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Contracts in Carrier

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I am playing in carrier mode. Now I follow some tutorials and after the mun fly by mission I should get up in space again to rescue a kerbal dude.

The problem is: I can not find the contract in my contracts overview.

I understand wih ALT, Shift F12 I could cheat in stuff but all what I could do there is to finish contracts. I do not want this.

How can I get the right contracts to my Mission Building?

Maybe all contracts in my list?  (While I can only do 2 contracts atm I would be fine also with a cheat here)

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Contracts are semi-random. But if just wait for a contract to expire, others will show up. The World Firsts contracts like orbit, rendezvous and going to the Mun are more sequential, but all the others are pretty random. They are based somewhat on what you have done before, where you have already been and your reputation level.

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36 minutes ago, SamTE said:

No way to cheat in a mission I am looking/hoping for?

No, but I think the game kind of start to give you more contract you do and as you reputation increases you get more advanced ones, also depending on planets you visit. 
You might get an travel to Duna contract but then at Duna you get Duna contracts. 

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Rescue missions aren't easy: they require either a probe core or a multi-crew vessel to get out to the stranded Kerbal, enough delta-V to get there and back again, precision flying to rendezvous and get close enough, EVA flying to get the rescuee over to their ride home and more. You're better off sending science missions to the Mun and/or Minmus, whether that's a crewed orbital mission or an uncrewed lander is up to you.

I thought there was a way to generate a specific contract in the cheats menu, but maybe it's a mod thing as it doesn't seem to be there in stock KSP from the check I just did. You could just repeatedly hit the regenerate contracts button under contracts > tools in the cheats menu until one turned up?

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On 9/27/2022 at 5:35 PM, SamTE said:

How can I get the right contracts to my Mission Building?

The only way I know to do what you want without mods is to use what I will call the contract slot machine.  Normally, there's a penalty for declining contracts, but you can turn that off in the settings (it's one reputation point per decline, so it may or may not be worth it for you).  Then, start declining contracts.  Mission Control will generate new ones, and you can keep declining contracts until you get one that you want.

However, there are two points of caution:

  1. Some contracts are locked until you do certain things in the game, whether it be visiting a celestial body or something else.  If a contract is locked behind a milestone, then no amount of random number generator abuse will get the contract that you want.
  2. There's a weighting system in place for contracts.  If you decline a contract, then the system takes that as evidence that you won't want that type of contract in the future.  If it's a contract type that you don't ever want to do, then that's fine, but if it's a contract that you'd like, but not right now, then it may be a problem for you to decline contracts of that type too many times, because it means that you won't see that contract type when you decide that you do want it.

If, however, mods are something that you might like, then I suggest that you give Contract Configurator and its associated contract packs a try.  It will let you choose the contracts that you like from a list of available types.  It won't necessarily have every contract possible (random numbers and player progression are still part of the game here), but it will show you contracts of the various types available as well as the requirements needed to unlock other types of contract.

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On 9/28/2022 at 3:10 PM, jimmymcgoochie said:

EVA flying to get the rescuee over to their ride home and more

I hate EVA flying, so I wait to do rescue contracts until I have the Advanced Grabbing Unit.  That way I can "dock" with the target piece of floating space junk and transfer crew.

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