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  1. Aucune idee si les devs ont répondu à cela. Cependant, basé sur les autres jeux Multi-joueurs (Wui ne sont pas des MMOs ou "MMO wanna-be", j'estimerais de le maximum de 4 à 8.
  2. ( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS ) Today I sent my 'Poseidon' mothership on to Saturn. I realized it would be a shame to wrap up KSP 1.7.3 without going to Saturn at least once. Pictures will happen once I get there. In the meantime, my Titania rover arrived to Uranus, then Landed on Titania. The top part which was comprised of a skycrane, a very large Origami antenna, and 2 solar panels went back around Titania to act as a Relay. The remains of the Skycrane, who had one of her Solar panels shredded by Uranus... It'll do nicely for a relay. You don't waste hardware this far from home ! Then I turned my attention to the rover itself... Having landed at the south pole, the scientist quickly went to work, then took a picture. Notice Uranus in the background ? But what Sorcery is this? Did we end-up on another moon? Impossible, Uranus only has one. I guess we just entered a parallel dimension or something. But do not panic guys... I felt that the moon was too far from Uranus to give a good atmosphere to the mission. So as I said I would a few weeks ago, I hyper-edited the moon closer to the actual planet itself. I debated getting it even closer to Uranus so it would appear TWICE the size of what it is now. Who knows, before the exploration is over I might just do that. But for now this is fun ! Roving on this moon is absolutely like Minmus, hence the RCS engines on the Rover. Getting very close to ending my 1.7.3 save. Only missing Kopernicus (going for OPM this time) and SVE-compatibility, and I am jumping. Tho I might try Galileo's Planet pack in the meantime, if I can ever find a workable version in 1.7.3. Or "After Kerbol". We'll see. Happy New Year everyone !
  3. ( KSP 1.8.1 - No major mods... yet ! ) After spending the last 3 days doing only that, I'm pretty much done fixing my KSP1.8... Revamped some plumes for my own "End game ion engines" you've been seeing in 1.7.3 - and getting better playing around with RealPlume. Then got all my mods... Still missing OPM because Kopernicus is not updated yet, and also no SVE either because the links to the config files are dead (see SVE thread about that if curious...) Also gave ReStock a try and fixed a few incompatibilities... Upgraded most of my parts at the same time, including many hours fixing broken internals and other errors I saw in the KSP.log. Finally I got a DMagic's mod to change the science multipliers of every body in KSP (save for Kerbin) and set their science multiplier to 1. Which means a temperature scan of Moho, Mün, Jool or Eeloo is *ALWAYS* worth 8 science. Since I am playing a Science GrandTour (and hopefully follow thru this time around ) I want science to be slower but not nerf the early game. The mod is perfect for this. Basically each body will have it's own Plane/Rover/Hopper that my Kerbals will use to go to every biomes... ... So I imported/fixed my Laythe Seagull plane from KSP1.22, and teleported her on Laythe for shakedown cruise. I still need to fix a few glitches here and there, but she can set throttle at 1/3 once in the air and maintain ~105 m/s speed. When I start my 1.8 career, these need to be ready not to waste all my free time designing stuff. Here are two pictures of her (not yet final version, I think) : The 'Seagull' Seaplane, powered by a small nuclear reactor and 4 'Falcon' Electric engines. Ladders/Breaks/Antenna deployed and science bay opened. She can't keep her antenna deployed while flying, because that would break it. So each biome w have to come down to transmit science and clean experiments. The back seat is used by a Scientist, so he can do just that. The middle part with 4 windows? roleplay it as a shared 'bed room', and the cockpit obviously to handle the plane. So 3-kerbal crew taking shifts between sleeping/working. Why the solar panels with a reactor? Reactors do not fill the batteries 100%, and the Reactor does not need to operate when the engines are off. The final version will feature more of the gorgeous ReStock large solar panels as they only give ~0.8 electric charge each. Also need to fix some lights, adjust some nosecones and a few nagging little issues. The craft has a tucked-in science box to gather experiments (Good for repeats, I like to transmit once then keep another batch stored for eventual return to KSC), and one of each experiments (ReStock as a very nice material's bay!) It also has a docking port bay, which will be used to get this thing to Laythe in the first place, the legit way... First a large Solid Booster for high-Kerbin altitude when props shutdown, then the transit/Laythe insertion maneuvers. Thanks for reading and have a good day everyone ! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [ EDIT ] @Warro You're a genius man. I was getting a lot of NRE about 'FSplanePropellerSpinner' module... and have been for as long as I can remember with FireSpitter. Doing a Google Seach. I found a KSP thread from 2 years ago. Well, I tried your fix and ... well... IT WORKED ! No more exceptions spamming the logs. Such an easy fix too. In case anyone has this driving them crazy, I am referring to this post : Thanks again Warro !
