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  1. Got the game installed... then messed about in the VAB trying to find parts compatible to build a 'Flying rover'. No propellers, what a letdown for me, so I went with 2x panther and 2x Mk2 JFT-800. Barely had enough fuel to get to the North Pole (or at least the north ice shelf) I was surprised with the lack of that Rover-sized cockpit parts for ASAS and Drone Control part. This also need a good strutting if I ever want to activate the afterburners as it "shakes itself" and pitch down dangerously when it happens. I flew with it, and I also rolled on the ground for a while, works pretty good. ( PS: Anyone playing in 3440x1440 as well? It only stretches a 1920x1080 to fit that resolution making my in-game graphics less interesting ) ( EDIT: Never mind... dunno why but game had reverted to 1920x1080 in the settings... DUH ! Fixed now ! ) Mandatory picture landed on the northern ice shelf :
  2. Surprised I miss this thread for so long... So On top of my wish-list are Propellers. Not those "Some assembly required" ones from KSP1, I never got those to work and they make me angry, lol. Completed, already built propellers. Not required but having variants that are shielded (like those from stock propellers, a metal ring around them) would be nice too. Internal cycle propellers, Regular Propeller (LF + oxygen intake) and electrical propellers. To me this is very important to my playstyle and I spent a week or two way back then modding my own. Why? You can make very long/unlimited range exploration planes, you can fit them on rovers too and it doubles as a water engine for worlds with liquids to sail on. 3 sizes/power would do the trick (probe-sized, small plane-sized, and large ones. A ducted-fan (electrical jet engine) comes next but is far less important... Hopefully propellers will be part of the game at release, but I'm not hopeful, having seen nothing of that so far. Obviously Outer Planets Mod for KSP2 would/will be sweet, and I think that's next. But there's no telling until we start playing and actually see "What's Missing" -- Happy Holidays folks !
  3. Interesting. I usually play KSP during my winter vacation (Feb-April). Maybe I'll have a shiny new toy next year afterall. Assuming this is legit and there are no future delays.
  4. If they keep KSP's roughly 1/10 scale, that means closest star will be 0.4ly near Kerbol system. Still a very long way, but definitely more manageable. I guess well have to see at release tho.
  5. Honestly I wouldn't mind a Friday updates about rovers, flying rovers, hopper... you know, stuff you make to move around on a planet. Just saying because that is the core of my KSP gameplay
  6. Umm... I really need to find the time to resume my Science grand tour. Haven't been to Tekto since... 1.1.3 ? I love the Sarnus system. KSP2 better step up it's game
  7. Usually my pronunciation will sound like "Dew-na"
  8. A Uranus analogue for sure... Tilted, ghostly ring, 10x atmo from Kerbin while 5x gravity. Couple moons (say 3, a very close one where the planet takes a quarter or more of the sky), one in which the planet looks 4-5x as big as our current moon, and the last one far away). Put some nice ressources from both it's atmosphere (Methane is a great fuel) and land (Maybe Uranium? fits the name of the original). Something worthwhile to spend time engineering ship to manage that planet.
  9. I wonder how aerophysics would work on a planet with 5x Kerbin's gravity but like 10x the atmosphere density. I might play with numbers and try to see how exploring such an "Ice Giant" would work and how well planes would handle. If it's easy enough to do, that would be a huge plus as I can just create an "Uranus" analogue with tweaked numbers (it IS ksp afterall) myself and plop it in the KSP solar system. Please allow us to have rings and set rotation axis (which I believe the latter is already confirmed, not sure about the former tho). I really want to have something like this, If I can mod it... Nice color and love those "ghostly" rings.
  10. You knw we're all looking at these parts and going : "I like what I see". I'll tell you, I like what I hear as well. If these soundtracks present in some of KSP2 videos are in the game in shape or form, we're in for a real treat... For those of us that never get enough in-game musical scores.
  11. Always wanted to build one in KSP... Never did because ultimately I send little green men over to destinations. Amazing work !
  12. I picked OTHERS. All I feel that is missing, are 2 things. 1- Maintain Sea Level altitude. This should work on planes and on space ships (that can hover by having the proper thrust vectors)... First it would make flying quad-copter vessels far more manageable, then if the plane has enough flight control surfaces It should maintain altitude (and heading too, like set it to 045 degrees it stays on that). 2- Cruise control. Mostly on Rovers, I want to tell my rover to maintain 15m/s and it speeds-up (either with electric wheels, or w/e lateral thrusters it has) if it slows, and slows down using back brakes and engine if necessary to keep the forward motion at 15m/s. those level of automaton would make my live much much easier. As for the rest of the game like refueling/logistics, whatever works would be fine. I don't want to babysit colonies/station all day/week/month, but I don't want the entire game to play itself either. I'd be okay for base/station ressuply to be automated once you did it once.
