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  1. For the last 2 days, we continued the roving mission on Duna. Since it's nothing but (pretty) Duna pictures with not much going on, I didn't report yesterday. But gonna do one today, with a surprise I promised you all. We finally reached the poles after about 72km from the Midlands, again night driving but that's how it goes with solar panels to mine the surface. Here we are, cruising along to the next leg of the trip... Still in darkness, but the ice is definitely visible. We reached the Polar Highlands after a whooping 118km. Tho it only took an hour thanks to flat terrain allowing 35m/s. Then turned south for a measly 16km to Duna's Highlands, climbed a very high hill of 5520m, oriented the panels into the morning sun, and dropped the drills to taste the ore... very tasty 14.59% concentration ! Again on our way, this time an instruments view of Duna, the blue waypoint(flag) is the Polar Highlands, and the green one the Highlands, we're heading south into a strangely shaped ravine we need to check. 'Tis a very long trip tho, and very hilly. Agawise took the wheel since Jeb needs some sleep and the bouncing around is insane. Still, driving by daylight this time since the refueling only took half the day. Much more scenic too ! That is where I stopped for today, 8 Duna biomes have been strip-mined acquired, with 6 more to go. Oh that's true, I did promise something. Allright, here it is : The "Explorer II" in inter-planetary configuration (That's the bundle of tanks with the engine bell near the Ares Capsule)... Now freshly out of Kerbin SoI and on her unmanned way to Duna to pickup the crew. Thanks for Reading folks, and have a nice day !
  2. Today we didn't get much done... But let's recap the last 2 KSP days ! First, the Duna team. Apparently from Morning until Dusk is not enough to completely refuel this beast of a rover. However, getting to 3/4 full load is actually pretty good. KSC weighted the options, and decided to tell the team to get as much fuel as they can, and proceed again with an all nighter of driving. Jeb was happy about it... The others? Not so much, the memory of yesterday's brush with disaster was still too fresh. Agawise got creative in maximizing the amount of solar influx on the solar pannels. Can you see what she did? Yup, tilted the rover 5-10 degrees by retracting the port landing wheels. It also prolonged the amount of time we could mine until the driving session. Which just started. We're about 50 or so kilometers from the northern ice shelf of Duna's poles, and the terrain is becoming quite hilly and dangerous. In fact the Rover bounced around and even did a Barrel roll at some point. No damage except for foul language to report ! Then the engineers at KSC were all busy designing some kind of refueler, they also had to create a vacuum transfer stage with good Delta-V for Kerbin SoI. We already had the "Explorer" line of those, but they were extremely expensive to get into orbit. So it launched without much issues (after MANY failed simulations, of course) and headed to the Mün for it's trials. What has been called "Team 2" (composed of six, mostly KSP cadets and unskilled rescuees) will learn : - How to use the quad-drills to get ore on Mün/Minmus and manage load vs Thrust-to-Weight issues - Docking procedures to an orbiting spacecraft - Getting into polar orbit and use the Ore Scanner to pinpoint the best mining spots - Get familiar in Low-G environments using the personal RCS suit and planting flags without falling on their faces. - Take a quick peek outside Kerbin SoI before returning home on Kerbin with the Ares Capsule - All of this in tight quarters and without feeling the need to want to get rid of your neighbors during the total length of the mission. KSC teachers assures that this will produce 3 star kerbonauts for future missions. Mun maneuvers performed like a champ, even with the low THR of the engine section. Please substract points on the cadet scores for forgetting to scan for ore in polar orbit. Perfect landing approach, proving that Dangas, the 2-star pilot, knows what she is doing. Please substract points on the engineer's score for building RCS nozzles BELOW the engine bells... They can't handle the heat. Very smooth landing in the Münar Midland where the ore concentration is at the highest. Please add points to the cadets for reading the previous Mün missions logs and picking a great spot. The mining ship which haven't been given a name yet can hold 12k ore into those radial tanks tucked in, and run all four drills and a large convert-o-tron without overheating. On the Mün's gravity tho, I had to disable 8 of those ore tanks as the quad "Cheetah" engines don't have the power to lift it up. Not a problem on Minmus tho. Without Ore, it has nearly 4.5k delta-V, fully loaded while on the Mün, that drops to 2k (or 2.4 with those disabled tanks). So far the trials are quite promising, if only that I like to haul 25-50k ore usually but that will have to wait for more end-game technologies. That's all for today, thanks for reading !
