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  1. MKO is surpisingly hard

    I'll buy that for a dollar. -Slashy
  2. DLC Idea: Universe Editor

    Red Thought, I think you're missing DAL59's point. Squad is not likely to invest the time and effort to develop paid DLC that users can already get for free. If they wanted to include this functionality, it'd probably be part of a free update rather than paid DLC. Having said that... I don't think they'll ever include this functionality in stock KSP because it's too easy to induce a fatal error with it. Best, -Slashy
  3. MKO is surpisingly hard

    Gargamel, Yup, MKO missions are deceptive. They can easily require more DV than a trip to LMO and back. It pays to have a vis-viva calculator, since the subway maps don't show this. Best, -Slashy
  4. Biggest Plane with a Juno

    n.b.z., No offense taken. I actually *did* make a proper Voyager replica inspired by this challenge, pretty much for the same reasons you did. Yours is very graceful -Slashy
  5. How do you pronounce “Mun?”

    "Mun" as in Olivia Munn Best, -Slashy
  6. Just learned about this one this morning. Feel free to chime in with your own obscure factoids! -Slashy
  7. Better Tech Tree

    The good news is the tech tree is pretty easy to modify. The bad news is that even though the current progression doesn't make much sense, people will complain like crazy if they change it. A lot of players demand the ability to immediately jump into kerballed spaceflight (it is, after all, KSP). I do like your suggestion (assuming I understand it correctly) of having alternate tech trees. Best, -Slashy
  8. Did y'all see who the new NASA director's gonna be?

    1) His views on climate change have no bearing on his ability to effectively manage NASA. 2) His views on climate change is are a political matter, which is not to be discussed on this forum. Best, -Slashy
  9. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    (Skip to next week) Squad: well... Here's your update. Forum: Hey, this is buggy! Didn't you take any time to play test it? Squad: [depressed silence] Forum: When is the next patch?... DIYD, DIYD... -Slashy
  10. Comic Request

    I'm sure Stan Lee will be in the crowd somewhere.
  11. Comic Request

    No, I get it... It was mentioned in the obscure/ funny units of measurement article that referenced the Barn-megaparsec. But I'll leave the artistry to someone more qualified. Best, -Slashy
  12. Guess That Mission

    Returning a science rover from the Mun to Kerbin?
  13. Guess That Mission

    Combat air patrol mission? Best, -Slashy
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Maybe it was just me, but I had to switch to an alternate live feed because the video quality was so awful.