  13. Took me a lot longer to answer. Went for Duna. As a rover lover, Duna is one of the best planet/moon to operate on. It's relatively forgiving, and relatively mild for terrain height changes. Close contender was Mun, Laythe, Pol and Vall. Minmus is cool too, but it's up to a point where I'm kinda sick of it, you know? If you design a good solar boatplane (with sturdy/stable landing wheels for ground landing), Eve is one hell of a place too. Nothing like flying 100-300 meters above the surface at 50-70m/s and being able to land everywhere... Throw in some RTGs for night refueling when landed, and you're golden. Eve is just too large tho. Even at 70m/s it'll take MANY hours to get all the biomes... But I intend to do it eventually. Eeloo is just annoying to get to, and even more annoying to send supplies to. Dres does not have many interesting features (much like Tylo, Bop, Moho, and Ike), making them boring in that regards. Kerbin is large but has very different terrains if you go for say, a circonference flight/rover expedition. And you have to plan for water. But the named 5 destinations? merp. Honesly, KSP is really missing a Titan analogue, tho you might argue that is Laythe. But imagine a 120km atmo, which is 3x as Thick as Kerban, but the gravity is half-way between Mun and Minmus, and would have ocean of hydrocarbons to float on. AND throw in Gas Giant #2 with large rings (like Sarnus in OPM)... That would perhaps be my new favorite destination. Anyways, nice Thread !
  14. Too bad there's no multiplayer, I could drive back to your base and we could throw a party. Good job !
  15. Well I never was one to build colonies in KSP1, I'm more of a Rover guy. However with KSP2 Multi-player, I wouldn't mind docking with other players facilities on my way to Proxyma Centauri... for a small fee, of course ! Mission reports in KSP2 are going to be so sweet !
  16. Hey all, long time w/o updates, but RL is busy these days... So where were we ? Ah yes, Team 1 had just finished landing on Ike (and almost crashing). While that was happening, Team 2 started maneuvers to get into a 25x245km polar orbit of Minmus. The Cadets don't want to lose more points on their mission score, and are going by the book this time. The first of two maneuvers... this one to bring the low orbit to 25.5k The Second to bring the high orbit around 245km, and orbit achieved. Textbook stuff. Now they're getting a good night's rest before landing on the morrow. While that was happening, team one continued their mission on Ike. Agawise popped her Music CD in the reader something about a game soundtrack called "Surviving Duna" Part one is amazing, but unfortunately Jeb had overwrote the second part with "Railroad Western Music" which the rest of the team was not keen on. Jeb truly enjoyed himself tho. Turns out most of Ike looks the same... And I mean really. So all pictures also look the same, but pretty sure this was the lowlands, or was it the Midlands? Either way those where the first 2 biomes explored. Then Bob spotted Orion, even it's belt was visible. The poor guy is upside down in this take tho. Middle top. Usually mean that 'Winter is Coming'... Wait is there such a thing as winter on Ike? Duna rises while we kept hunting these biomes. Ike is a bit annoying to drive on tho... Lots of bumps makes going over 20m/s a bit risky. Thankfully someone remembered that this rover has VTOL capabilities... And up we went. Landed on some nice terrain (for a change) to refuel at the South Pole, 113km from where we lifted up. Definitely flying is the best option over here. Ike's Western Mountain Ridge... Only one more Biome left. But we're getting tired of this moon so... . . . Another HUGE sub-orbital hop of 254km heading N-W . . . And we finally reached he last one: The (North) Polar Lowlands. A sliver of Kerbol and Duna visible only. The team transmit some more science, switch to mining mode and takes a nap for tomorrow's return to Duna. So yeah, nothing much exiting for Ike. Had some pretty spectacular bounces and flips, nothing got damaged, and honestly just fly around Ike. Roving on it is 'okay' but really nothing special. PS: Updates might be very slow as Winter vacation is over and usually work is pretty hectic for me until ~late august... But I'll see what I can do ! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day. Cheers !