  3. Today we continued rolling north during the Dunian night. We hit the Midlands again for the second time, and noticed we hadn't performed all the science, so we hit the brakes and took care of business. During that time, connexion with the KSC was restored (turns out IKE was in the way of all things, moving up in the latitudes fixed that problem), so Bob transmitted *a lot* or science we could not transfer earlier. There was so much of it that we needed to start the generator and let it run for quite some time to recharge the batteries. Fuel gauge was still at 25% tho, so we decided to keep rolling north, since it went so well. Jeb looking at the flag Bob planted, and into the night sky, admiring Ike. We rolled roughly 28.5km north, until we hit a large bump in the ground... then there was no ground, or rather there was a very steep ravine just below us. Jeb was sure that without immediate 'correction' the rover would smash the ground and break in half... or more. So he quickly pivoted the engines into their 90° position and fired all 4 of them. . . . . . and not a moment too soon either ! So as we were flying over that dangerous crater, a bleeping alarm started to go in the cockpit. Bill looked and started reading out loud: "200dv, 160dv" -- Jeb was doing all he can to lad the rover but being mindful to do so softly enough. -- "Warning, Fuel critical... Warning Fuel critical", or so the computer blared on top of the high-pitched alarm. Bill continued: " 75dv, 50, 25, JEB!!!!!!" Then Jeb turned the engines off, and retracted them to their normal position... Turned to Bill, Bob and Agawise, who all where as white as Kerbals can be, smiled and said: "We're safe, I put us down so gently you didn't even notice it" Far from being amused, Agawise made one final, angry, snarky remark to Jeb: "ZERO Delta-V left, 20 liters of fuel in the tanks. and still 3½ hours until sunrise... I suppose you want a medal, hotshot?" Jeb looked back forward, and blew a long sigh with a full meaning of "Ooookay, someone isn't happy, whew." So electronics was turned off to a minimum, only keeping the heater as everyone tried to sleep until morning... There would be no more rolling north tonight. Then a few hours later : Everyone was still sleeping, except from Bill, who's Bob snoring had woken up earlier, a broad smile came to his face as he mumbled: "Hello Kerbol, my old friend, we missed you!" Bill expended the solar panels, and with the rover angle, all four were catching the sun... So he dropped the drills down, raised the Radiator Mast, and the fuel needle started moving upwards again... 4 litres, 5 liters... "We made it thru the night" -he said with a sigh of relief. Bill got some rations out and fired-up the coffee machine. Being the first up, he was responsible to get the breakfast (if you could call dry rations and a tiny cup of coffee breakfast!) for the group. It would take a long time for the tanks to fill back up to the 2200 liters of liquid Oxygen and the 1800 liters of Fuel, the current rate only being 3 units per minute or so. Bill then took out his favorite book, "The Dunian" with a picture of "Mark Kerman" on the cover and started reading, only lit from Kerbol's light. Thanks for Reading folks !
  4. I want a Uranus analogue, with greenish aquamarine teint and the ghostly rings orbiting vertically instead of horizontally. I want it to have 7 moons, one of which with a great , large view of the planet and a tilted orbit so you can also see the rings ans you move from side to side during orbit. That moon needs good resources for refueling a mothership far from home. Other than that: - A system with a red dwarf sun, and a habitable tidally locked 0.65g (kerbin's), very tick atmosphere that does not prevent seeing the sun/stars (on the dark side) with a desert at the pole, a nice ocean near the terminator, and nice ice sheets on the dark side. Something like that. Black plants and trees for bonus points. - The fictional Gliese 581 system, the one with the 6 planets including the supposed habitable one, the 100% oceanic one with very thick atmo (technically habitable with th proper atmo), and the one slightly too hot (but not venus hot, say maybe going to 125 celcius during day to about 70-85 during night, so you'd have water boiling off on the day, only to fall back down at night). - An habitable exo-moon around a Saturn-like gaz giant in the habitable zone. - A planet with an highly elliptical orbit (say from mercury to almost-jupiter), which would go from searing hot/dry to "snowball-earth" with seasons meaning great melting/flooding of lowlying bassins to intense evaporation as summer aproaches (Now I don't know what KSP2 engine can do, but one can dream!)
