install for a few days I think, making sure each individual add-on works really well (fixing if I need to), then backup the folder into a huge mod-pack.
Even tho 1.1 will not be final for KSP, I'm pretty sure I'm going to run one hell of a game with it.

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Haven't planned at all.

I expect to drop a couple mods, and I'll be able to use various visual mods. I don't plan to add too many part mods over what I've got already, but that could change if my current game survives that long; I tend to have things happen that wipe me out, like multi-million-fund physics bugs (I may have gone overboard with the Infernal Robotics parts on a big mission).

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Since I already use the 64bit Linux version, I see no reason why I would use more mods than now. And the planned feature list does not make any mod superfluous (the best possible outcome of SQUAD's new "antenna range feature" is in my eyes "does not break RemoteTech beyond repair").

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Probably similar to my current game to be honest

  • KAS
  • KIS
  • KER
  • RemoteTech
  • ScanSat
  • Infernal Robotics
  • Mechjeb
  • Stock Bug Fixes
  • USI-LS
  • USI-Kolonisation

Currently experimenting with Weld but one of the reasons for that is to reduce the part count so might not need it with 1.1

I'm hoping the main benefit of 1.1 will be better performance with larger part counts, if that's all good I might experiment with some graphics mods like planetshine

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Current Mods List:

  • [x] Science!
  • Asteroid Day
  • Better Burn Time
  • Better Time Warp
  • Collision FX
  • Crowd Sourced Science
  • Custom Asteroids
  • Distant Object Enhancements
  • Dynamic Texture Loader
  • Engine Light
  • Hangar Extender
  • HullCam VDS
  • Kerbal Attachment System
  • Kerbal Inventory System
  • Kerbal Engineer Redux
  • Kerbal Joint Reinforcement
  • Hyperedit
  • Kopernicus
  • Infernal Robotics
  • Outer Planets Mod
  • Planetshine
  • RCS Sounds
  • RealPlume Stock
  • Sigma Binary
  • Smokescreen
  • SpaceY Heavy Lifters
  • SpaceY Expanded
  • Stock Bug Fix Plus
  • Stock Clamshell Fairings
  • Surface Experiment Pack
  • Alternate Resource Panel
  • Transfer Window Planner
  • Tweakscale
  • Ven's Stock Revamp
  • Water Sounds
  • Wheel Sounds
  • Flag Decals

I will be having all of these mods, as well as:

  • Scatterer
  • Environment Visual Enhancements
  • KSPRC or other great visual overhaul
  • More parts packs
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Essential stuff like KER, KIS, KAS, KAC, USI LS, Stock Fuel Switch and maybe something else.

Unless 1.1 provides some stock substitutes for some of them (seriously, most of these should already be stock).

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Well - let me distinguish...


  • ModuleManager
  • MechJeb (for dV and TWR calculations)
  • Stock Bug Fixes (if needed)

Appreciated but not mandatory:

  • KIS
  • Trajectories

Nice-To have, because we will have 64-bit and better RAM usage:

  • Scatterer
  • Environment Visual Enhancements
  • Ven's Revamp
  • Lot's of other parts (finally)
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12 hours ago, regex said:

I'm already on a stable 64 bit install so ... exactly the same setup I have now.

Ditto here.

Well, if the game performance increases enough I might add Distant Object Enhancement, it's one I really want but with how badly KSP runs currently I can't run any unimportant mods.

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One thing I am planning to do is take the clouds and other features from AVP: Interstellar and combine them with the planet textures from KSPRC.

I am also thinking about adding 6.4k Kerbin, but I don't know if those visual packs work with it. Does anyone know?

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Will existing mods work with Unity 5 out of the box? From SQUAD's updates about their own development, I would think that any mod with a UI component would need rewriting. I'm expecting to have to run a pure stock install at first (a week or two?), with a copy of 1.0.5 (64-bit Linux) on the side for mods. What I install on 1.1 will depend on what gets updated.

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I'll probably play 100% stock for a while, as 1.1's more-than-insignificant overhauling is sure to break a lot of existing mods. I don't mind it, in fact I'm looking forward to it. Once things get up to date again, I'll try RO/RSS/RVE on a separate install, which I probably won't play as much. My usual mods are:


Chatterer (with Interstellar music from AVP)

Some clouds mod (AVP, EVE, or SVE)



MusicMute (due to random nature of overlapping music)

Atmospheric Sound Enhancement

Real Plume

Better Time Warp

probably a few more that I don't remember


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