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When 1.4 is released, I wonder if it is possible to add in a module resource generator that is based on a per kerbal pressence.

Currently the resource converter and harvester module will operate regardless of a kerbal being present and require being started. Kerbals then adjust the rate based on trait and skill level.

What I would like to see added is ModuleKerbalResourceGenerator that a generates a resource determined by cfg based on a kerbal present (or two with two kerbals or more) (with or without other resource inputs), with an option of it being 'always on' rather than being started through the right click menu in flight.

It could then be left to modders to use.  I can see lots of modding possibilities utilising - Life Support hooks, colony growth hooks, etc.

Thanks and Peace, and thanks for 1.3.1!

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There would be no need to add this to stock unless the stock was going to use it. This isn't difficult to write any decent mother would be able to write it in about an hour or so. But it's one of those things in which you need it before you write it, if there is no need no one will write it.

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