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  1. This is a great guide. In studying helicopter design, I too have noticed these features. But I didn't think anyone would be interested in a two-hour YouTube tutorial for helicopters. Most people just want something quick and easy to understand. Although, for anyone serious about making a good helicopter in the game, this looks like the best explanation for them.
  2. I have decent computer. But another trick I sometimes use is to use the mod better time warp. I can slow down the game time. This gives me more reaction time for maneuvers, but also give the computer more time to process. Then during editing, I can speed up the scene to normal (or a little faster) and still have acceptable frame rates.
  3. What I like to do is record in 4k, then crop the video down to 1080. This crops out all the UI on the edges of the screen.
  4. The KSP2 engines can be surface mounted to the plate and do not have to be attached to a node.
  5. Multiplayer is the feature that I'm looking forward to the most.
  6. The Whiplash and RAPIER can both be used at that altitude.
  7. You need to have the engineer get very close to the satellite. Then attach the battery using the construction menu. There is a crane hook on right side of your screen for this.
  8. You may need to enable advanced tweakables in the game settings.
  9. I mean a probe used as a control point if you don't have a Pilot. It sounds like you decouple the rover from the station and remain in control of the station. All you have to do is press a bracket key [ or ] and switch over to the rover.
  10. Are you able to share some pictures of your rover? What do you mean by Do you have reaction wheels? Does it have a probe core? Are you using a pilot?
  11. If you are using engines that require a liquid fuel, then you will need to throttle up (Z key).
  12. Airplanes can be complex. Exactly how one places the wing parts great greatly affect the handling of the aircraft. The tools in the game do not really give you all the information you need. I find the mods RCS Build Aid and Kerbal Engineer to help though. Here is a little video guide that I made to help players get started with making planes.
  13. Different probe cores are better at detecting anomalies than others. That information is available in the part description. Here is a little tutorial on how to find anomalies. I believe that these 66° 3′ 12″ S 160° 53′ 38″ W are the exact coordinates.
  14. One of the first buildings I like to upgrade is the astronaut complex so that my Kerbals can go on EVA. Then on my first orbit, I will gather EVA reports over every biome. If I launch into an equatorial orbit, I can get seven. But if I use a polar orbit, I can get all 11. This is a good way to gather a lot of science early on. Follow that with a crewed Mun flyby or orbit with a pilot and scientist, and I can gather science in low and high space around the Mun and typically get EVA reports over a couple or more Mun biomes. This sets me up very nicely for landing on the Mun or Minmus.
  15. How are you designing your wings? Are you just putting them on flat? Do you change their angle of incidence? Do you use a dihedral angle? What are you using for a vertical stabilizer and rudder? Do you use airbrakes or anything else to increase drag on the back of your craft? What is your angle of attack like during reentry? Placing wing pieces can get rather complicated as can your flight path. It would be very helpful to see some pictures of your aircraft.
  16. It is going to be difficult to give you pointers with your design without pictures. But you need to be aware of how your center of mass shifts as fuel is used as well as how the center of aerodynamic pressure changes as you change your angle of attack.
  17. If you have the Breaking Ground DLC, you can overclock the KAL 1000. I have a tutorial the shows how to do this.
  18. The turboshaft engine can be used to make a perpetual motion device.
  19. Your Center of mass is very far forward compared to your center of aerodynamic pressure. You could use straight wings instead of swept wings to move the center of pressure forward. This will help the plane fly more level. Your roll issue is caused by having both of your rotors spinning in the same direction. In the SPH, click on one of the rotors and remove it from symmetry, then change the direction from clockwise. Then you also need to change the propellers on that rotor to counterclockwise. With two rotors spinning in opposite directions, this should cancel out their torque.
  20. Contracts are semi-random. But if just wait for a contract to expire, others will show up. The World Firsts contracts like orbit, rendezvous and going to the Mun are more sequential, but all the others are pretty random. They are based somewhat on what you have done before, where you have already been and your reputation level.
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