  4. That must've been some awesome music on that cruise !
  5. Redoing my Install in 1.8.1 today, can confirm that the two following links provided in the Original Post both give a "404 - Page not found" https://github.com/Galileo88/StockVisualEnhancements/releases https://github.com/Galileo88/StockVisualEnhancements/releases/tag/1.0.8 Making impossible to complete the mod's installation at this time. Sorry for bumping in Christmas season, thanks for any assistance on the matter.
  6. Using real struts is a solution, assuming the "from" and "to" aren't too far fro each other. When building a ring of parts, using auto-strut is NOT a good idea, use regular struts instead. Think of Autostrut as an expensive SUPER GLUE. You only use it here and there. Regular Glue (struts) is for the rest, where needed. I don't know why auto-strutting causes the parts to deform, but like Master39's situation it does pop out of anywhere for no apparent reasons... sometimes with explosive results. It happened once to me in 1.7.3, once I got my last ship the "Poseidon" into Kerbin orbit. I did the solution that I mentioned (disable ASAS, remove auto-struts, save/reload... might have had to restart the game, then reload) and I was okay for the reminder of the very long trip. Don't know why your engine is auto-strutting tho. Never had that happen, but I've not played 1.8 enough yet to see if it's standard in that version (I hope not). Good luck, no more ideas on my part.
  7. Also you have enough electricity left ? Without power, control gets very hard.
  8. Both your ideas are good ideas. For now I'm going to go with the .cfg file from DMagic's "Celestial_Body_Science_Editor-12.0" It's pretty much exactly what I wanted. Thanks ! Next paythru I'm going to have to Science the S*** out of planets... without nerfing the Kerbin biomes.
  9. You mean like part of your vessel having pieces rotated? If so, I had that happen a few times playing with the "Auto-Strut" feature. I would say ALT+Save for a backup (in case of Kraken saying "Hullo!"), then F5, deactivate SAS, remove auto-struts, then reload that save using F9. If it works, try to auto-restrut your craft from other parts to prevent it happening again. In a noodle craft, I usually make the top part (say the capsule) the root part, and Autostrut the engine to the Root part. It tends to help tons. Let us know if it worked !
  10. Wow, thank you ! Looking forward to it and not in a rush anyways. KSP1.8 does not have all the mods ready for my next playthru. Really appreciated ! <3
  11. A long time a go I fancied Removing the multiplier for all other planets/moons in the game. I seem to remember there was a file where all these multipliers were stored, and it could be easily edited. (Case and point, imagine all other places beside Kerbin only having the x1 multiplier, so a Temperature scan is always 8 science points, no matter if on Eeloo or on the Mun). Well... I can't find it anymore. I found the ScienceDefs.cfg but that only gives the base number so it's not what I want. Also, I don't want to reduce the science gains from the menu, as this affects Kerbin as well, and will not make it the way I want. Kind of preparing my 1.8 campaign, I thought it was a good time as any to change it. If anybody can help, just give me a line.
  12. On Eve it's pretty good. Unless you make electric jet engines but better get a lot of solar panels if you respect the energy requirements. My own plane used to do about 75 m/s. Note that if you get very high altitude, the air thins out, and you'll be able to go quicker. Landing is a non-issue, pop the chutes and go make a sandwich. Oh yeah a drone... so can't repack chutes. Well you can always point down and glide real fast to the ground. Personally, I spent the whole day "Fixing my install" -- ie: fixing errors loading up KSP, making sure every piece/parts are working with their models/sounds and all that stuff. About half-way there. I really wish -CTN- would come back and agree to fix the 2-3 parts I still use from his mods, I don't have a model editing tool, so I can't fix those annoyances unfortunately. (One has the model offset by 90 degrees - the lights shine on the wrong side and it has slippery ladder syndrome, both models do not have an internal lightsource, so you can't turn the cockpit lights on, and that irks me to no end... ) No real picture, unless you guys want to see code in notepad.exe. Taking a break now. But man does KSP 1.8 ever loads fast . I dunno if they improved it, or it's because I've not swamped the thing with mods yet, but wow.