  5. I want a stock OPM mod so bad. They should just haggle it out with the mod's creator and just import everything already done into the game. Then again, they could just make their own. A Saturn and Uranus analog, with each having a moon or 2 to begin with and more to come in future patches... or all at once. Personally, if Uranus had 7 moons, it would make for an interesting Uranus-7. Even if 2 moons are as small as Pol/Bop. Just a pipe dream of mine. As for orbital construction, I tried once or twice and my Kerbal was catapulted very far away from the ship. Sticking to a ladder is quite recommended. I missed the editor precision to put things exactly where I wanted them. It's nice to add an ore scanner or other small things to an already existing ship tho.
  6. I had time and managed another session of playtime with KSP 1.11.1. Lots of things and not much things happened at the same time. I did some orbital ballet between 3 ships around Kerban, to reconfigure my Kerbin SoI cruiser "Explorer II" into something that would get it to Duna (to fetch the crew after their takeoff, in a while). So I sent a refueler, who had too much fuel on it, so I made it part of the vessel. I also replaced the upper assembly of said Explorer II (it's made of a crewed/return capsule top section, a middle science/utilities section, and an Engine section. The assembly replaced the top 2). Then I sent it to Duna, which proved very challenging as the map Maneuver node fed me lies for like, 45min... I trusted my guts and got a Duna encounter in like 1½ KSP years. I knew the computer was playing with me again, no matter how much Delta V, it never gave me an encounter... Sadly I took no pics of the Explorer II... I promise I will post a pic or 2 when it gets to Duna. Then I switched to the Duna rover, it was already Pitch Black : So I furled the radiator mast and brought the drill back in, and cruised North (yeah had gone too much East) while listening to "The Martian -- Crossing Mars" in loop from youtube. Then about 90km away I finally stumbled onto Duna's Northern Shelf, which means I'm getting nearer to the poles. Bob went out to take care of the science and plant a flag. Since there is no connexion to KSP at the moment, we filled the 4 science containers and the cockpit with stuff to be transferred later. Then I drove another 30ish km North into the darkness, started the generator to refill the batteries, and stopped for the day. Thanks for reading !
  7. I've been working on my new career game for a while now, which had very little mods. I mean I have the usual "KAC", and "Science Here and Now", but none of my usual parts mods. What is unique with this playthru is that I used a new mod called "Science Parameter Modifier" which allowed me to set at most, all science to 1x multiplier. So even on Mun, Minmus, or in space (in planetary transfert trip) no science gives more than 1x. So that means that a Gravioli report is always worth the same basic amount everywhere (except on Kerbin where regular vanilla rules apply). Even with that, Kerbin, Mun, Minmus and space low/high around them was enough to unlock all 160xp nodes, with a few 300 ones, and 2x 500. So what has happened in my game recently ? After doing basic Kerbin science to unlock the basics, I started with Minmus : Bob couldn't resist taking a picture on top of the large boulder near the landing site... The Minmus rover, a stock monoprop ship, had more than enough TRW for not only biome hopping, but getting back into orbit as well ! Very shy of the usual 1-2k science (if not more), this is still a good mission, thanks to the Science restriction mod. This paved the way to a Mün mission, or at the very least one with better parts and everything that I like to have for a Mün rover. It might not seem like it, but the Mün is one of the harder body to rove on and can be deceivably unforgiving, and you do not often notice it until you hit the ground at 20 horizontal + 25 vertical speed and everything explodes ! I opted for a "crane lander" style using those metallic struts and four of thethe Mk55 thuds. There was a bit of a spinning issue with the lander, but everything went smoothly. My 100% stock Mün rover for this version. It had a few issues, like missing a generator for the night and the engines could not pivot 90 degrees, but it performed very well nonetheless ! The engines might not be able to pivot, but it had great hopping capabilities and thankfully two of it's engines gave well enough thrust for the job. Very practical for the polar regions in this picture. Jedediah took this amazing shot near the end of the mission in the final hop ! After a very interesting roving/hopping session on the Mün (roughly 12 hours of RL playtime), the crew made it to the return vehicle and made it hope safely. This is the tech tree after the Mün mission science spending. I still needed a bit more to be comfortable for an interplanetary mission, but this was a