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1.8.1 Limited missiles, tiny attacker aircraft + AA platform challenge; CFC S6

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Hello there! 

Before you contact me for submitting an entry at [email protected] or go to my Discord DM's (Hojoz#3678)

Please keep in mind that if there's enough interest I'm allowing 16 submissions total, and that I'm not trying to compete with other YouTube fighter competitions.

You can discuss the competition on my public Discord server: (https://discordapp.com/invite/hq493Kz

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Pasting the rules here so it's easier for people to see

35 minutes ago, Hojoz said:

Email your craft to [email protected] if you want to keep it secret

CFC S2 Rules:

  • KSP Version 1.3.1
  • Only Mods allowed are BDAc version and any building aid like Editor Extensions.
  • No ECM jammers
  • Radar Lockon Range must be under 5km when viewed in the BDArmory information tab SPH, using the 63V1Radome
  • Default altitude setting of the AI module must be set to 4000m
  • No Multistage vehicles
  • Craft will be battled in a 2v2 match
  • Max of 85 parts per plane
  • Guns allowed are either
    • 6 50cal's,
    • 3 locked 50cal turrets,
    • 3 locked M230 turrets,
    • 3 GAU-8's,
    • 3 Hidden Vulcans,
    • turreted Vulcan disallowed for aesthetic reasons.
  • Air to Air missiles allowed (AIM-9, AIM-120,AGM-88(hmmm? I don't think this one works))
  • You must have at least 1 gun on your plane, can't mix guns
  • You're allowed to put up to 8 armour plates on your plane
  • 1 to 4 Flare/Chaff modules allowed
  • Craft must have an RTG and radome
  • I can reject any plane based on flight preformance; Don't make your plane flatspin into the ground!

Also contrary to what I once believed, drones are allowed.

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4 hours ago, Hojoz said:

Despite BDAc version 1.1.0 being out I will stick to 1.0.0, since that's the version that these rules are made for

Yep, 1.1.0 turns airplanes into tanks.

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Matchups for Round 1!

BV Mongoose Vs Ce Forma MkII D-6
Spikey Mk2 Vs Hz Schanik Mk VI B
BV Goshawk Vs Hz Charmander Mk VII A-2
Samurai Sled Vs Hz-154
Flying Squirrel Vs Hz Electrov
Angry Koi Vs Hz Schanik MkV C
IV-9 Vs HZ Ocon
Long name craft thing Vs Ce Forma MkII D-7

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56 minutes ago, Lo Var Lachland said:


Did you make it for the rep? LOL

Nope, haha, is wasn't 93 either. It appears to be abr- nvm.

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