  13. @-ctn- Would you be willing to fix the little nagging issues with this mod and the older AresExploration MDV cockpit at the very least? If you don't want to then you don't want to, just say it and I'll let it go. So far, I've noticed a couple of little things: The AresCockpit does not have any cockpit lights (It has the headlights, but that's it). I'm not a model editor/creator, so I do not know how long it would take to fix, but that would be very appreciated. Having windows glow is something we've gotten accustomed to. IMHO beside an internal (and I've used the MK1_2 internal from squad without issues) it's pretty much complete as a part. The AresCockpit gives an error not finding NASA (.MDM if you try and open the .MU file with say, NotePad). The file is not anywhere in the mod that I could find. Even googled it, but to no avail. It still loads up and look fine, but I was "fixing my install" and noticed that error popping up The MDV from "AresExploration" mod also does not have any cockpit lights... See above The MDV from "AresExploration" get illuminated from the wrong side. Put a girder, and rotate it to a 90 angle to the right... and set a light on it to illuminate the part. It's offset by about 90 degrees. The MDV from "AresExploration" has the RCS jets going off from the wrong side... Might be related to the above issue, no idea. I'm not asking you to finish every part from this mod and the other one. But getting these 2 parts fixed would be an amazing thing for ppl that loves them (and I do). Whatever you decide, thanks for making these parts, and happy holidays !
  14. ( 1.7.3 - Kerbal-Sized RSS ) Inspired by eddiew's hinge-trailer rover, I made my own. I could've used the Ares Rover from "The Martian" but I preferred to use our current stock rover cockpit this time. First, I needed to land the thing on Mars Nothing like a good, self-destroying skycrane to deliver a Rover. And then started roving : Rolling towards Olympus Mons... which is about 300km away. But that's Okay, I love roving around ! So it looks like the kind of thing Mark Watney drove on mars during the movie. Batteries in the back trailer, Some solar panels that can deploy using a stock hinge, obligatory science package tucked in. The two "Ares Rover" batteries each provide 4k electrical charge, for a total of 8k. Solar panels provide slow EC recuperation, which is good for taking a break while recharging. The night is very taxing as there are no RTG in this vehicle. It is surprisingly stable and rolls really well up to about 25-30 m/s, at least on Mars. Nice work on the IVA of that rover cabin Squad, it looks good !
  15. @eddiew What are those wheels from ? I could use them for some of my rovers.
  16. Hey ! long time no see. Glad to have you back !
  17. ( KSP 1.7.3 - Kerbal Scaled RSS ) Today I wrapped all ongoing operations just in time before Christmas eve. Last time I had just finished burning to Uranus, and was wondering how expensive the Orbital insertion burn would cost... The 'Poseidon' performing it's relatively hefty 5'600 dV burn around Uranus... See that brighter star in the upper-left corner? That's the sun. No, really ! Then we got into Titania's orbit to tie up some loose ends . . . . . . Rescuing 'Agawise Kerman' who's been stuck in orbit for years. How'd she end up there you ask? Incompetent copycat agencies trying to out-do the KASA, that's why ! "Do come on board dear, your exceptional patience was well rewarded !" - unfortunately she is an Engineer, and I needed a Scientist... Oh well. I still sent her as commander of the landing mission to Titania, completing the Tourist missions. I had one more surprise in stock for them tho . . . . . . First we got away from Titania and back into Uranus' orbit. Still not guessing where we're going? The 'Poseidon' docked with the Uranus' Station after a lot of finagling (the Kraken came to say "hullo!" a few times). The KASA then threw-in a surprise party for the crew and tourist before the voyage home. After most of the crew/tourist getting drunk and getting confined to quarters, those who were responsible enough started planning the return trip with the ppl back home. The 2,7 hours communication round-trip delay was like programming an old punch card computer... Make as much calculations before committing the program. But the crews being professionals, they came up with a 6'000 dV burn from Uranus' orbit to get down to Mercury's Periapsis altitude, then from there, another 6'000 dV to meet-up with Earth... With an obviously large 4'500 dV maneuver to get into a stable 250km Earth orbit. We could've went ahead with a regular 1'400 dV maneuver and meet Earth directly instead, however that would've taken 18 years. Since we're still strapped for time, the very expensive burns will get us to Earth in... 5 years. Well worth it ! After saying goodbyes, best wishes and everything else, the 'Poseidon' departed, doing the first 6'000 dV maneuver that will ultimately bring us . . . . . . Home ! Now after putting ourselves into a 250x250 km orbit, we wait for the recovery craft to come and pick-up everyone. Ah, there she is, Recovery-One. Room