nice breakthru! So in order to gather a bit of science, roughly about 1200 worth, I mostly went space high/low for Kerbin, Minmus, and Mün with all of the new experiments I had unlocked. Unfortunately, this was still not enough... So I had to spend time designing something I thought could wait until Eve, or maybe Laythe. But I had to bite the bullet and do it now. I just could NOT get the stock propellers to work well. After 8 painful and frustrating RL hours, I gave out on the idea and modded (very sinful, I know) a stock engine (J33 Wheesly) into a fully electric ducted fan. Extremely expensive on the electric charge, but well worth it. The plane is quirky and has a tendency to flip, but is compact and I believe could fit into the larger protective shell for Eve re-entry later. In order to tame the beast, notice the amount of ASAS and tail fins all over the thing. Eventually it performed admirably and I scoured Kerbin for science. I am planning to reuse this plane on Eve, maybe Laythe if the solar influx problem can be fixed. That provided just enough science (had 43xp left over) to prepare for the next target. Now I took a few days off, and I was not sure of where I wanted to go. Duna, Eve and Moho where all possible destinations. Since I did not want to begin work on the interplanetary mothership until the entire tech tree was unlocked, I decided to not go on Moho. Eve was more appealing thanks to my new plane... Then in RL something happened - we landed on Mars ! So the decision was made and I built myself a Duna rover and a return ship. Now I always wanted to use those Martian parts from the Ares mod. Thankfully I had put in a request for a modder's help back in KSP 1.8 , which someone answered... and by now the mod was fixed! Thanks @bcink. I built the thing, tho I didn't have all the parts from the new mod unlocked, so I would have to go (mostly) stock again. I sent 2 missions to Duna... The first to arrive (and thankfully so) by about 60 days, was the return vehicle with Valentina as pilot. Notice the Martian lander legs and my favorite capsule of all time. Also a drill on the right and a small converter on the left will mean a full tank when the time to leave comes, yay ! Then the Duna Rover arrived, here from Jeb's Point of view, we see the very nice cocpit view, with the deployed parachutes for the descent . . . . . . However, the parachutes are never quite enough on Duna, so we flipped the engine into their 90° position and we slowed from 11m/s to about 3m/s just before touchdown. Successfully landed in Duna's Midland Sea, and will be heading north-northwest until we reach the poles, stopping on biomes alongst the way. About 50km on the journey, Bill noticed two strange rock outcroppings, and took a sample of both. Blueberries first, the the Duna rock itself where Bob took a picture. After about 130km NNW from the landing site, the rover's computer issued this warning : "it's getting dark and my fuel tanks are low". Sure enough, Agawise Kerman (the second engineer on the mission) checked it out and the sun was getting very low, meaning only half our panels were getting sunlight, and fuel was dipping below 30% So we dropped only one of the drill, raised the radiator mast, and decided to take a nap until the sun disappeared on the horizon. We'll need the fuel for the generator to get thru the night. More to come in the future, assuming the Kraken leaves me alone this time (it ended 2 of my other GrandTour tries). Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading !
  8. Thanks @bcink, it's been a long time request of mine now fulfilled. I had your older version of the rover's cockpit without the "Crew Report" which I fixed today as I built my Duna Rover. Should've checked this thread first I guess :p But for me the 6-kerbal pod is pure joy. Just downloaded your mod, will be giving it a fair shake in the coming days. It's been my favorite pod for years, even when it became a bit broken over the successive game version releases. Words cannot express how happy I am that you did this for me. A huge thank you again ! [ Edit ] Oh you removed the engines from the pod... Well darnit. I can add some ant engines and duck them somewhat inside, but ... merp. Still gonna use it, but it was nice to have dedicated sound/engines so I could use the pod for very low-G moons. if/when you feel like modding a bit again, if you want you could re-implement the engines. Until then I'm gonna mod a variant of the twitch 24-77 engines and stick 4 of them on the pod. By adding the fuel back in too, it'll do the job just fine. Thanks again. [ Edit 2 ] Umm the landing gears have been taken out as well. That's really not a big deal tho. Yeah, did I mention it was my favorite capsule? That's why I'm noticing all the little changes. Tho I'll say the base mass reduction is pretty nice ! I'm not seeing anything in the files/patches that would allow it to make it's own fuel... Was the answer serious?
