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[1.12.x] Malah's Quick Mods - ZEROMINIAVC in new thread


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35 minutes ago, linuxgurugamer said:

First, I'd prefer the Player.log

Second, it doesn't seem to be a problem, I only see a single entry, and that's when the scene was changing from Editor to SpaceCenter.  

Third, I'll look at the version file, but this doesn't seem to be an issue I need to deal with


I'm just mentioning it because sometimes AVC gets confused and thinks the mod isn't up to date.

As for the error, I just wanted to report it in case it was a problem and you didn't already know about it. Here's the player.log.

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New release:


  • QuickMods
  • QuickBrake
  • QuickContracts
  • QuickCursorHider
  • QuickExit
  • QuickFineControl
  • QuickGoTo
  • QuickHide
  • QuickIVA
  • QuickMute
  • QuickRevert
  • QuickSAS
  • QuickSearch
  • QuickStart
    • Thanks to github user @zhangyuesai forr this:
      • I've added Chinese (zh-cn) localization for all mods that support localization.
      • There is a minor typo in QuickSAS/Lang/*.cfg, where the localization files define quicksas_keyShortcuts but the mod actually uses quicksas_keyShortCuts. So I fixed the localization files so the certain translation can be loaded.
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@linuxgurugamer thank you!
Slight issue:
AVC tells me I didn't update my QuickMods, even though I did. Upon closer inspection, I found that
the version indicated in the .version file does not match the version indicated in the release or the .zip filename.

I use QuickContracts, QuickExit, QuickGoTo, QuickRevert, QuickSearch, and QuickStart. Also the bits that go in the overarching QuickMods folder.

I started with the big QuickMods .zip in the Github release.
I found that, even though it's in the assets for, the filename of the big QuickMods zip is still

I downloaded the subordinate QuickMods individually then, from the Github release of .13, and from SpaceDock.
With either source, the .version file is still on the last version in each and every one of them.
This, curiously, includes QuickStart. However, AVC does not report QuickStart with the others.


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