for 24 kerbals, a very strong 5m reaction wheel, lots of RCS, and 100% recoverable. « And, Docked ! All crew proceed thru the main corridor and thru the Command module to the Recovery-One shuttle. Agawise, please pick up the science, thank you ! » Once everyone was on-board and secured, we burned back into orbit, and made our way to the surface. The landing speed was a bit high, 9.8m/s... But nothing broke, and our 5m ASAS is keeping us upright. A nice sunrise while waiting for the boats. We're home folks ! So, when I took this mission, my space program was broke. As in: ZERO kerbucks in the bank - broke. All these tourists game an advance which paid for the ship and it's launchers, but not for the Xenon. I needed to make my own remember? Well... Let's see how payday went shall we? So this took our funds up to 13'544'000 Kerbucks. We are back in business ! Merry Christmas everyone !
  18. ( KSP 1.7.3 - Kerbal Scaled RSS ) Oh boy where to begin... Might as well pick up from last update (2 weeks ago I think). So last time I had just arrived at Mars with a ship full of Tourists, and had landed on Phobos with the lander. So as the ship is headed to Mars for those that paid the agency to land on it, I decided to give you guys a limited tour of the habitat ring ! Nothing beats the state-of-the-art luxury comfort of the KASA's habitat ring, happy tourists means more money, tho they wonder what is this 'Jool' and 'Laythe' on the posters? Then the 'Poseidon' got in orbit of Mars, and the lander went down. Unfortunately something happened with the camera and only this picture survived : Honestly tho, it took a lot of 'simulations' to land this thing. Wanted to land on 'Olympus Mons' but it was a VERY bad idea, given parachutes didn't open... *eeep!* The next leg of the trip was Jupiter, or rather it's 4 moons. Those tourists are almost making me do a Jupiter-4 all over again. Thankfully, they only want to land on two moons (Europa and Ganymede), but it does mean I have to stop every where. I decided to start with the closest of moons, and planned my aerobraking/capture in Jupiter's atmosphere. The Poseidon is definitely not Atmosphere-rated. However with all sails furled it could withstand a 1000km slowdown. Obviously this was not enough to do the trick so we had to complete the maneuver with the engines. Still, it halved the dV cost, not too shabby. Maneuver completed, now making the final adjustments to get an encounter with our first of the four moons... So first, we are tasked to bring our tourists on a Fly-by of Io. In a Kerbal-fashion, everybody started calling it the "Pizza moon". Darnit, I'm hungry now! Using Io's gravity, we slingshot ourselves to the second destination : Europa. This time however we needed to do more than just a Fly-by. So we got a 50km orbit going . . . . . . And set ourselves down gently on the surface... It's odd that tourist pay this much to land on a moon, yet don't want to step outside... Oh well, it's their money ! Then it was Ganymede's turn to welcome the 'Poseidon' into it's orbit . . . . . . And allow our brave pilot to set a flag while stretching his legs. Again, the tourists didn't want to leave the ship... *sigh* The final step in the Jupiter system was a simple fly-by of Callisto. Sorry dear, but no one wanted to land on you We then started thinking head. Next on the tourist's destination list was Uranus. No doubt they all heard about that Station we built over there, not to mention Titania's mining operation and exploration. The fact that Uranus is an absolute beauty (minus her ring and greenish hue in this mod) is sure to lure tourists in. The problem tho is that we're literally strapped for time on this one. So after the Agency took a look of thing, they planned a 3-maneuver trajectory that would meet with Uranus in about 4 years (!!!) - they say we have Jupiter to thank for this. A bit expensive on the Delta-V side, but this craft is state-of-the art, so it has plenty. The first 1'675 dV maneuver drops our altitude from beyond Calisto (in this picture) down to 2'000km of Jupiter. Enough wiggle-room for the next one . . . . . . a 2'925 dV maneuver in the shadows of Jupiter. Although it drops our altitude around 1'750km, we are still safe from Jupiter's storms. And with that we have an ejection burn that meets with Uranus in 9 years, 163 days. That course takes us back DOWN into the Kerbal system all the way to a Mars periapsis (no encounter tho), where the final and third maneuver will happen to shorten the trip to 4 years and 160 days. It's quite hefty at 4'500 dV, but given the time constraints I figure it is well worth it. To note that these "end-game" engines on the 'Poseidon' - 4x "Sundogs" and 1x "Aurora" both have 20'000isp. Not quite interstellar level of power/isp, but it's quite enough given proper maneuvering and planning. So dV with this craft is enough to do a grand-tour and back and have enough spare for a few interesting missions . Now I wonder what the orbital insertion maneuver will cost once we reach Uranus... But this is a story for another time ! Thanks for reading, and happy holidays everyone !