  17. That's one hell of a launch site. I just have 2 issues with it. #1- It makes getting the KSC's biomes a bit... precarious. #2- You better pray your planes/VTOL crafts NEVER have engine failures.... Looks like a long way down :p I Love this... this is awesome, lol. How does it move forwards or backwards? I don't see any propellers or engines (Assuming you have electric wheels, but they dont appear to be mini-paddlewheels.
  18. Today was strong in emotions and in happenings. It began much like the other Duna mornings. After Bob finished his experiments and got back on board, the team studied the map and started their 484km trip to Valentina's landing site. Rolling . . . . . . Rolling . . . . . . Rolling ! Now that was quite a high peak. Jeb wanted to get to the top to check if it was high enough for our secondary mission objective, which was to try simulations to confirm the rover would be able to fly to Ike. Quite a nice mission prolongation for our intrepid team ! Obviously, if the simulations proved it possible then the KSC would green-light it. Now having reached the top at about 6'950m, Bill started the refueling while Agawise did the simulations with Jebediah, waiting on results. After a few hours of simulations (and the refueling being almost complete), we started to get some success. The first 2 simulation ended with a failure to escape Duna's atmosphere and smashing down on the surface since the parachutes alone aren't enough. The third one ended us in orbit of Ike, but without enough fuel to land properly. However the next 2 ones confirmed it can be done, if only risky. KSC ran their numbers as well, and decided that even in case of failure, there was a 95% chance of successful lithobreaking without killing everyone, and Valentina would be relocalizing her ship to where team 1 is landing, making her a few minutes behind at most. The go ahead was given. Agawise was still unconvinced this was a sound plan, but being the only one with that opinion... BLASTOFF ! The four terriers roaring to life at full power, the craft heads in a very steep climb as the converter needs time to convert the ore into fuel. Orbital time that is. Orbit achieved, a very elliptical one at that. We raised altitude on the low side just above 50km and planned the Ike transfer. Three orbits to chill until then ! Not in Ike orbit. In fact we're not planning to orbit. We're landing on our first pass. Still hard to believe a rover can do this Duna-Ike hop... there's a first to everything ! The engines are gently slowing us down, looks like it's gonna be a piece of pie afterall. Agawise was terrified tho, staring at one of the instrument... The fuel gauge. About 250 meters from the surface, the engines abruptly cut. "We're out of Juice" yelled Agawise, "And by the time we hit the surface, it's going to hit HARD !" " BRACE FOR IMPACT !!1!one!!omgbbq! " . . . And... Touchdown? In fact I'm still surprised the rover didn't break in multiple pieces, hitting the ground at around 35m/s. Did bounce and almost crash on that first touch, but the second one was ok. The crew was pretty shaken, that was Cloooooooooose. "We're not doing that again" said both Jeb and Agawise. Bill and Bob needed to change their pants. Looks like we have a few more days of mission, this time on Ike. So yeah, what a day. It almost ended the mission. Of course AFTER I got the crew on Ike, I realized something. Remember I told that all Duna's Biomes where done and accounted for... I kinda... I kinda forgot one. Looks like the team will be doing another return on Duna later, and get to Valentina's craft afterall. But for now, it's all about Ike, we like Ike ! That's all for today folks, thanks for reading !
  19. The best look of Laythe (IMHO) was without a doubt the 1.1.3 version with EVE and other mods that went along with it. It gave it an aquamarine look from orbit and absolutely gorgeous colors from the surface. If you can find my Jool-5 mission report from then, it includes all the nice pictures. I had tried to commission the author of the mod to redo the look for further versions, but his wife just had a Baby and he declined my offer, sadly. [ EDIT ] Found the thread in question, it was buried very deep in the mission reports forum and search function did not work, thank you google. My 1.1.3 Jool-5 Mission - Mission Reports - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  20. Today we only have a very small update. The Duna team headed westward as instructed . . . . . . and after about 48km, reached their new destination, Duna's Southern Bassin... Bob takes in a hard, long view as this is perhaps his last morning Duna science EVA of his life ! Which now means that all the important biomes have been reached, investigated, scienced the s**t of, and catalogued. Also what could be transmitted to KSC was diligently performed during the lenghty trip. So now there's two possibilities, either the team rendez-vous with Valentina's extraction ship which has been refueling on Duna for a while and is ready to go... OR during the 454km trip towards there, spot a peak and evaluate if possible to take the rover into orbit to Ike. Some engineers seem to believe this possible but simulations will have to be ran by Jeb and Agawise over on Duna. That's all for today, thanks for reading !