  9. hey all. Been struggling for the last 45min to make a propeller plane work. I used the S-12 fan shroud Stuck a EM-32S standard Rotor in. Then put 4 blades (up/down/left/right) on the rotor And Set the RPM on the main throttle. I launch the plane... The blades turn, no speed. If there's a slope, my plane roll down the slope, but not gaining any speed whatsoever. It does consume quite a lot of EC tho, so something IS happening. But plane refuses to move. What am I missing?
  10. Well, I had time to play today, the problem fixed itself. So whatever happened either : 1- Was not permanent. or 2- A memory issue within the game as I had lots of stuff going on my PC at the time AND I had been playing for 8 hours straight. Thanks nonetheless to everyone that answered !
  11. ReStock added some noise to the drills, and just that tiny little thing made me go : "WOW !" When I land a rover on a body I plan to roll on for a lot of hours (now into 10+ hours on the Mun) I just turn the game music off and fire up a long music collection on youtube. Just today I finished an 11h30min long World of Warcraft 'The ultimate journey' track. But yeah KSP could use song for SoI of the different planets at least, preferably moons having their own too (with what we have now being applied to Kerbin). When getting into the atmosphere (or very close to surface, to account for hopper rovers) music should change too. So Duna would have an SoI music and a landed/flying music. It would still get old after a while, but if it's inspiring or relaxing and long enough, I'd let it play a while. But like @pandamansaid, if I could have stock OPM mod or clouds, that would feel more important to me as well.
  12. I mean, in the VAB when you click "autostrut" it usually shows the lines for a second or two. I seem to have disabled that display somehow and don't know how. I can still click autostrut, but I don't see the temporary lines... Does anyone know how to make it show again? I checked the key-mapping on the Wiki and there's nothing about it. I also google-searched about that, but cannot find the key to pop it back on. Can anyone help by telling me how to make them show again ? Thanks for any help.
  13. Version 0.22 Don't remember when exactly... But I remember going to see one of "The Hobbit" movies with a friend. Let me google that. Probably early November 2012. Or maybe it was "The Desolation of Smog" ? in which case it's early November 2013. Anyways it was 0.22 for a lil while then they switched it to 0.23(.5) for the first gathering of science. Once science was introduced I was hooked. The completionist in me always design contraptions for maximum science
  14. 4.0 -- Taking care of my little guys is fun. You have to think about certain constructions if you're bringing them over, otherwise it would be all probes (hey, like real life for the last 50 years ! Well, barring Low Earth Orbit) I mean making Mars Duna Rover can be done easy, be super light and fast... Or less light but nigh invincible. But if a tire burst, you'd be done for unless you savescum. Now if you bring a little guy, s/he can fix the tires. The only thing I am missing is a very BASIC life support option in the menues. Like Water/Snacks, maybe Oxygen. 1/3rd down the tech tree you could start having air scrubbers or devices that eats water and give air at the cost of E/C. Nothing a mod can't fix, but it would be a nice base thing to throw in there. Kerbal's personalities really perk the game up in my book.
  15. This looks so much like my "Fairy" line of Ion probe+Relay crafts I usually "seed" my KSP games with. Looks awesome, How much Delta-V does it have? Mine was about 9k give or take, tho maneuvering at Jool with Ions can prove challenging because of power issues
  16. Moho : I roved over there three times, and the terrain is as challenging as the Mün, heck it's even HARDER. For most of the time you'll have small craters and you could easily roll at 40-60m/s on a good rover ( above 40m/s at your own risks ). But every now and then, you WILL meet hills you cannot scale, or almost not. The view is great, but sun glare can be annoying and give the effect of having faux-colors and sometimes had a hard time to correctly judge the terrain before crashing into it. Solar panels works really well tho, and you don't need retractable large panels unless you want to drill for ore to refill your tanks (and there seems to be more than enough ore, except some places where you need the large drills/converter). I strongly suggest making your rover capable of vertical flight and once airborne, to be able to propel yourself to front/rear, this is a good way to bypass some of the harsh terrain. I am planning a 4th trip, so I rather enjoy the challenge, from time to time. I would say, 3½ stars. Since we can't have that then it's going to be 4 stars. That lack of a moon or planet to look at in the sky feels a bit lonely at times. True but the place is absolutely gigantic. I once did an expedition from the Equator to the north pole (who was impossible to roll over.. go find out why ) In fact I don't think I'll make a rover again, I'd rather pack somekind of electric plane and fly that. Unless you can safely cruise non-stop to 50m/s or faster it takes far too long to get to all biomes with a rover. Tho a propeller minivan with floating capabilities could be just the thing to warrant another try at doing just that. Ummm.... What safe speeds were you getting with your racing rover? And did it use solar or fuel ?