  19. In the meantime, look for ModRocketSys mod by @NecroBones It features large white landing legs that are amazing for tall landers and even other stuff.
  20. My wish is still for OPM. We've gotten a lot of nice things over the years that I wished for (2 man Apollo pod, some electric propellers, even tho I find them a bit... buggy/odd to make work, and few other nice things like Delta-V readout). But we still didn't get the OPM dlc. Tho looking back at it, would I ever be satisfied with an official OPM that isn't the OPM I've grown to love over the years? good question. As long as it finishes the solar system to the Pluto analog, and that the Uranus analog (my fav planet so sue me) is well done, both color-wise and ring-wise, then it should fly Bonus points if Saturn has 7 moons, Uranus has 4-5, and Neptune 2-4. I'll start with OPM, then we can ask for something else... Like getting the now defunct "AresExploration" (based on "The Martian" mod stock. @RoverDude actually finished 2 parts of the mod already (The Orca Cockpit, and the Habitat centrifuge ring; he put them in FTT and USI). We're missing the engine, the MDV (the 6-man pod the crew are in as they escape mars), the rover (Looked promising, but it too was abandoned), and the rest of the escape vehicle parts. I am especially fond of the 6-kerbal pod in that unfinished mod. Too bad it's interior depends too much on RasterPropMonitor... I like the stock interiors. Shameless plug to anyone that wans to tackle it and finish it.
  21. All of them. In one playthru most of my mods might be signed Galilleo. In another it could be RoverDude and Linux. There so much parts, so much worlds (OPM, Galileo planet pack, after Kerbol, etc) that you just can't vote right on this one. Then there's the ones that ppl take for granted. Like KAC, KER, which are maintained and have been maintained eversince I started KSP all these years ago. Thanks guys !
  22. It was a hard decision between you and Scott Manley. Ultimately I voted for you. Scott's videos are awesome, like most of everyone on this list. But I really liked your style. Both of you guys are inactive on the KSP front, and now I get my fix from "Bearded Penguin" (His after Kerbol series has been nothing short of incredible) and GrunfWorks (watched his current videos, then moved on to his modded 0.90 series... he does OPM as well !) I really wish someone would make a series happening in the OPM content of the game, like a Titan (Tekto) base or something... Or have this space-station in orbit of Sarnus, and roleplay you getting the materials from each of the different moons of Sarnus to make the station bigger and better. Thanks to all the youtubers for making content ! [ EDIT: A huge shout-out to Shadowzone as well. That Ozymandyas (or w/e it's spelled) Grandtour of KSP back then was a real treat ! ] [ Edit2: Mike Aben's videos are awesome for a relaxing, interestingly modded campaign... Definitely worth a watch, they've aged very well too. ]
  23. A Poseidon ship for tourists? Interesting. I had one built named like that last week. Interesting !
  24. Also a bit of time on Rovers... I include planes in rovers most of the time as I tend to build rovers that can fly (especially on larger worlds, like Eve/Kerbin). With the new shielded rotors and hinges, I might revisit some flying car concept I once tried and failed. But mostly rockets.
  25. Don't whip yourself too hard. In that mothership of mine there isn't lots of stock parts. You could make some pretty wicked stuff if you had access to the same stuff... For the rest, as long as you keep playing, you keep getting better
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