  21. Today we continued our roving expedition on Duna. Having just departed from the Western Canyon, we set course South... . . . and we drove. And drove south some more... Jeb at the wheel by now since night had fallen... Are we there yet ? . . . Oh. I guess we are. Scientific instruments did register us entering a new biome, but we already have a "poles" sample? Let's wait until the morning to figure it out. After everyone had a good night's rest, KSC was contacted and we pinpointed exactly where we actually stopped at. We are in a spot called the "Polar Craters" 337km from the Western Canyon. Apparently we had missed gathering info on one of these when we where at the Northern Pole. On the eve of the 6th day of the roving mission, Bob did the science and could not help to notice how the rover "slipped" about 30 meters from where he planted the flag last night, odd... While Bob was on his lengthy EVA, the KSC told us that there's something of interest, another depression of sort a few dozen kilometers West. So we started preparations to head that way. We'll finish loading up the Ore tanks first (pretty quick with a 21.4% concentration, or thereabouts), then we'll give it a go ! But that's all for today, thanks for reading folks !
  22. Hello folks, As it's often the case when you rove around a Planet or Moon... You play a lot and not a lot happens I do have enough to file the next mission report ! So last time we had just reached Duna's Northern Bassin on the morning of Day 5, and after finding out it had over 20% ore concentration, we decided to top off the tanks. That did not take very long, and we promptly headed southward into what probably was a huge river billions of years ago... Right side of picture: the Northern Bassin. Center of the picture in the canyon: Where we are. Left side of picture: a very long South roadtrip ahead of us ! So indeed, about 30km southwest we entered the "Western Canyon". Footage from that leg of the trip seems to be mostly missing, but we "surfed" the western slope of the canyon. Whenever we started to go too fast, we turned to climb the slope. If we slowed too much, headed back down, always at an angle. Doing so saved So. Much. Fuel... Which is a good thing because KSC advised us that the next destination lies inside the southern arctic circle. But more of that in a future update. The only piece of footage recovered from the "Western Canyon" waypoint. Was it before or after planting the flag (which is not seen here)? Who knows . . . While that was happening, "Team Two" composed of those 6 new recruits did file a report on their Mün mission ! They had achieved orbit and were waiting on their Rendez-Vous with the Hephaistos engine section... The cadets seems to thoroughly be enjoying themselves... But it was soon time to get back to work ! The engine section is in sight... Remote control not working, impossible to engage it's SAS and hold target onto the mining ship. Let's dock and figure out what's wrong. After several minutes of frustrating maneuvers (and without the need of the "F5F9" protocol, might we add) . . . . . . Docking completed ! Everyone breathed a sign of relief. Those where very exhausting moments . . . . . . but could now take it easy and contact KSC to report the feat, but also the docking issues with the drive section. So discussing back and forth with the KSC engineers, they have nailed down the problems. Problem #1 -- There was no batteries on it. Problem #2 -- There was no solar panels either, not even the small ones Problem #3 -- Even if, there was no remote control device of any kind on the craft either. So as soon as we undocked from it? Dead. Looks like we'll have to attach an extra module (in fact KSC is looking to make a "Space Tug" with power-generation, battery and remote module and attach it between the Miner and engine section). Unfortunately, there's little time left before the Mün-Minmus window, so it will have to wait. Hopefully a Minmus rendez-vous will be possible as no one are lookin forward to another frustrating docking session ! That's all for now, thanks for reading !