  17. Let me know if you ever publish another Let's play. I loved watching your videos !
  18. Probably give ourself goals with our play experience. My friend is a maths genius and he can build really exceptional rovers and crafts... But he's a lousy pilot and driver. I on the other hand just slap whatever works, mor in line with more boosters to get this non-aerodynamic craft to orbit by force (and I get it there). So he's going to make the landers and land cruisers, and I'll take care of our little "Artemis Station" and the interplanetary(and interstellar too, woot) motherships. With refueling options for my friend who always gets stranded. If I'm behind him to bail him out, he's going to take chances and maybe... finally... get beyond Minmus orbit. I'll take the contracts to get his creations where they need to be and keep them fueled ! We have something to work with. Then once I get my good legs going on KSP2, I wouldn't hate playing with some of you guys in my free time. I just hope it's somekind of "Neverwinter Nights lobby" where I can see who's hosting, and I can join-up and maybe take care of the planetary roving while drinking a cold one, returning science so you develop the next generation rover for me to experience. Being a test pilot with whatever you guys design is going to be sick as hell for me. Or join a newbie's game and make that awesome Jool Station (see my Uranus station from last year) for him/her to refuel at and get those exploration ribbons in. Maybe answer play question to help him/her get themselves further than Mun/Minmus (I still can't believe that poll from early KSP2 where we had what... 80% of the players never going beyond Kerbin Sphere of Influence? I mean come on guys !!! Dew it !) Yeah I'm going to be the Lurker that joins your game, and help further w.e space program you have running. My schedule is not 8am-4pm tho, so I might play at odd hours, as I always had. Don't want me to join you? fine... just put a password and I'll go pester someone else.
  19. Games that I've an interest in have been extremely slim pickings for me since 2011, so I've been playing old retro titles. I am not into shooters for example. That's why it's blowing me away. Also a lot of indi titles dont have that kind of graphics either. Anyways, this is a good thing =)
  20. Wow... ... That... That's in-game terrain for real ? I mean this isn't a joke or anything ?? Because this will make exploring planets/moons an absolute bliss. Roving around will be so damn good. O_O Well worth the 2022 delay. Now I can imagine what DUNA is going to look like... And maybe a Titan equivalent. *drooooools*
  21. Very nice rendition of on of my childhood favorite cartoon of the eighties, "The Odysseus" (At least that was the french ship's name) <3
  22. Personally it's performance above all else. As long as the advertised improvement are a thing, then I'm all set (Keeping in mind vanilla parts selection). My absolute biggest craft was 900 parts. My second biggest was 775. Usually even my motherships end-up being around 550-600 fully loaded/equipped with landers and stuff. So if 1000 is "in the green" in KSP1 terms, then I'm al set to enjoy all other features of the game. I'm curious at how easy/how much we get to remake some star systems tho. I wouldn't mind recreating the fantasy "Gliese 581", that's the one that had like 6 planets, then sharing it with ppl or playing in it online. Multiplayer, especially COOP multiplayer is very alluring to me. Assuming I can find someone that fits my weird free-time schedule, I wouldn't mind playing with ppl from this forum. Even if it's only like a 3h block on sundays (and I hope we can design ships in advance and import them in-game, so the 4h block isn't all spent debugging why your SLS keeps blowing up, lol).
  23. Now I can remake my Solar Cruiser and even if the maneuvers are between 15-90min long, who cares... this is so cool. Perfect for low thrust/high isp interstellar engines to. Tho time warping 1000 years to get to the Proxima Centauri equivalent might just bee too long
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