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Ohhh right, ... Dres. Get there quick!

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Speedrun to Dres - Real time 150% Science Mode

(Dishes clatter among the murmuring of a huge crowd. A most dignified looking kerbal stands and rings his wine glass to call for silence)  

*Ahem* The Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society is proud to announce that Kerbal kind has visited all 13 of the other landable bodies in our system. We've gathered everybody involved and prepared a feast to commemorate this monumenta-

*whisper whisper*

You say there's 14 bodies? Surely you're joking, we would have noticed!


Dres...? Ohhhh Dres, yes. .... Oh dear.

(All the KSC scientists start milling around looking embarrassed and surreptitiously raiding the buffet. As a citizen scientist you realize this is your big chance to put your name in the history books while saving the party! You have 2 hours to figure out where this Dres place is, plant a flag on it and get back before the buffet is finished off. Hopefully no one else has the same idea... Better hurry up.)



We've planted 2 flags on Dres so far.


This is a real time speedrun, where you race against the clock (and the other runners) to complete the challenge.

Start a new Science mode career on normal difficulty with 150% science returns. Then, plant a flag on Dres and return all kerbals to KSC within 2 hours of real time to win the challenge and put your name up on the record board. The fastest player gets to claim to be the first to set foot on Dres, the lovably forgettable rock. I chose Dres specifically because most people don't have a great idea of what's needed to get there (because they never go). That makes it more interesting :3

You can time your run with any convenient way- typing "stopwatch" into google will get you one. Time starts when you first get control at KSC, and stops when you click "Recover Craft" on your last returning Kerbal. During your journey you can quicksave and load as many times as you'd like, but the timer keeps counting as you do! You can't use prebuilt crafts, and time spent building crafts is on the clock. Good luck balancing speed with precision, it's fun trust me.

For reporting, it's ok to use video, pictures or text. I look forward to hearing the stories of success and defeat!

To keep the playingfield level, the main competition is stock-only. It's fine to have DLC and mods installed, just don't use those parts or special abilities please (wolfhound is crazy OP). Also, no cheats or major glitches like fantom forces, rotating tanks inside eachother or reentering in map mode. To minimize lag and load times, there's a 255 part limit on crafts. This shouldn't be an issue for trips to Dres.

Playing KSP on a toaster and woried about lag? No problem. If you want, apply these multipliers to your time based on your system's memory (as a proxy for power):
16+GB         1.0x    
   8GB        0.95x    
   4GB        0.80x    
   2GB        0.60x   

KpwY42k.jpg  Literally a toaster 0.5x  

And finally, for those wondering how that 2 hour time limit works while the kerbals are timewarping? ... Quit asking questions and get moving- time's wasting already!


Hall of Fame

  1:55:40   @Mythical Donuts is the first out the gate!
  1:39:35   @cubinator edges out a first place.

Rogues Gallery :ph34r:

    ... no one yet!


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I did it! I have a few pictures, but i can’t post them yet. It was the most terrifying thing ever as I reentered, because I had only 5  minutes left to go when I hit the atmosphere, and it got so close to exploding! I had to try a couple times, but I survived.

Then I realised. I had gone over the time limit. 2 hours and 1 minute for nothing?

Then I realised. Hooray for that time multiplier rule! Including time multiplier, i did it in 1 hour, 55 minutes and around about 40 seconds.

There were plenty of challenging bits, like when I almost fudged the final launch up or how I forgot to put solar panels or batteries on the lander which had no RCS either so I had to use the engine for turning as well as flight. :P

I really recommend this challenge, it was heaps of fun!

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I did do an interplanetary mission to Dres just recently and took in at about a few hours but did it over days so I don't see how long but never the less planted a flag on it

On 6/22/2019 at 3:54 PM, Cunjo Carl said:

... yet!


As again you can look at my website and see the whole mission there

With the time multiplier rule it probably fell into the 2 hour mission though

Official time though

I do know going there and back in total was about an hour and a half and twenty minutes for the surface features

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