  23. After a few sessions of Roving around, we're now ready for the next mission report ! As you know, we were heading Northwest of the Midland Canyon, heading to a Crater... . . . Duna's Craters reached after a 123km trip west of the Canyon. It was... a painful driving session, many hills and dangers reduced our average speed a lot, but we made it. As usual, Bob did his things and reported a 7.1% concentration of Ore. Everyone was tired, so we set the rover for automatic night drilling (one drill only, having the generator make the electricity. Not efficient, but since we're not going anywhere for a few hours at least)... The next morning, dawning on day 5 of the expedition, we set our goal on a strange depression far to the west. Since it's a day driving session, Bill will take the wheel this time, Agawise's driving style is too... Bumpy. And on our merry way we go again. We don't know the exact distance, but this landmark we're heading too appears to be a long ride. Hopefully the terrain will mellow a bit ! Now while Bill was (and masterfully so, Jebediah was forced to concede) driving west, Jeb couldn't help but to take this cliché... It reminded him of some movie he saw when he was younger... While that was happening on Duna, "Team-Two" reported a full tank of Ore and Fuel on the Mün and were given the "go-ahead" by the KSC. So they got the pre-launch preparations done, pulled the drills back and... . . . Blastoff ! Now the 'Hephaistos Miner' is so laden with ore at that time, that it's TWR is 1.05 on the Mün. It's a very slow liftoff. But slowly and surely as they say, the craft gracefully goes up and begins it's gravity turn to orbit. Too much tilt and we'd start falling down again. Almost there, we weren't sure the design would work on the Mün, but thankfully the engineers did their work properly. And orbit is achieved. A small burn to fix the inclination, and we have a rendez-vous with the Hephaistos engine section in about 5hrs. Please add points to the cadet's score for a textbook liftoff and maneuver timing/planning. Then, later on Duna... The crew made it to the Duna's Northern Bassin after a long 264km trip. Bill's driving was impeccable and quick and the terrain was superb, especially in the Bassin itself, the best Duna terrain thus far. Bob did his scientific stuff again, and noticed the best Ore concentration we have ever seen on Duna... 21.43% (!!!). Let's just say we're going to top off the tanks before heading south into another sort of Ravine. That completes the last 2 sessions of KSP for me. As usual, thanks for Reading !
  24. Umm... I think it's split in two. There where 2 firsts that really "hit the sweet spot" The first one was to land the first rover on the Mün, it was huge and kinda prone to crashing (or rather, splitting in half the moment we hit the ground at more than 5m/s downward motion... which happens all the time on Mün :p ) The second rover was a race car. It did Mün and Duna and could relatively safely cruise at speeds of 50m/s. At the time the rugged wheels did not burst or if they did we did not need spares. So those 2 rovers on the Mün are my first favorite. "Münar I" -- Heavy rover with a command seat for a Kerbal in the front with her younger sister the "Opportunity Spirit" RoV speedster. Circa KSP 0.22 The other one was my first mission to Jool. It was not the Huge solar cruiser I am so proud of (that came later in 0.23.5), but it was the first comm sat, the "Jool Fairy". It was the very first time I left Kerbin SoI... Hadn't even dropped the "Opportunity Spirit" on Duna yet. But a friend was doing a sleepover (playing KSP on my second PC and we were racing to the Mün) and at the end of the evening having lost the Mün race he dared me to get to Jool. After struggling to get the craft into orbit, it was a pretty easy transfer to Jool. Very few pics survived from that long time ago, but I have 2 essential ones : The "Jool Fairy" (Fairy being a term I would reuse ever since for my satellites) all folded up on top of the Nuclear transfer stage which would end-up in Jool later, having served it's purpose. The "Jool Fairy" all unfurled in an extremely circular and stable orbit between Laythe and Vall (many hours of adjusting were required!). The view for the first time was breathtaking ! The first landing on Duna was pretty high on the list as well, but those two above? Man those feelings... There's a reason those are my favorite moments. Thanks for Reading !
  25. Today we reached the next milestone in our exploration of Duna : Just taking a small break, a few kilometers away from our destination. Apparently it is called the 'Midland Canyon'. So Jeb released the brakes, and punched the back engines to full using the terrain as a ramp to send us flying. Then switched to VTOL 4-engine mode to get us even more speed. Then as we where flying, Bill triggered the parachutes for a 14m/s gentle drop down. Jeb still kept the back engine burning to get us closer to "the spot" we want to land in. Final approach at about 5m/s and . . . . . . Touchdown ! This rover is a marvel, we think it even has enough dV to get us back to orbit and even Ike if we take off from one of Duna's peaks... wherever they are. Bob did the usual science, sampled the ore concentration (8.38%), and planted a flag. KSC decided to refuel the rover here & now while the sun is still high. Basically it was a very bumpy road from the last milestone, totalizing 168km. Next we're heading NW into what is supposedly an interesting crater (see first pic above, the crater is top-right at that angle). KSC also poked the newly named "Hephaistos Miner" which was last refueling on the Mün, and although their fuel tanks are full they are now fill the ore tanks to the brim, keeping just enough Thrust-to-Weight to allow them to dock back to the engine section... So they were not ready for their next leg (Minmus) either. Another session is over... Thanks for Reading !
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